• Sage Goddess 2022 Crystal Masters Classes

      Sage Goddess Crystal Masters is a hands-on program to help you discover how, when, and where to use crystals to balance, heal, shift, and manifest energy. This year in 2022 Crystal Masters: Crystals Around the World, we are exploring the 12 main geographic regions where...
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    • Crystal Masters January 2022 Tools: Tibetan Quartz Bracelet

      Hi, Crystal Masters! If you missed out on the Crystal Masters January 2022 Tools: Tibetan Quartz Bracelet, you’re in luck! We’re offering it again. This beautiful piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with a .925 sterling silver clasp. Tibetan quartz unlocks your body’s healing...
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    • Sage Goddess 2021 Crystal Masters Classes

      The Sage Goddess Soul Shift program is the most powerful online course I have ever designed, and every aspect of it was channeled in journey. Sage Goddess Soul Shift is a highly integrated and comprehensive experience designed to create a powerful shift in your consciousness....
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