• Terahertz Massage Wand

    for healing and vitality

    This Terahertz Massage Wand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Japan and is a powerful healing tool. Terahertz is a man-made stone created from material that specifically protects the body against harmful electromagnetic frequencies, smog, and radiation. This deeply healing stone promotes deeper sleep,...
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  • Petrified Wood, Black Tourmaline, and Hematite Grounding Wand

    If you’ve been feeling unbalanced, this Petrified Wood, Black Tourmaline, and Hematite Grounding Wand is the medicine you need. This double-terminated wand was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones are from India. This unique piece features three gems bonded together to create the...
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  • Medicine Space Intention Candle

    for healing energies

    If you loved our now sold-out Medicine Space Tool Set, I have good news for you – my Medicine Space Intention Candle is available as an individual offering! This soy blend candle was lovingly hand-poured right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with yellow wax, dried...
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  • Stress Relief Body Mist

    for rejuvenation

    It can be difficult to find time for self-care rituals. We’re all so busy giving so much of our energy to others that we can forget how vital rest, rejuvenation, and self-healing are to us. My Stress Relief Body Mist was handcrafted here at Sage...
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  • 1001 Nights Bath Bomb

    for mystery and sensuality

    We love stories here at Sage Goddess, and a GREAT one inspired this bath bomb! My 1001 Nights Bath Bomb captures the mystery and enchantment of an old tale from One Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights. After having his wife killed...
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  • Petrified Wood Wise Owl

    for guidance and protection

    This Petrified Wood Wise Owl was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in China and is a powerful talisman of protection, guidance, and ancestral connection. Petrified wood is one of the most powerful gems you can work with for past-life recall. It activates the Earth Star...
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  • Handpainted Sun, Moon, and Tree Shaman Drum

    for ritual

    Explore the depths of your innermost self by working with this Handpainted Sun, Moon, and Tree Shaman Drum. This drum was custom-made just for Sage Goddess in Bali. The drumhead is made of goatskin and hand-painted with a sun, moon, and tree. Its frame is...
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  • Hecate Intention Candle

    for releasing and transformation

    If you love my Hecate Perfume, I know you’ll love my new Hecate Intention Candle. This candle is named after Hecate: Greek goddess of the night, moon, crossing over, witchcraft, magic, and the unseen - and it honors both mystery and transformation. Hecate embodies the...
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  • The North Incense Sticks

    to connect with Mother Earth

    Are you missing your connection with Mother Earth? My brand new The North Incense Sticks were created to bring the scent of the forest and the wisdom of Mother Earth right into your home. These incense sticks were lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess...
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  • Athena’s Favorite Bella Blue Face Serum

    for healthy skin

    Get the perfect goddess glow with Athena's Favorite Bella Blue Face Serum! This serum is lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with all-natural ingredients: Marula seed oil, vitamin E, blue yarrow, blue tansy, blue chamomile, rose geranium, and lavender absolute. Incorporate this soothing...
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  • Lepidolite Yoga Goddess

    for peace and relaxation

    Feeling overwhelmed? Channel serene, peaceful vibrations with this Lepidolite Yoga Goddess. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the stone is sourced from China. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite. It lightens moods, regulates emotions, and...
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  • Winter Magic Incense Blend

    for seasonal enchantment

    Infuse your home with fragrant, seasonal enchantment with my Winter Magic Incense Blend, lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. This beautiful loose incense blend harnesses the power of sacred wise trees and gifts of the wise men with myrrh, white sage leaf, red...
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  • 7 Chakra Beeswax Intention Candles

    to heal and align

    My 7 Chakra Beeswax Intention Candles are BACK by popular request! These candles were lovingly hand-rolled right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with beeswax sheets in corresponding chakra colors and infused with their associated perfume and chip stones. The seven main chakras are: Muladhara (Root),...
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  • Breakthrough Beeswax Intention Candle

    for transformation

    My Breakthrough Beeswax Intention Candle is BACK and ready to help you fearlessly transform. This candle is hand-rolled at Sage Goddess Headquarters with sheets of black, sage, and blue beeswax and invokes the power of Shiva. Shiva is a Hindu deity representing destruction and rebirth,...
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  • Blue Shiva Perfume with Perfume Bottle

    for deep journeys

    Get ready to take your mind and soul further than ever before while journeying with my brand NEW Blue Shiva Perfume! This offering comes with a gorgeous blue Egyptian perfume bottle that is perfect to house your perfume while infusing it with an air of...
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  • Oracle Oud Bakhoor

    for enhanced awareness and intuition

    Open your senses and connect with your inner knowing with my BRAND NEW Oracle Oud Bakhoor. This offering was hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of oud and musk to clear your mind and open up your Third Eye Chakra. This fragrant...
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