Matrilineal Magic Elder Council Set

for feminine spiritual guidance

In June, we’ll journey to the Elder Council, seeking deep wisdom and guidance from our female ancestors. Work with this set to call on deep feminine wisdom and create a better path for yourself and future generations.

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The wisdom of the women before you lies within you, too.

Our Matrilineal Magic Elder Council Set invokes spiritual transformation by calling forth generations of feminine guidance. We specially curated this set for our Elder Council Ceremony, a meditation that facilitates connection with your spiritual team. 

What is Elder Council?

The elders are your soul’s lineage. They are powerful Wise Ones who gather outside the realms of time and space to offer guidance from the spirit world. This sacred place is called the Elder Council, and we enter with humble respect and reverence. 

In June, we’ll journey to the Elder Council, seeking deep wisdom and guidance from our female ancestors. By exploring our matrilineal ancestry, we open the books of our personal history. We can discover patterns repeated through generations before us — patterns we may be reliving today in our own lives.

Work with this set to call on deep feminine wisdom and create a better path for yourself and future generations.

With this set, you’ll receive:

  • Matrilineal Magic crystal grid set
  • Canvas mat
  • Dried herbs
  • Black salt
  • Matrilineal Magic Perfume
  • Matrilineal Magic Intention Candle

This set is perfect for my Elder Council Ceremony, which we’ll be holding live in Sage Goddess Apothecary on Wednesday, June 26, 2024, at 4 pm PT to enter this sacred space. In May Apothecary, we’re working with Flora, the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. Together, we’ll be working to celebrate our inner beauty and live life in full bloom. Learn more about Sage Goddess Apothecary and sign up here!

The deeper magic of this Matrilineal Magic Elder Council Set

You’ll receive the following:

Matrilineal Magic Crystal Grid Set

Creating crystal grids is one of the most effective ways to put our precious gems to work. It’s one of the best ways to raise, channel, and amplify energy — for healing, prosperity, love, protection, and more. This grid set includes the following:

Trapiche Amethyst Generator

Size: About 1.5-2”
Country of origin: Brazil

This piece serves as the centerpiece of your crystal grid. This trapiche amethyst tower features an incredibly unique natural trapiche spoke or wheel design within

In the shape of a generator, trapiche amethyst is a potent tool for raising energy — a powerful companion as you journey. 

The Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is all about connection to Source. It brings a clearer understanding of your life experience and helps you integrate higher wisdom.

  • Can help you fall and stay asleep and enter into deeper states of meditation. 
  • Holds a high frequency and naturally repels lower energies.
  • Promotes balance, unity, peace, purification, detoxification, and spiritual evolution.

Tumbled Compassion Stone

Size: About 1”
Country of origin: China

The Properties of Compassion Stone

Compassion Stone is made up of copper-based minerals, including turquoise and chrysocolla. This unique gem gets its green hue from the high copper content and shines with beautiful copper flecks. It’s a powerful combination of compassionate healing and emotional balancing and has an amazing ability to conduct feminine energy.

  • Copper brings harmony between the physical and astral, or emotional, bodies. In alchemical traditions, copper represents Venus, love, and sex. It restores energy flow and provides you with a strong boost of energy and vitality.
  • Chrysocolla helps you find your voice in the world to express yourself with wisdom and integrity. It embodies the timeless call of the Divine Feminine yet represents the union of feminine and masculine energy. It’s also emotionally healing and an ally in determining and following your soul path.
  • Turquoise is a soul-strengthening Throat Chakra stone that embodies authenticity and higher truth, helping you find your sacred voice. It helps heal the emotional body, relieves stress, and returns your awareness to its true center. Additionally, it brings spiritual expansion, healing, protection, and purification.

Tumbled Honey Calcite

Size: About 0.5-1”
Country of origin: Pakistan

The Properties of Honey Calcite

Honey calcite is a nurturing gem that helps you heal the ‘mother wound’ — any unresolved emotional issues between you and your mother. It also stimulates the flow of unconditional love.

  • Resonates with the air element and Solar Plexus Chakra, facilitating a smooth flow of energy throughout the body and spirit.
  • Boosts your confidence, willpower, and manifestation power and helps integrate external wisdom.
  • Helps you release stuck energies to move forward with greater presence, ease, and forgiveness.

Tumbled Tree Agate

Size: About 1-1.5”
Country of origin: China

The Properties of Tree Agate

Tree agate contains ancient energies of the forest, the wisdom of the tree people, and the grounding of Earth. It is the stability stone.

  • Important form of dendritic agate connected to Druid magic. Its striations with gorgeous green markings differentiate it from other forms of dendritic stone.
  • Helps you to face any challenges and pains with courage and encourages you to live in serenity. 
  • Brings a greater balance to the emotional body and inspires you to lead from a place of love. 
  • Activates your Heart Chakra, increases positive emotional well-being, and helps you connect with nature through your Root Chakra. 

Tumbled Pink Petalite

Size: About 1.75-2”
Country of origin: Namibia

The Properties of Pink Petalite

Pink petalite has an undeniable protective quality and smooth, balanced energy. It also resonates with the qualities of the Pink Ray, easing all forms of stress almost instantaneously. 

  • Protective crystal that offers strength and peace. It soothes the spirit and connects you to the love of the celestial realms.
  • A member of the Synergy 12, a group of high-vibrational crystals. These gems are known to activate the light body and enhance and accelerate the process of spiritual evolution and ascension.  
  • One of the most powerful gems for connecting you with the higher realms. 
  • Resonates with the upper chakras and promotes psychic boundaries, strength, and peace. It’s a great stone to work with if you’re an introvert.

Clear Quartz Points

Size: About 1-1.5” each
Country of origin: Brazil

These four points are for the outer corners of your grid — to amplify and direct the energy.

The Properties of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification.

  • Can be worked with to boost the energies of other stones or seal intentions and is ideal for crystal grids.
  • Possesses a high vibration that immediately draws people in.
  • Magnifies frequencies of abundance, light, and love — or any intention you wish to amplify.

You will also receive:

Canvas Gridding Mat

Size: About 8×10”

We designed this gridding mat right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with the help of my team of talented artists. It depicts our ethereal elders sitting in sacred circle, awaiting you to join them. This mat is the perfect base for placing your stones upon and creating a powerful Elder Council crystal grid. 

Dried Herbs 

Size: About 2 g each

Herbs are a beautiful addition to any altar or crystal grid. You’ll receive a variety of dried herbs to call forth and honor our elders: Red rose petals, holy basil, and helichrysum.

  • Red rose is a flower of promises, new beginnings, hope, and healing, promoting happiness and commitment. The scent of roses is common in the presence of the supernatural. It also helps relieve stress, tension, and fear while bringing protection and balance.
  • Holy basil, or tulsi, is clearing, brings calm, and promotes good luck. The Vedic tradition reveres it as a sacred herb. It’s said that the gods and goddesses are present wherever holy basil is grown or burned.  
  • Helichrysum, or immortelle, is used for magical rituals to invoke departed spirits and connect with energies of everlasting life and communion. This sacred oil also helps heal emotional and physical scars and improves signs of aging (after all, spirits never age!).

Black Salt

Size: About 20 g 

The Properties of Black Salt

Black salt has long been worked with in magical traditions for protection and absorbing negative or stagnant energies. Like all salt, it’s shielding. But black salt is especially good for keeping negativity at bay in your home and spiritual practices. 

Matrilineal Magic Perfume

Size: 10 ml

We handcrafted this blend to help you access the wisdom and messages of the women who came before you. This beautiful jojoba-base blend will arrive in a stunning roller ball bottle with a black cap — easy to apply wherever you are. Additionally, we infused it with an angel aura quartz chip stone to open lines of celestial communication.

This blend contains notes of rose, champaka, angelica, calendula, amyris, and vanilla. You can find the properties of rose above. 

  • Champaka eases stress and tension, enhances tranquility, and inspires joy. It encourages the ego to move away from self-centeredness so you can focus, avoid indecision, and stay on track.
  • Angelica has been used for centuries to ward off negative energy, illness, and other forms of negativity. It’s a powerful tool for promoting luck and connecting with the celestial realm.
  • Calendula, sometimes called pot marigold, is a powerful spiritual herb that activates your innate healing abilities. It repairs your aura and brings protective energy that dispels negativity and draws light into your energy field.  
  • Amyris promotes openness, safety, and sweetness, connecting you with inner peace and tranquility. It balances the mind and emotions, opening you up to inspiration.
  • Vanilla holds a fragrance that’s wonderfully warm and seductive. It’s a powerful aphrodisiac that enhances libido and increases sexual arousal. It also attracts what you desire and repels what you don’t want or need in your life. 

Matrilineal Magic Intention Candle

Size: 6 oz

We lovingly hand-poured this candle right here at SG with a green soy-wax blend. We also infused it with pink calcite — a powerful ally for opening your heart. Additionally, it features a clear quartz point to amplify and direct energy.

This candle contains notes of rose, champaka, angelica, and calendula. You can find the properties of these notes above. 

This listing is for one (1) Matrilineal Magic Elder Council Set. We have three options to offer you: 

  • Matrilineal Magic Elder Council Set (complete set)
  • Matrilineal Magic Crystal Grid Set (gemstones & gridding mat only)
  • Matrilineal Magic Perfume (sold separately)
  • Matrilineal Magic Intention Candle (sold separately)

Please choose the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage. 

Product Notes

This product contains handmade items that may take up to 2 weeks to create, craft, and ship. To ensure you receive your items on time for an event, holiday, or specific date, please place your order at least 2 weeks in advance.

Matrilineal Magic Perfume is made with natural essential and carrier oils and may contain fragrance oils. Cap, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only. 

Always burn herbs and incense in a heat-proof burner, dish, or bowl. We recommend using charcoal disks

Always burn Matrilineal Magic Intention Candle on a heatproof, stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Under California law (Proposition 65), we are required to inform you that because this item contains an agricultural product(s), it may also expose you to certain chemicals — natural or otherwise occurring, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to:

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