9 Chakra Healing Tin Set

for complete energetic alignment

These tins correspond to one of the nine primary chakras — starting with the Earth Star Chakra and ending with the Soul Star Chakra. Each has a magical offering to help heal and activate its corresponding energy center.

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Ready to invoke energetic alignment in yourself, your home, and your practices?

Call forth harmony from head to toe with this 9 Chakra Healing Tin Set. This brand-new set contains everything you need to step into complete alignment — within yourself, your daily routine, your spiritual practice, and your sacred space. This set includes nine brass tins, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Brass boosts courage and confidence and helps eliminate toxins in the body. It helps to bring out the good in people and promotes inner truth.

Each tin corresponds to one of the nine primary chakras — starting with the Earth Star Chakra and ending with the Soul Star Chakra. They feature paintings of the chakra symbol they correlate to and are embellished with a colored rhinestone to match. Each tin holds a magical offering to help heal and activate its corresponding energy center. Some contain gemstones, others contain incense, a handcrafted body product, and more — it’s a truly powerful offering that is customizable to meet your specific energetic needs!

About the Chakras

Chakras are energy centers within and surrounding your physical body. You can think of them as your body’s vortexes, receiving and sending information from Earth below to the Spirit Realm above and vice versa. Working with your chakras improves energy flow, which is the key to everything you desire. By shifting and moving into a healthy, energetic alignment, you will feel better, happier, and more at peace. Learn more about the chakra system and how to bring more balance and healing into your life with my book “The Ultimate Guide to Chakras.”

Work with the items in this set in tandem or individually to come into alignment and keep your energy moving and flowing smoothly.

With this set, you will receive:

  • Earth Star Chakra Healing Tin with Earth Star Protection Salts
  • Root Chakra Healing Tin with Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub
  • Sacral Chakra Healing Tin with Sacra Intention Candle
  • Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Tin with Turkish Coffee Body Butter
  • Heart Chakra Healing Tin with rose quartz heart pendant
  • Throat Chakra Healing Tin with light blue cat’s eye bracelet & affirmation stickers
  • Third Eye Chakra Healing Tin with Third Eye Shimmer Solid Perfume
  • Crown Chakra Healing Tin with faceted amethyst generator
  • Soul Star Chakra Healing Tin with Portal Incense Blend

The deeper magic of this 9 Chakra Healing Brass Tin Set

One (1) Earth Star Chakra Healing Tin with Earth Star Protection Salts

Size: 1 oz, natural aegirine about 0.25-0.5”

The Earth Star Chakra is located about 12 inches below your feet. It’s your closest energetic connection to Mother Earth, the ancestors, crystal and mineral spirits, and the faerie realm. This chakra is the primary portal for stability and grounding, and it’s also where you can drop your burdens and lighten your load.

My Earth Star Protection Salts are handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a powerful blend of black lava salt and pink Himalayan salt and infused with the same grounding notes as my Earth Star Chakra Perfume: Apple, ginger root, and sandalwood. This protective salt blend also includes a natural aegerine from Malawi. Sprinkle a little of these salts around your doors or windows, or set them in a bowl on your altar!

  • Black lava salt is a combination of sea salt and activated charcoal that has long been worked with for protection. The addition of charcoal makes this salt especially good for absorbing negative or stagnant energies.
  • Pink Himalayan salt helps keep the air around you cleansed and balanced. The pink color adds properties of universal love and resonates with the Heart Chakra. It symbolizes friendship, peace, affection, and gentleness and is feminine in nature.
  • Apple has a crisp scent that attracts love and promotes happiness, peace of mind, and relaxation. It’s a symbol of rebirth and renewal, with its growth cycles and shedding leaves reminding us of the ever-changing nature of life.
  • Ginger root stimulates, purifies, and awakens the senses and the physical body, especially in the lower chakras. It boosts passion and desire in relationships, speeds up manifestation, and adds fiery power to all types of magical work.
  • Sandalwood calms the mind, deepens meditation, and purifies surrounding energies. It brings good luck, gentle grounding, and protection and enhances psychic power.

The Properties of Aegirine

Aegirine is a rare crystal named after Aegir, the Scandinavian god of the sea. It protects the aura like no other and is unparalleled in its ability to shield you.

  • Creates an auric boundary and shields your sacred space from unwanted energies.
  • Clears any blocked or negative energies and helps break dependencies on toxic substances.
  • Brings integrity and awareness, encouraging you to follow your heart with confidence.

One (1) Root Chakra Healing Tin with Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub

Size: 1 oz

The Root Chakra is at the base of your tailbone and is your center of stability. It keeps you balanced and connected with our physical world. Feelings of safety, confidence, and comfortability with life generate from this energy center.

No ‘ifs’ or ‘ands’ — just good butts (and a healthy Root Chakra)! My Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub is handcrafted in small batches, so you don’t want to miss out on this limited offering! We freshly grind coffee beans here at SG Headquarters for each batch, guaranteeing the freshest possible handmade scrub. It’s a blend of ground coffee, brown sugar, Dead Sea salt, coconut oil, and our homemade vanilla oil.

  • Coffee reduces blood flow to the skin and makes your skin look and feel tighter, brighter, and smoother. It’s also grounding, nourishing, and cleansing and provides peace of mind.
  • Brown sugar exfoliates your skin, clearing away dry and dead skin cells and leaving smoother skin and a youthful glow. It also has antibacterial properties and glycolic acid that keep your skin radiant and healthy.
  • Dead Sea salt exfoliates the skin naturally, while its minerals nourish and cleanse the pores, balance oil production, and retain moisture from within. It also discourages the growth of bacteria responsible for breakouts and acne.
  • Coconut oil nourishes the skin and reduces inflammation. Its antimicrobial properties can help treat acne and protect the skin from harmful bacteria. It’s also detoxifying, protective, and physically and spiritually cleansing.
  • Vanilla has antibacterial properties that can reduce acne and fight breakouts. When used regularly, it can also reduce scars and brighten the complexion. It promotes relaxation, attracts what you desire, and repels what you don’t need.

One (1) Sacral Chakra Healing Tin with Sacra Intention Candle

Size: 1 oz

The Sacral Chakra is located in the center of your lower abdomen and is the origin of all things you birth in the world. Your vitality, sexual pleasure, and desire all arise from this chakra.

Ignite your inner passion and awaken your deepest desires with my Sacra Intention Candle. It’s hand-poured at Sage Goddess Headquarters with an orange soy-wax blend. Additionally, I’ve infused this candle with my Sacra Perfume, which contains sensual notes of ginger, blackberry, and cardamom. It’s also topped with a clear quartz point, amplifying and directing its invigorating magic. Light it anytime to ignite your Sacral Chakra!

You can find the properties of ginger above.

  • Blackberry adds divine sweetness and protection. It attracts wealth, abundance, and healing and sparks creativity.
  • Cardamom is an oil of creativity, spirituality, and sensuality. It’s an angelic fragrance that helps integrate spiritual wisdom with the physical world.

One (1) Solar Plexus Chakra Healing Tin with Turkish Coffee Body Butter

Size: 1 oz

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above your belly button and is your center of power and confidence. This chakra is where you manifest all the things you create. Think of your Solar Plexus as the Sun, radiating warmth and light into life.

My Turkish Coffee Body Butter is handcrafted here at SG with a base of shea butter and carnauba wax. It’s blended with the same oils as my Turkish Coffee Perfume: Patchouli, vanilla, cardamom, and coffee. This scent activates the Solar Plexus Chakra, helping you focus and magnify your energy — whether it’s prosperity, wellness, love, creativity, or spiritual connection that you seek. To add to the magic, I’ve infused each tin with a smoky quartz chip stone for protection and purification.

You can find the properties of vanilla, coffee, and cardamom above.

  • Shea butter is an incredibly rich moisturizer that comes from shea tree nuts. It soaks in deep, locking in hydration for soft, smooth skin.
  • Carnauba wax comes from palm trees native to northeastern Brazil. It’s known for its emollient properties, meaning it’s excellent for smoothing and softening skin.
  • Patchouli is an herb of attraction that draws your desires to you and makes you more alluring to others. It also supports spiritual growth. Patchouli’s essence digs in deep and helps break long-held patterns of shame and low self-worth, inspiring balanced introspection and real self-love in return.

One (1) Heart Chakra Healing Tin with .925 sterling silver Rose Quartz Heart Pendant

Size: 1 oz, pendant about 0.5-0.75”, chain about 16-18”

The Heart Chakra sits right over your physical heart and is the center of your body’s energy. It regulates all of your energy flow. Love for yourself and others arises from this chakra, along with compassion and affection.

This rose quartz pendant brings just the Heart Chakra healing you’re searching for. We sourced the stone for this adornment from Brazil. This beautiful pendant features a heart-shaped rose quartz suspended by a .925 sterling silver bail. The heart-shaped carving symbolizes Divine Love, adding further properties of kindness, emotional connection, and compassion. This offering also includes a silver-colored chain, ready to wear!

The Properties of Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the mother of all love stones and one of my favorites for heart healing and manifesting all kinds of love.

  • This stone is Agape — meaning selfless, universal, unconditional, and spiritual love for self, others, and all creation.
  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra, raises frequencies of peace, reawakens trust, and dissolves negative energies.
  • Magnifies love and supports your intentions to give and receive true love and deep affection.

One (1) Throat Chakra Healing Tin with Light Blue Cat’s Eye Bracelet and Affirmation Sticker Deck

Size: 1 oz, bracelet about 7”, beads about 8 mm, stickers each about 1.75”

The Throat Chakra is located at your physical throat and holds your truth and how you express it. This energy center is associated with your voice and how you share your wisdom with the world.

This enchanting Throat Chakra stretch bracelet is custom-made just for Sage Goddess, featuring light blue cat’s eye beads and a gold-colored SG logo bead. This tin also contains seven stickers with an affirmation to strengthen and heal your Throat Chakra. Each begins with ‘I speak’ to activate this energy center. Affirmations are manifestation magic — by repeating them in ritual or as you go about your day, you bring their sacred truths into reality in a powerful way. Read the affirmations on these stickers aloud whenever you could use some help sharing your authentic voice.

The Properties of Light Blue Cat’s Eye

Light blue cat’s eye is a man-made stone that contains the chemical properties of quartz and other natural glass. It’s composed of ulexite — spun glass fibers fused and then machine-cut.

  • Has properties similar to clear quartz, bringing the same amplifying and magnifying qualities.
  • Crystal healers put this gem into the same category as many other chatoyant stones — stones that show a band of reflected light.
  • The light blue color helps balance the Throat Chakra so you can speak your truth with clarity and conviction. Blue is also associated with spirituality, calm, wisdom, loyalty, and inner depth.

One (1) Third Eye Chakra Healing Tin with Third Eye Shimmer Solid Perfume

Size: 1 oz

The Third Eye Chakra is located at your forehead between your eyes and is the seat of your intuition. Receiving wisdom beyond our world of time and space, including psychic vision, is part of this energy center.

This shimmer solid perfume is handcrafted right here at SG Headquarters with a base of babassu oil, coconut oil, beeswax, carnauba wax, and blue mica. Not only does this solid perfume balm nourish the skin, but it also holds a long-lasting scent. It’s infused with my customer-favorite Wolf Perfume — an intuition-boosting blend of oakmoss, amber, and Fraser fir. Apply this solid shimmer perfume to bring out your inner sparkle and your inner vision.

You can find the properties of coconut oil and carnauba wax above.

  • Babassu oil is an excellent moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin due to its emollient properties. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can calm irritated or inflamed skin.
  • Beeswax promotes feelings of optimism, joy, comfort, and balance. It also amplifies and locks in all the properties of each ingredient, sealing this potion’s intentions and magic.
  • Blue mica activates the Third Eye Chakra and is incredibly soothing and healing, both physically and spiritually. It expands your ability to perceive the big picture, guiding you to make gentle adjustments that restore natural alignment.
  • Oakmoss has a scent that embodies ancient forests and is comforting and stabilizing. It enhances sensitivity and awareness, strengthens intentions, and helps you release past wounds.
  • Amber is cleansing, earthy, grounding, healing, and purifying. It connects you with your inner force of will, calling in the warmth that light energy can bring and making you feel more secure and emboldened.
  • Fraser fir is strengthening, grounding, and transformative. It’s native to western North Carolina and has a sweet, nostalgic scent. Fir is healing and is a great oil to work with when doing any ancestral or past-life regression work.

One (1) Crown Chakra Healing Tin with Faceted Amethyst Generator

Size: 1 oz, generator about 1.5-2”

The Crown Chakra is located at the top of your head and is your crown of divine wisdom. This energy center is a bridge between the physical and spiritual. When this chakra is balanced, you feel connected with Source with a deep sense of faith and self-respect.

This faceted amethyst generator isn’t your average generator — this stunning piece features additional facets on its sides, adding to its already potent properties. We sourced the stone for this offering from Brazil. Generators keep the vibration high, promoting joy, health, love, and prosperity.

The Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is all about Source connection and has a long association with spirituality and the Crown Chakra.

  • Brings balance, peace, purification, detoxification, unity, and spiritual evolution.
  • Can help you fall and stay asleep and enter into deeper states of meditation, and its high frequency naturally repels lower energies.
  • It comes from the ancient Greek word ‘amethystos,’ which means ‘not drunk.’

One (1) Soul Star Chakra Healing Tin with Portal Incense Blend

Size: 1 oz

The Soul Star Chakra is about 12 inches above your head and is your portal to other dimensions. The Soul Star call is stronger for some than others, and it encourages ascension and spiritual development.

My Portal Incense Blend is handcrafted with a potent combination of herbs: Buchu leaf, blue lotus, lavender, immortelle, juniper berry, and valerian root. I anointed this blend with my Portal Perfume — a complex fragrance containing notes of vetiver, dark patchouli, and jasmine, plus a blend of attars and essential oils I’m keeping totally secret! This transcendent blend brings the medicine you need if you want to walk a deeper path.

You can find the properties of patchouli above.

  • Buchu leaf activates your intuition and psychic abilities. It assists with divination and psychic development and brings peaceful sleep.
  • Blue lotus is a water lily known as the ancient Egyptian Dream Flower because it induces euphoria and a dreamlike state. Its intoxicating fragrance alters and elevates consciousness and activates the Third Eye Chakra for enhanced vision and intuition.
  • Lavender is the queen of all oils and brings honest communication and authentic expression. Its sweet herbal fragrance welcomes internal peace and a calm mind and relaxes the physical state.
  • Immortelle, also known as helichrysum, brings calm, encourages creativity, and heals the emotional body. It enhances channeling and connection to spirit guides, and is ideal for scrying.
  • Juniper berry is purifying, healing, and regenerating. It’s a potent bringer of protection, peace, centeredness, and balance. It helps you stay grounded and focused and creates a space of safety and comfort.
  • Valerian root has been worked with for centuries and is extremely calming, easing stress and tension. It’s also purifying, protective, and encourages self-acceptance.
  • Vetiver is an herb of tranquility that encourages relaxation and also induces lucid dreaming and deep sleep. Its long, thick roots and earthy fragrance offer protection, rooting you deeply in Mother Earth, and can bring your unconscious thoughts forward into reality.
  • Jasmine is a mystical flower associated with the Divine Feminine, divination, and moon magic. It’s an angelic fragrance that heightens spiritual awareness and opens your heart to unconditional, transformative love and compassion.

This listing is for one (1) 9 Chakra Healing Brass Tin Set, as described above. You also have the option of buying each tin individually. Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled, ready for your enjoyment.


Product Notes

For external use only.

Always burn Sacra Intention Candle on a heatproof stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Turkish Coffee Body Butter Base Ingredients: Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax

Third Eye Shimmer Solid Perfume Base Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Blue Mica

Always burn Portal Incense Blend in a heat-proof burner, dish, or bowl. We recommend using charcoal disks.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals — natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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