Capricorns are the sharp and smart executives, keepers of knowledge, and creative innovators of the zodiac. People with placements in this Earth sign are authentic, perceptive, and action oriented, which comes to life when they are doing what they love most: working, cultivating, and celebrating their achievements! At their core, Capricorns have a deep desire to become the best version of themselves, and are constantly evolving as they learn new ways to root into all that’s possible. This makes them exceptional CEO’s, entertainment professionals, financial planners, and politicians. Yet the shadow side of this powerful sign is rigid, overly critical, and blinded by their need stabilize every situation. Capricorns don’t just fear the unknown, but rather the uncertainty of the unknown. And they find it difficult to exercise blind faith when Source calls upon them to trust in the Universe’s plan. Change is not a virtue that comes easily to Capricorn. So the more they resist, the more they stand in their own way of completing the whatever is important to them.


Responsible 90%
Patient 95%
Resourceful 85%
Loyal 75%


Inhibiting 90%
Distrusting 95%
Dictatorial 85%
Unimaginative 75%


Those born here are unique, beautiful and unusual personalities. You are a split between the capability of Capricorn and the quirkiness of Aquarius, as well as the Earth (Capricorn) and Air (Aquarius). You may vacillate between the two ends of your personality – reserved yet social, security craving yet independent, traditional yet progressive. You love to talk and entertain, and thrive on intellectually stimulating conversation. Just remember to keep balance in your ambitions and give attention to personal relationships.


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