• Super-Sized Clear Quartz Pendulum

    for divination power

    $ 34.00
    Get ready for BIG messages with this Super-Sized Clear Quartz Pendulum! This JUMBO pendulum is here and ready to point you in the right direction. It features a Brazilian clear quartz cut pendulum and a faceted sphere on the end of the chain for clear,...
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  • New Moon Priestess of Possibility Wand

    $ 69.00
    Channel the energies of Earth’s favorite celestial neighbor with this stunning New Moon Priestess of Possibility Wand from India! This beautiful wand is copper with a silver overlay and was custom-made for SG. It features a clear quartz point on one end and a sphere...
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  • Natural Moldavite

    to fast track your soul’s development

    $ 24.00$ 64.00
    Signal your soul’s development into the fast lane with this Natural Moldavite from the Czech Republic. Moldavite is the gem of extraterrestrial wisdom and communication and is a Soul Star Chakra stone. It assists with astral travel and accelerates spiritual growth. Moldavite carries serious, next-level...
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  • Raise Your Vibe Clear Quartz Bracelet

    to boost your energy

    $ 11.11
    If you’re EVER feeling down and need a quick pick-me-upper, this stretch Raise Your Vibe Clear Quartz Bracelet from India will give you the energetic boost you NEED. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification,...
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  • Mini Clear Quartz Vogel

    for expansive healing

    $ 11.00$ 14.00
    If on the go, widespread healing is what you want, this Mini Clear Quartz Vogel is what you need. This clear quartz Vogel is from Brazil and has 12 sides. Twelve represents the completion of cycles. It’s the number of signs in the zodiac and...
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  • Clear Quartz Soul Star Mala

    to connect to other dimensions

    $ 49.00
    Connect with other dimensions with this Clear Quartz Soul Star Mala! This mala was custom-made for SG and features 108 clear quartz beads strung on a white cord with a white Chinese silk tassel. Clear quartz activates the Soul Star Chakra, your connection to the...
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  • Raise the Energy Amplification Quartz Generator Ring

    $ 89.00
    What do you want to increase and experience more of in your life? More joy, love, abundance, opportunities? This Raise the Energy Amplification Quartz Generator Ring is not only a gorgeous piece of sacred adornment, it’s a powerful talisman that will support you in attracting...
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  • Simple Ritual Beginner’s Gemstone Set

    $ 13.00
    Everything you need to create sacred space is included with this Simple Ritual Beginner's Gemstone Set! This set was intentionally designed for those just starting out. It features a selenite wand to open and close circles, an amethyst angel for Source connection, 4 gemstones to...
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  • Clear Quartz Point Magical Rune Set

    for divining guidance

    $ 19.00
    What messages await you? This super cool Clear Quartz Point Magical Rune Set from India is here to help you divine your answers! These rune points were custom-made just for SG and are carved from clear quartz - the gem that amplifies, magnifies, and that...
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  • Scolecite Channeling Pendulum

    for illuminating the possibilities

    $ 24.00
    Do you desire greater clarity and wisdom on your spiritual path? This gorgeous Scolecite Channeling Pendulum from India will light the way and support you in getting the answers! This pendulum features a beautiful drop-shaped scolecite - a stunning piece to add to your collection....
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  • Clear Quartz Quan Yin

    for amplifying compassion and kindness

    $ 27.00
    Amplify compassion and empathy with this beautiful Clear Quartz Quan Yin from China! This sacred tool resembles my personal rose quartz Quan Yin carving, honoring this Buddhist goddess of benevolence, mercy, and kindness. It’s custom-made just for SG and carved from clear quartz - the...
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  • Clear Quartz Crescent Moon

    for magnified celestial magic

    $ 29.00$ 49.00
    Your celestial powers will reach the farthest galaxies with this Clear Quartz Crescent Moon from India! This piece has been lovingly carved with a sweet moon face out of clear quartz – the most pervasive gem in the world! Clear quartz has three major properties:...
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  • Scolecite Lineage Healing Heart

    for restoring ancestral connections

    $ 12.00$ 19.00
    Are you ready to transmute and heal ancestral wounds and traumas? If so, this Scolecite Lineage Healing Heart from India is for you! Scolecite is an ascension stone that embodies universal consciousness and channels inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. It facilitates deep lineage and ancestral...
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  • Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagonal Pyramid

    to magnify your intentions

    $ 54.00$ 84.00
    Bring in the powerful healing and transformative energy of sacred geometry with this Clear Quartz Faceted Hexagonal Pyramid! This ultra-faceted hexagonal-based pyramid is from Brazil! A hexagonal pyramid has a hexagonal base with six isosceles triangular faces that meet at a point. Pyramids symbolize the...
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  • Green Aventurine 9 Chakra Pocket Wand

    for complete energetic balance

    $ 34.00
    Call in greater prosperity, success, and energetic alignment with this Green Aventurine 9 Chakra Pocket Wand, custom-made just for SG! This wand is made of green aventurine with a faceted clear quartz point at one end and a faceted sphere at the other, and nine...
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  • Angel Aura Quartz Perfume Pendulum with Hologram Perfume Dram

    $ 44.00
    Bring fragrance to your divination practice with this Angel Aura Quartz Perfume Pendulum with Hologram Perfume Dram! This perfume pendulum was custom-made for SG, carved from angel aura treated clear quartz. This unique piece allows you to infuse you and your perfumes with the divine...
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