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Embody and optimize your unique energy with these Planetary Chart Ruler Gemstone Duos. Everyone has an astrological birth chart ruler — a planet that helps you understand who you need to be to actualize your purpose and reach your greatest growth potential. Some people have co-rulers (a traditional and modern chart ruler). Technically, your chart ruler is the planet that rules your ascendant or rising sign. For example, the Sun rules Leo — so if your ascendant sign is Leo, your planetary chart ruler is the Sun.

This offering features a gemstone duo for each planet, so you can discover your planetary chart ruler and work with the gemstone energy that serves your journey best! Astrology can sometimes seem like more of an intellectual exercise that keeps you up in your head — but working with these gemstone duos will help you experience the planetary energies more fully in your body and life. Choose from Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune. This Planetary Chart Ruler Canvas Mat is the perfect companion for this offering!

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The deeper magic of these Planetary Chart Ruler Gemstone Duos

Your chart ruler is the planet that rules your rising sign/ascendant. It embodies the energy of your ascendant and gives you more information about how you express your rising sign — including your self-identity, character, desires, and the self-image you project.

Find your rising sign/ascendant by running a free chart at Read below to find the planet(s) that rules your chart based on rising sign/ascendant along with the gemstone duo for that planet. You can select from the following options:

Mars Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Aries or Scorpio Rising/Ascendant) (If Scorpio — also see co-ruler Pluto). Mars is about action, self-assertion, initiation, energy, desire, courage, and competition. If your chart ruler is Mars, the best way to walk through life is by following your passions, acting on instincts, and persevering with heartfelt bravery. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Bloodstone (about 0.5-1”) sourced from India. Bloodstone is my favorite stone for pain relief and my go-to stone for healing of any kind.

  • A master healer that activates the Root Chakra for strength, endurance, and energy and enhances tenacity whenever you’re feeling fearful or frail.
  • Protective and rejuvenating and gives you the courage to face challenges and move through difficult times with resilience and resolve.

One (1) Tumbled Red Jasper (about 0.5-1”) sourced from India. Red jasper is a stone of regeneration that activates the Earth Star and Root Chakras for potent restoration, calm, and strength.

  • A warrior stone that brings courage, restores emotional balance, and regenerates the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Works with your physical body to ground and connect you with the Earth while creating both stability and emotional balance in your life.

Venus Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Taurus or Libra Rising/Ascendant). Venus is about relationships, values, essential needs, resources, peace, balance, beauty, art, and pleasure. If your chart ruler is Venus, you’ll benefit from cultivating the qualities in yourself that attract your desires. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Mookaite Jasper (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Australia. Mookaite jasper is one of my most treasured beauty secrets — it’s the crystal source of eternal youth.

  • Known as ‘The Beauty Stone,’ this gem promotes graceful aging and keeps both your physical and spiritual bodies youthful. It helps you look at aging and beauty from a space of empowerment rather than a place of loss or lack.
  • Brings water element energy and is associated with Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

One (1) Tumbled Green Aventurine (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Brazil. Green aventurine is the stone of growth — whatever it touches flourishes.

  • Activates the Heart Chakra, opening your heart to receive your blessings.
  • Boosts fertility and is your crystal ally if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative projects.

Mercury Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Gemini or Virgo Rising/Ascendant). Mercury is about perception, logic, communication, learning, teaching, thinking, curiosity, and coordination. If your chart ruler is Mercury, your best approach to life is to open your mind, figure things out, exchange ideas, connect with different people, and have new experiences. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Amazonite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from South Africa. Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy.

  • Opens the Throat Chakra, heals communication patterns, and soothes emotional trauma. It encourages speaking your truth clearly with clarity, ease, and confidence.
  • Heals unhealthy communication patterns and assists you in having difficult conversations with ease, and opens the door to heartfelt sharing.

One (1) Natural Angel Aura Blue Kyanite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Brazil. Angel aura is a treatment of platinum, silver, and gold bonded to a gem — in this piece, to Blue Kyanite. Angel aura’s iridescent reflection of brilliant rainbows stimulates both body and spirit through its powerful vibrations. Blue kyanite instantly balances and aligns all seven chakras.

  • Throat Chakra gem that connects you to your highest truth and makes it easy to express yourself and communicate openly.
  • Creates rapid transfers of energy, which open the psychic channels wide and activate mind centers to enable faster downloads of information from higher sources.

Moon Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Cancer Rising/Ascendant). The Moon is about your inner life, emotions, comfort, security, instinct, roots, home, habits, memories, intuition, and mystery. If your chart ruler is the Moon, you’ll benefit from setting healthy boundaries, feeling things out, and indulging in extra self-care. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Selenite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Morocco. Selenite clears energy and radiates peace, pure white light, moon magic, and Divine Feminine power and beauty.

  • The Greeks named it after the moon goddess, Selene, who awakens intuition, brings psychic visions, and invokes vivid dreams — this gem does the same.
  • Opens the Crown Chakra — your center of faith and Source connections and calls on the energy of the Moon, especially in the full moon phase — encourages divine connection and peace.

One (1) Tumbled Moonstone (about 0.5-1”) sourced from India. Moonstone, named for its association with the Moon, is a Crown Chakra gem of higher purpose, feminine empowerment, and fullness and symbolizes an answer to prayer.

  • Reminds you to be grateful for your current blessings and helps bring your visions and dreams to life.
  • Work with it during all lunar phases, but it’s especially potent during the full moon, emphasizing completion, fruition, and Goddess energy.

Sun Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Leo Rising/Ascendant). The Sun is about your sense of purpose, vitality, self-expression, willpower, creativity, and self-esteem. If your chart ruler is the Sun, you like to express yourself and be a star of inspiration with your warmth, big heart, and sense of humor. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Sunstone (about 0.5-1”) sourced from India. Sunstone carries masculine as well as solar energy, as its name implies, and is a leadership stone that activates the Sacral Chakra.

  • Activates your Sacral Chakra for otherworldly passion, creativity, vitality, sexual pleasure, and desire and pleasure while promoting self-awareness and grounded leadership.
  • Enhances your creative potential, brings a spark of passion to your life, and embraces a more confident and empowered you!
  • Fills you with optimism,enthusiasm, openness, and warmth and inspires consciousness and co-creation.

One (1) Tumbled Fire Agate (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Mexico. Fire agate is your kickass decision-making and action-taking partner in life.

  • An Earth Star, Root, and Sacral Chakra gem of motivation, action, vitality, creativity, passion, and grounding.
  • Corresponds with the astrological sign Leo. It brings vitality, sexual awakening, and creativity. It helps with procrastination and will push you forward in the direction your soul and spirit need to go.

Jupiter Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Sagittarius or Pisces Rising/Ascendant) (If Pisces — also see co-ruler Neptune). Jupiter is about expansion, growth, beliefs, truth, wisdom, generosity, optimism, and confidence. If your chart ruler is Jupiter, the best way to walk your path is through exploring the world and discovering greater meaning. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Lapis Lazuli (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Afghanistan. Lapis Lazuli, or ‘the Queen’s Stone,’ brings out your inner priestess, heightens your inner vision, and deepens your wisdom.

  • Incredibly empowering gem prized by Cleopatra and ground into eye makeup, meant to grant spiritual vision and insight to the wearer. It helps you to develop your psychic abilities and trust your inner guidance.
  • Boosts confidence, self-esteem, courage, and good fortune.

One (1) Tumbled Labradorite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Madagascar. Labradorite shines when it comes to new beginnings, awareness, setting intentions, visioning, and going after your heart’s desires.

  • Brings hope, possibility, and imagination and kindles your inner fire like its brilliant flashes of color.
  • Activates the Third Eye Chakra, opening your senses, and enhancing your vision, making it possible to see the world fully as it is around you.
  • Sharpens your focus and, like The Hermit in the tarot, helps light your path to see your way through challenges.

Saturn Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Capricorn or Aquarius Rising/Ascendant) (If Aquarius — also see co-ruler Uranus). Saturn is about achievement, mastery, manifestation, authority, discipline, accountability, and time and space. If your chart ruler is Saturn, it’s best for you to take charge of your life, put the effort in to get things done, and build your dreams. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Scapolite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Pakistan. Scapolite helps you manifest success with courage and strengthens your trust that all the resources you need to bring your visions to life will be provided.

  • Brings mental organization and clarity, helping you cultivate a lifestyle that’s secure, grounded, and open to receiving abundance. A stone of success and integration of wisdom.
  • Helps you focus on yourself and avoid self-sabotage to ensure successful outcomes and move forward on your soul path with courage and trust.
  • Aligns your will with the will of the universe and moves events and energies to support you and your success. Helps ensure that you build your creations on a strong, solid foundation.

One (1) Tumbled Tiger’s Eye (about 0.5-1”) sourced from South Africa. Tiger’s eye is gem of empowerment associated with Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, arts, and strategic warfare.

  • Known as the Counsel Stone because it brings wisdom, courage, discernment, and the ability to see ahead — it also promotes a fair outcome in negotiations and disagreements.
  • Boosts empowerment, enhances intuition, and helps channel visions of past lives.
  • A stone of strategy, justice, and the collective highest good — it will guide you toward your highest truth and help you see what’s coming around the corner so you can best prepare.

Pluto Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Scorpio Rising/Ascendant — Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio/co-ruler with Mars). Pluto is about transformation, regeneration, control, empowerment, and evolution. If Pluto is your chart ruler, you’ll benefit from confronting your limits, getting to the truth, and standing in your power. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Picasso Jasper (about 0.5-1”) sourced from India. Despite its name, Picasso jasper isn’t jasper — it’s a metamorphic limestone named after the famed painter Pablo Picasso for its surrealistic, abstract appearance.

  • Stone of shadow integration, which is ultimately learning to love all parts of yourself as you are, bringing them together into a space of acceptance.
  • Grounding and holds you as you transform from within, helping you navigate change with grace.
  • Connects you with deceased spirits and sweet ancestral memories.

One (1) Tumbled Golden Sheen Obsidian (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Mexico. Golden sheen obsidian empowers shadow integration and transmutation — it helps you face the darkest aspects of yourself with courage and compassion.

  • Perfect tool for shadow integration — when you acknowledge your shadow and the importance of its existence, you achieve an all-new level of spiritual understanding.
  • Powerful cleanser of the auric field that transmutes vibrations to a higher level.
  • Helps to overcome judgment, fear, and uncertainty.

Golden sheen obsidian is an amorphous solid. Amorphous stones invoke the process of transformation and the wisdom found in flexibility, movement, and transition.

Uranus Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Aquarius Rising/Ascendant — Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius/co-ruler with Saturn). Uranus is about liberation, awakening, innovation, authenticity, progression, and freedom from the known. If your chart ruler is Uranus, the best way to walk your path is by visualizing a better future and sharing and implementing those ideas. This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Zebra Jasper (about 0.5-1”) sourced from China. Zebra jasper awakens the wild within you, offers potent motivation, and helps you push through challenges with vigor and endurance.

  • Stone of manifestation and optimism that unleashes your authentic self and unlocks your potential.
  • Helps you overcome overthinking and enhances determination.

One (1) Tumbled Purpurite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Namibia. Purpurite is a stone of freedom and spiritual development that inspires you to break free of negative patterns and learn to love the unknown.

  • Stone of psychic protection that cleanses the auric field and clears your space.
  • Activates the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, enhancing your intuition and connecting you to the higher realms.

Note: With this particular stone, the color does get on your hands, but it can be washed off easily, and it’s worth it!

Neptune Chart Ruler Gemstone Duo (Pisces Rising/Ascendant — Neptune is the modern ruler of Pisces/ and co-ruler with Jupiter). Neptune is about vision, imagination, compassion, dreams, spirituality, acceptance, and forgiveness. If your chart ruler is Neptune, it’s important to take time in your own inner world, to connect with Spirit, and surrender to what is (without needing to ‘fix’ or ‘change’ it). This gemstone duo includes:

One (1) Tumbled Dream Amethyst (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Zambia. Dream amethyst (also called banded amethyst or chevron amethyst) is a powerful healing crystal that enhances psychic ability and deepens intuition.

  • Mixture of amethyst and white quartz that connects you to the higher realms, your angels, and your spirit guides.
  • Clears the aura and creates a protective bubble around you, wrapping you up in a shield to ward off psychic attacks and any negative energies.

One (1) Tumbled Petalite (about 0.5-1”) sourced from Namibia. Pink petalite is a protective crystal that offers strength and peace.

  • Surrounds your heart in protection and helps you create and maintain psychic boundaries, making it a fantastic stone for introverts.
  • Opens your heart to the love of the celestial realms, soothing your spirit and connecting you to your angels and spirit guides.
  • A part of the Synergy 12, a group of crystals believed to activate the light body and enhance and accelerate the process of spiritual evolution and ascension.

This listing is for one (1) of the Planetary Chart Ruler Gemstone Duos, as described above. I have ten duos to offer you: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune. Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.


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Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Uranus, Neptune

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