Whether you are a Taurus or not, get ready to learn about and celebrate what it means to work with fixed earth sign energy. This session will help you channel Taurus energy, teaching you how to channel the aspects of yourself that are persevering, down-to-earth, stable, firmly rooted and dependable. The Taurus personality is thought to be calm and peaceful, but when their anger is aroused, their temper can be wicked. Taureans are often quite disturbed by sudden changes–they prefer their lives to be stable and secure. They’re thought to be strong individuals who can also be quite “bull-headed”. They can be dogged and determined when they have a goal in mind. Taureans are also quite sensual and often self-indulgent “beasts”. The glyph for Taurus, quite simply, represents the bull’s head and horns.


Dependable 90%
Persistent 95%
Generous 85%
Patient 80%


Stubborn 90%
Materialistic 95%
Possessive 85%
Self-Indulging 80%


Those born here are blessed with the physical strength and mental agility of these two signs combined. You are Earth (Taurus) and Air (Gemini). You are the most energetic and eternally youthful of all the cusps. You are stable and driven, communicating well, and quick-witted. Just be careful you aren’t burning the candle at both ends – remember to care for yourself in the process of taking on the world! You love loyalty and value friends, and if you practice sitting back and listening to them, your friends will love you till the end.

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