• Activation 11 Grid

      for spiritual evolution

      $71.44 - $98.04 with coupon code
      As the world shifts and evolves around us, it’s important to continue our personal journey of spiritual transformation. This Activation 11 Grid is a collection of stones with high oscillatory rates that support quantum evolution and energetic transcendence. The Activation 11 is a collection of...
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    • Festival of Colors Holi Set

      for welcoming abundance & new life

      $44.84 - $60.04 with coupon code
      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Work with this set to put winter to rest alongside your grudges, agendas, and disappointments. It’s time to invoke the heart of Holi and welcome new life and abundance in all its colors!</span></p>
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    • Living Magic Graduation Grid with Flower of Life Copper Gridding Plate

      for setting intentions

      $19.00 - $48.64 with coupon code
      Living Magic students, this one is for you! Celebrate your achievement and spiritual growth as we look ahead to bigger and better things in 2024 with this Living Magic Graduation Grid with Flower of Life Copper Gridding Plate! This gridding set is all about setting...
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    • Brass Flower of Life Ornament

      for divine inspiration

      $22.04 with coupon code
      Invite creative energy straight from the universe into your home with this new Brass Flower of Life Ornament! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this beautiful offering showcases a brass Flower of Life design adorned with seven wire-wrapped natural gemstones: Rose quartz and blue kyanite from...
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    • Magnetize Your Magic Lion’s Gate Set

      for ritual with Athena

      $67.64 with coupon code
      It’s finally here! The Lion’s Gate is a vortex of serious power, allowing for faster and intensified manifestation — and it’s yours to harness with my Magnetize Your Magic Lion’s Gate Set! I created this set to accompany my Lion’s Gate ritual and lead you...
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    • Earth Day Gemstone Grid

      for honoring Mother Gaia

      $29.64 with coupon code
      <p>Celebrate Mother Gaia with this Earth Day Gemstone Grid. Work with this offering to deepen your connection with Earth and give thanks for all of the blessings she bestows upon us every single day!</p>
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    • Health and Wealth Sri Yantra Grid

      for powerful manifesting

      $63.84 with coupon code
      The path to physical vitality and prosperity just got easier with this custom-made Health and Wealth Sri Yantra Grid. The Sri Yantra represents life force energy, devotion, access to the universe, and the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. It’s a potent tool...
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    • Aries Solar Plexus Chakra Empowerment Grid

      for strength

      $44.84 with coupon code
      Ignite the flames of confidence, courage, leadership, and strength with this NEW Aries Solar Plexus Chakra Empowerment Grid! With this grid, you’ll receive a powerhouse set of stones for healing your Solar Plexus Chakra and tapping into Aries’ fiery spirit. In this set you will...
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    • Self-Love Crystal Grid

      for compassion and healing

      $41.04 with coupon code
      The most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself! This Self-Love Crystal Grid is here to bring compassion and healing so you can love yourself first and best. This offering has everything you need to create a crystal grid...
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    • Ultimate Graduation Grid

      for new beginnings

      $44.84 with coupon code
      The end of the year is upon us, and I want to give a special shout-out to the students who’ve dedicated themselves to shifting, elevating, expanding, and transforming. Made with Soul Shift graduation in mind, this Ultimate Graduation Grid is the perfect tool as you...
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    • Power and Light Grid

      for holiday harmony and family connection

      $44.84 with coupon code
      Whether you’re close to your family – physically or emotionally – or not, you still hold a strong bond with them. The holidays can bring up challenging emotions but also connection and joy. This NEW Power and Light Grid is here to illuminate and raise...
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    • Metatron’s Cube Epic Prosperity Grid

      for abundance

      $98.04 - $151.24 with coupon code
      Did someone say manifestation magic? Call success and abundance into every facet of your life with this NEW Metatron’s Cube Epic Prosperity Grid! This powerful set has everything you need to create a crystal grid that will help you manifest all that you desire. This...
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    • Alchemy Transmute and Manifest Grid

      for transformation

      $48.64 with coupon code
      Experience transformation on all levels and reveal your true inner self to the world with this incredible Alchemy Transmute and Manifest Grid. Alchemy is a process of transforming one substance, state of being, thought form, or creation into another. It’s the process of becoming YOU...
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    • Diwali Light and Shadow Set

      to spark your inner light

      $27.36 with coupon code
      Diwali falls on October 24 this year, and I created my Diwali Light and Shadow Set for integrating your shadow and sparking your inner light. Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival regarded as one of the most important sacred days – known as the biggest,...
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    • Ancient Wisdom and Guided Transformation Grid

      $26.60 - $67.64 with coupon code
      With this custom-made Ancient Wisdom and Guided Transformation Grid, you’re never alone on the path to personal and spiritual growth. This gridding set will help you open to the knowledge and guidance of the Earth and the ancestors so you can continue evolving with confidence...
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    • Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Set

      for ritual with Athena

      $7.60 - $67.64 with coupon code
      Expand your imagination and delve into the realms beyond with my NEW Awaken the Mystic Pisces Full Moon Set! This set is all about working with Pisces energy to strengthen your psychic abilities, deepen your sense of faith in the unknown, and reach altered states...
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