• Matrilineal Magic Elder Council Set

      for feminine spiritual guidance

      $16.72 - $67.64 with coupon code
      <p>In June, we’ll journey to the Elder Council, seeking deep wisdom and guidance from our female ancestors. Work with this set to call on deep feminine wisdom and create a better path for yourself and future generations.</p>
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    • Beginner’s Crystal Grid Box Set

      for on-the-go gemstone magic

      $18.24 with coupon code
      <p>This hand-curated set is the perfect way to take your crystals on the go. It holds the basic necessities for a healing crystal grid — that you can take with you anytime, anyplace.</p>
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    • Aries Salt Jar Crystal Grid

      for releasing & transformation

      $29.64 with coupon code
      <p>This set contains everything to create a crystal grid that harnesses Aries’ energy, along with the purifying protection of salt. It’s a beautiful way to shield against anything that doesn’t serve you and fuel your fire of creativity and inspiration.</p>
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    • Scorpio Full Moon Ceremony Set — Deflect & Protect

      for live YouTube event with Athena

      $67.64 with coupon code
      <p>We custom-curated this set to tap into Scorpio’s empowering energy by calling forth the transformative nature of the Gorgon. With each full moon in 2024, we’ll explore the energies of different mythical creatures. This month is the Gorgon.</p>
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    • Festival of Colors Holi Set

      for welcoming abundance & new life

      $44.84 - $60.04 with coupon code
      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Work with this set to put winter to rest alongside your grudges, agendas, and disappointments. It’s time to invoke the heart of Holi and welcome new life and abundance in all its colors!</span></p>
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    • Intergenerational Healing Elder Council Set

      for spiritual guidance

      $33.44 - $52.44 with coupon code
      Are you seeking deep, life-altering wisdom?  My Intergenerational Healing Elder Council Set is here to invoke transformative spiritual guidance as you explore higher realms. I specially curated this set for my Elder Council ceremony — a meditation that facilitates connection with your spiritual team.  What...
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    • Pink Moss Agate Generator

      for self-love

      $12.92 - $29.64 with coupon code
      <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Self-love is the cornerstone of true happiness, and this Pink Moss Agate Generator is just what you need to open your heart and learn to love yourself the way you should.</span></p>
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    • Divine Masters Elder Council Grid

      for spiritual guidance

      $52.44 with coupon code
      This Divine Masters Elder Council Grid, originally part of my Divine Masters Elder Council Set, is now available on its own. Elder Council is a meditation I lead for my Soul Shift members to facilitate connection with your spiritual team. When I seek deep, life-altering...
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    • Diwali Light and Shadow Set

      to spark your inner light

      $27.36 with coupon code
      Diwali falls on October 24 this year, and I created my Diwali Light and Shadow Set for integrating your shadow and sparking your inner light. Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival regarded as one of the most important sacred days – known as the biggest,...
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    • Air Element Crystal Grid

      for curiosity and intellect

      $25.84 with coupon code
      Call forth the intellectual, curious, and free-spirited nature of the air element with this Air Element Crystal Grid! Whether you’re an air sign looking to master your own magic or someone desiring more air energy in your life, this custom Sage Goddess offering is the...
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    • Soul Shift January 2022 Tools: Personal Gridding Plate

      $26.60 with coupon code
      Hey, Soul Shifters! If you missed out on our Soul Shift January 2022 tools, this is your second chance to get this Personal Gridding Plate. This birchwood gridding plate was custom-designed right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is modeled after my very own gridding...
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    • Universal Peace Grid

      for everlasting harmony

      $22.04 - $37.24 with coupon code
      This Universal Peace Grid is a custom Sage Goddess offering, designed to help you create space and embody divine, loving strength for yourself and the world around you. Creating crystal grids is one of the most effective ways that I put my precious gems to...
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    • Ancestral Connection Crystal Grid

      to access your lineage

      $34.20 with coupon code
      Shadow season and Samhain is the best time to connect with your lineage, and this Ancestral Connection Crystal Grid will help you open that door. This offering is a custom Sage Goddess-designed set that features a beautiful wooden gridding board and a 13-stone grid including...
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    • Alchemical Integration Crystal Grid

      for uniting feminine and masculine energies

      $33.44 with coupon code
      Integrate your whole self and be your best version with this Alchemical Integration Crystal Grid. The tools in this set were designed to help you unite your inner feminine and masculine energies for more vitality, alignment, healing, and empowerment. This is a custom Sage Goddess-designed...
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    • Solar Plexus Self-Empowerment Crystal Grid

      for confidence

      $53.20 with coupon code
      Do you feel in control of your destiny? This Solar Plexus Self-Empowerment Crystal Grid is a reminder that to manifest anything, you must first believe in yourself. This grid is a custom Sage Goddess offering, designed to help you activate your Solar Plexus Chakra -...
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