Affirmations for the Full Moon in Scorpio


Affirmations for the Full Moon in Scorpio

When the Moon and Scorpio join forces, the energy is strong and protective yet seductive, charming, and alluring. Your intensity isn’t just allowed — it’s encouraged. You can explore your fears safely, indulge your desires, and dive into the depths of your passion. 

Say these affirmations out loud to hold space for your senses to come to life on this Scorpio Full Moon:

Under the glow of the Moon,

I am a potent Divine Feminine Force.

I am illuminated in my seductive power. 

I am passionate in the pursuit of my heart’s desires.

I rise to claim my deepest calling.

There are no limits to that which I can manifest into being.

As I weave it in my dreams, so it shall be.

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