Cosmic Gateway Box with Stone Set

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Access the cosmos with this Cosmic Gateway Box with Stone Set. This gorgeous offering features four sets you can choose from: Amplified Love, Amplified Protection, Amplified Truth, and Amplified Peace. Each set comes with an orgone box made with chip stones that align with the offering, a 12-pointed star gemstone carving, two tumbled crystals, and pink Himalayan salt for cleansing and balance. Choose a box set for yourself and a friend who could use more love, protection, truth, and peace.

The deeper magic of this Cosmic Gateway Box with Stone Set

Orgone is another name for the ubiquitous, cosmic energy found throughout nature and in all living things. It is prana, chi, the life force. Orgonite is a way for us to channel this vital energy through a layered combination of clear resin (like fiberglass or urethane), precious metals (like gold or copper), and organic materials (like crystals).

A 12-pointed star is a double Merkaba or dodecahedral Merkaba. This sacred shape is a cosmic portal to the angelic gateway and the outer dimensions of our universe where information and wisdom are immediately accessible and rapidly integrated into our 3D human form. The 12 points of these stars also symbolize completion and wholeness, just as the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 12 months of the year represent the never-ending cycle of life. Everything is connected, and nothing is missing, including you.

Himalayan salt crystals are mineral material that is part of the primordial sea, buried underwater in the thermal ocean landscape for more than 300 million years as they formed. As the mountains now known as the Himalayas rose from under the Earth’s surface, these salt crystals were exposed. Himalayan salt releases negative ions. Today’s environment is often saturated with dust, pollutants, dirt, and allergens, all of which carry a positive charge. The salt helps to keep the air around you cleansed and balanced.

Choose from the following sets:

Amplified Love Set

One (1) 3” orgone box with strawberry quartz chip stones. Strawberry quartz is a pink variety of quartz that’s a mixture of goethite and iron oxide. It’s soothing and calming and amplifies intentions around love, appreciation, and generosity. Strawberry quartz is also a protective stone that resonates with the Root Chakra, rooting you in the confidence to embrace your purpose in the world.

One (1) 12-pointed green aventurine star (about 0.5-1”). Green aventurine is the stone of growth – whatever it touches, flourishes. It boosts fertility, and if you’re looking to manifest more abundance in love, money, work, or creative projects, this is your crystal ally! Green aventurine activates the Heart Chakra, opening your heart to receive your blessings, and is especially helpful to students or new business ventures.

One (1) tumbled peach morganite (about 0.75-1.25”). If you’ve worked with morganite, you know that this stone’s energy is unparalleled and peach morganite kicks those vibes up a notch. Peach morganite promotes affection, friendship, and companionship, bringing joy, pleasure, and unity. Morganite is a crystal of sovereignty and compassion that’s considered the queen of the love stones. It vibrates with the frequency of Divine Love and inspires you to embody that love and share it with others.

One (1) tumbled emerald (about 0.5-1”). Emerald reminds you of the eternal nature of love and life and brings wisdom and luck in all endeavors. It encourages independence, truth, fidelity, and growth. Resonating with the Heart Chakra, this precious gem facilitates an awakening to divine love and compassion. Emerald helps you open up to new love, connects you to your personal power, and enhances intuition and insight.

One (1) 1 oz pink Himalayan salt. See properties above.

Amplified Protection Set

One (1) 3” orgone box with black obsidian chip stones. Black obsidian activates the lower chakras, in particular the Root Chakra, and is a powerful stone of cleansing, grounding, and healing. It forms a shield of protective energy that abates and absorbs negative frequencies and blocks any psychic attack attempts. Black obsidian creates a clear channel and space for you to move and flow without obstruction. It heals tears in the auric field, heals body, mind, and spirit, and clears your sacred space.

One (1) 12-pointed black obsidian star (about 0.5-1”). See properties above.

One (1) tumbled ancestralite (about 1-1.5”). Ancestralite is a stone of grounding, clearing, healing, and protection. It helps you remove the old, making way for the new to come to you. Ancestralite helps you move through memories of past lives and is a key gemstone to work with when healing ancestral and karmic cycles. It’s a stone of integration that encourages you to make peace with the light and darker aspects of yourself, helping you acknowledge your entire self so you can move forward from a space of wholeness.

One (1) tumbled blue tiger’s eye (about 0.5-1”). Blue tiger’s eye is considered a priestess stone. It offers protection and wisdom and activates the Third Eye Chakra for expanded vision. Also known as hawk’s eye or falcon’s eye, blue tiger’s eye makes the perfect talisman for journeying and visioning. This gem keeps you safe on all of life’s journeys, both spiritual and physical.

One (1) 1 oz pink Himalayan salt. See properties above.

Amplified Truth Set

One (1) 3” orgone box with aquamarine chip stones. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that activates the Throat Chakra for clear communication. It helps you know and speak your truth. Aquamarine is a crystal of the sea, with a calming and cooling vibration that enhances intuition, imagination, and creativity. It promotes emotional depth and aligns with the astrological sign Pisces and fish spirit. Aquamarine is also significant to Merlin and opens the door to magic and extrasensory perception. This emotionally balancing and healing gem honors the light and the shadow.

One (1) 12-pointed trolleite star (about 0.5-1”). Trolleite is a stone that activates and works with all energy centers and light channels. It opens a divine connection to increase your metaphysical and spiritual powers. In addition to strengthening your intuition, trolleite helps you manifest what you need for your soul path and highest good. It releases fear, anger, and pain, and serves as a gemstone housecleaner for your emotional and mental clutter, to propel you towards ascension and enlightenment.

One (1) tumbled chrysocolla (about 0.5-1”). Chrysocolla is a stone of the Goddess, the timeless call of the Divine Feminine. Yet it also represents the sacred union of feminine and masculine energy and the beauty of compromise, negotiation, and reconciliation. Chrysocolla opens and aligns the Throat Chakra, helping you find and express your true voice in the world. It supports your interactions with others by giving you the courage to express yourself freely and communicate your needs with wisdom and integrity.

One (1) tumbled blue topaz (about 0.5”). Blue topaz activates the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, encouraging you to speak your truth with clarity and confidence. It enhances thought processes as well as communication and improves your attention span and concentration. Blue topaz assists in the conception and realization of new ideas and projects, and calls you to the present, resulting in feelings of balance and overall wellness. It also brings clarity to your dreams and life experiences, helping you to integrate the wisdom from the past.

One (1) 1 oz pink Himalayan salt. See properties above.

Amplified Peace Set

One (1) 3” orgone box with amethyst chip stones. Amethyst is all about connecting with Source and comes from the ancient Greek word “amethystos,” which means ‘not drunk.’ It’s detoxifying and offers enhanced clarity, unity, a balanced mind, and peaceful, blissful energy. This Violet Ray gem activates the Crown Chakra, brings divine energies of protection, mercy, love, forgiveness, freedom, and transformation. Amethyst helps you fall and stay asleep, enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies. It brings a clearer understanding of your life experience and helps to integrate higher wisdom.

One (1) 12-pointed smoky quartz star (about 0.5-1”). Smoky quartz is a protective and grounding Root Chakra stone that transmutes negative energy and purifies your aura. It’s a powerful healer that absorbs the energies the body cannot take or hold on its own. I’ve even seen it help with the side effects of different medical therapies. It’s like the gem version of a best friend. You’re also more likely to see ghosts, fairies, UFOs, and spirit guides when smoky quartz is around.

One (1) tumbled stilbite (about 0.25-1”). Stilbite is an ultra-dreamy stone that resonates with both the Crown and Heart Chakras, creating a beautiful bridge between spirit and emotion. It connects you with your guides and helps you to access ancient wisdom– wisdom from across lifetimes. It facilitates travel to other realms and aids in manifesting energies from the spirit realm to the physical world. Stilbite also encourages a decluttered mind, helping you to access your innermost visions and dreams.

One (1) tumbled pink petalite (about 0.5-0.75”). Petalite is one of the Synergy 12, a group of high-vibrational crystals believed to activate the light body and enhance and accelerate the process of spiritual evolution and ascension. Pink petalite is a protective crystal that offers strength and peace. It soothes the spirit and connects you to the love of the celestial realms. Pink petalite creates psychic boundaries and is a great gem to work with for introverts. This gemstone resonates with the Heart, Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras, opening your heart to love and connecting you with your angels and spirit guides.

One (1) 1 oz pink Himalayan salt. See properties above.

May this Cosmic Gateway Box with Stone Set bring you love, protection, truth, and peace. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Cosmic Gateway Box with Stone Set, as described above. I have four set options to offer you: Amplified Love, Amplified Protection, Amplified Truth, and Amplified Peace. Please choose the set that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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