Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Set

for ritual with Athena

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Expand your imagination and delve into the realms beyond with my NEW Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Set! This set is all about working with Pisces energy to strengthen your psychic abilities, deepen your sense of faith in the unknown, and reach altered states of consciousness. With this offering, you’ll receive a double-terminated dream amethyst wand, a hand-poured candle, my Blue Lotus Mist, and tools for creating a crystal grid including a Blue Lotus Gridding Plate, a Lotus Flower Glass Sphere, a clear quartz sphere stand, dried blue lotus flowers, and the following gridding stones: One dream amethyst, one morganite, one blue calcite, one cacholong opal, and four aqua aura quartz points. You’ll also receive six custom Sage Goddess light and shadow oracle cards. You can also purchase the lotus glass sphere, clear quartz sphere stand, dream amethyst wand, blue lotus gridding plate, and Blue Lotus Mist individually.

On September 10, 2022, the skies will bless us with a Full Moon in Pisces. Under this full moon, we’ll work with this set to create an altar for this water sign and honor their imaginative spirit. Pisces is the visionary and dreamer of the astrological world, hypersensitive and naturally mystical – with one foot in this world and one in another. This water sign is idealistic and deeply caring, and some of the best Piscean qualities are compassion, acceptance, psychic sensitivity, and inspired creativity. Under September’s Pisces Full Moon, I’ll help you harness Pisces’ energy to awaken the mystic within and open up to wisdom from beyond our world of time and space.

Join me on Saturday, September 10, 2022, at 6 pm PT for my FREE online Pisces Full Moon Event – I can’t wait to see you there! Learn more and RSVP here.

The deeper magic of my Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Set

You will receive the following:

One (1) double-terminated dream amethyst wand (about 3”). This wand was custom-made just for SG and is engraved with the Pisces glyph. The stone for this piece was sourced from Zambia. Dream amethyst, also known as chevron amethyst or banded amethyst, is a natural combination of amethyst and white quartz. The bands reveal the different layers of stones and in this gem, you get the peaceful, balancing properties of amethyst and the purifying, healing properties of white quartz. This stone is healing, clearing, and detoxifying. Dream amethyst deepens meditation and connects you to the higher realms. It clears the aura and creates a protective bubble around you, wrapping you up in a shield to ward off psychic attacks and any negative energies. Change comes easier when you work with dream amethyst – it lessens resistance to change, helping you grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Dream amethyst also deepens intuition and meditation, eases addictive tendencies, promotes restful sleep, and promotes communication with angels and spirit guides.

Double-terminated stones are channeling tools with points on both ends, perfect for sending and receiving energy. You can work with them to channel energy to and from another person, Source, Mother Earth, your ancestors, and on and on. You can imagine the possibilities! To work with yours, visualize it filling with the energy you wish to send or receive. Then, visualize directing that energy to the recipient, which could be you.

One (1) 6 oz Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Intention Candle. This soy blend candle was handmade right here at SG Headquarters. Every step in its creation was filled with love and intent: From the hand-poured wax to the stunning fragrance, to the original artwork, which was created by my very own team of talented designers. The blue color of the candle wax brings calm, wisdom, and spiritual depth while the white color of the jar symbolizes purity, innocence, and wholeness. This candle is laced with notes of jasmine for divination, gardenia for compassion, vanilla for relaxation, and coconut for lunar wisdom and spiritual cleansing. It’s also infused with an amethyst chip stone for Source connection, topped with a clear quartz point for amplified magic, and sprinkled with blue glitter.

One (1) 2 oz spray bottle of my Blue Lotus Mist. Blue lotus has a psychedelic ingredient that made it irreplaceable to the ancient Egyptians. Its intoxicating fragrance alters and elevates consciousness, induces euphoria, and calls in spirit guides, angels, and ascended masters. I’ve also laced this mist with blue chamomile for added energies of calm, abundance, truth, and wisdom. Every bottle of Blue Lotus Mist is infused with an amethyst chip stone for peace, spiritual balance, and higher realm connection.

One (1) gridding set, including the following:

One (1) blue lotus gridding plate (about 5.5”), to serve as the base of your crystal grid. This ceramic gridding plate was custom-made right here at SG Headquarters. Of all the lotus flower symbolisms, rebirth and purity are perhaps the most powerful. This is because the lotus rises from muddy waters and blooms as a brilliantly pure, gorgeous flower. The lotus is also a symbol of human consciousness on the path to spiritual enlightenment. Blue lotus, in particular, activates the Third Eye Chakra for enhanced vision and intuition. This gridding plate is SUPER special because it features a slightly curved lip, so that you can add water to it and make a water grid to honor Pisces. The water element is associated with depth of emotion and soul, reflection, and introspection.

One (1) lotus flower glass sphere (about 2.5”), to serve as the centerpiece of your crystal grid. This gorgeous sphere was custom-made just for SG. You all know I’m a huge advocate of incorporating sphere power into ritual. Spheres are special because they radiate their energy in ALL directions, sending out a steady vibrational pulse. Place this sphere at the center of your grid to send the lotus flower’s energies of rebirth, spiritual awakening, and purity all throughout your space.

One (1) clear quartz sphere stand (about 1.5”), for holding your lotus flower glass sphere. Sphere stands play a crucial role in magic – they create a safe space for your precious gems. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It can be used to boost the energies of other stones or seal intentions and is ideal for crystal grids. Clear quartz also activates the Soul Star Chakra – your connection to the stars and other dimensions. It possesses a high vibration that immediately draws people in, and it can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love – or any intention you wish to amplify.

Four (4) dried blue lotus flowers for sprinkling around your crystal grid. See properties for blue lotus above.

One (1) dream amethyst (about 0.5-1”), sourced from Zambia. See properties for dream amethyst above.

One (1) morganite (about 0.5-1”), sourced from Pakistan. Morganite is pink beryl, and it’s the MOST powerful stone for love. It has a way of making you feel worthy of love and helps you release any feelings of pain and sorrow. Morganite activates and opens the Heart Chakra, promoting forgiveness and emotional healing, including the healing of anger, fear, and judgment. It brings out your inner strength and helps you liberate yourself from any limiting beliefs and experiences of past hurts in love. Morganite is not part of the original Synergy 12 (a group of high-vibrational crystals believed to accelerate the process of spiritual evolution and ascension), but it’s one of the crystals I add to my Synergy 12 grids because it’s that potent.

One (1) blue calcite (about 0.5-1”), sourced from Argentina. Blue calcite is the harmony stone, especially when it comes to harmonizing family energies. It helps manifest peace, love, and compassion in families. Blue calcite is emotionally soothing and relaxing, providing a gentle energetic shield. It also stimulates creative expression and gives you access to the inspiration you need to bring your ideas to life. Blue calcite encourages positive thought patterns and aids in lucid dreaming and dream recall. Lemurian priestesses also worked with blue calcite to access other realms.

One (1) cacholong opal (about 0.5-1”), sourced from Tanzania. Cacholong opal assists in bringing your life back into balance and rekindling hope and optimism. This gem promotes a positive mood and helps you feel protected. Historically, cacholong opal has been used as a token of love. Spiritually, it brings you into alignment, inspires faith, and serves as the encouragement needed to accomplish more in your day-to-day life. Additionally, cacholong opal enhances dream recall and can be kept under your pillows to help you remember your dreams upon waking.

Cacholong opal is an amorphous solid, adding to the magic. Amorphous solids are formed due to the sudden cooling of a liquid, melt over a wide range of temperatures, and break to form irregular or curved shapes. The structure of an amorphous solid is virtually indistinguishable from a liquid. If you’re seeking access to wisdom from alternate realities and realms, amorphous stones are your allies. Due to their indeterminate nature, they allow energy to pass through freely. They are less encumbered by form and definition, facilitating connection and communication with other-worldly dimensions and beings.

Four (4) aqua aura quartz points (about 1-2”), sourced from Brazil. These points are for the outer corners of your grid – to amplify and direct the energy. Aqua aura quartz is created when clear quartz is bonded with gold, resulting in this gorgeous blue hue. This stone holds the magnifying and amplifying properties of clear quartz and, like clear quartz, can be programmed with your intentions. Aqua aura quartz activates the Throat Chakra for clearer communication, expression of emotions, and speaking your truth. This stone holds the healing element of water and has an instant cooling effect. Aqua aura quartz has an intense vibration, although very comforting, and is very supportive during times of stress and frustration. It protects from psychic attacks and elevates your vibration. Aqua aura quartz also promotes strength, tenacity, and prosperity.

Crystal points harness the output of energy, and you can work with them to send that energy wherever desired or needed. Face the terminated end of the points outwards if you want to direct the energy of the grid to someone/something else, or face them towards the middle of the grid if you want the energy to go directly to you.

You will also receive six (6) 4×6” Pisces light and shadow oracle cards (three light and three shadow). These cards were designed here at SG Headquarters with gorgeous artwork and symbols for Pisces along with their accompanying light and shadow affirmations. Each set has six oracle cards for the sign, and this set includes the following: Choose Love, Have a Little Faith, Dive into New Worlds, Leave it to the Universe, Take Time Away, and Embrace Endings.

This listing is for one (1) Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Set, as described above. You can also purchase the Lotus Glass Sphere, Clear Quartz Sphere Stand, Dream Amethyst Wand, Blue Lotus Gridding Plate, and Blue Lotus Mist individually. Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. If you order the Full Set, yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

Full Moon Blessings,

***Please note when ordering, this item runs heavy and shipping costs will be reflected accordingly***

Shipping note: This product contains handmade items that may take up to 2 weeks to create, craft, and ship. To ensure receiving your items in time for an event, holiday, or specific date, please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance.

Note: Blue Lotus Mist is for external use only.

Please always burn candles on a heatproof stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals – natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:

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Anoint your crystals and gemstone jewelry with my SG Anointing Blend.

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