May 2018 Gem Wise Set: Hunab Ku – The Balance of Life

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Our May 2018 Gem Wise Set: Hunab Ku – The Balance of Life, is here!

Gem Wise is my course on the magic of gemstones. This year, we are exploring “A World of Magic”, where I take students on an adventure into the spiritual practices of global civilizations and meta-cultures. The gemstones covered in each class relate to a specific theme and will be available for you to purchase every month in a special Gem Wise set.

Each month, we learn about the stones in the Gem Wise set, including their metaphysical properties and how to use them. Each set ties to a special theme and the focal civilization of the month. Our examination spans from ancient to contemporary times. Together, we tap into the power of these gems, infusing our own modern practices with their ancient magic. Included in our discovery are each culture’s associated myths and lore that have captivated imaginations for ages.

This set includes the gemstones and engraved acrylic grid that accompany May’s Gem Wise class. If you would like to join us for May’s Gem Wise class, click here.

May 2018 Gem Wise Set: Hunab Ku – The Balance of Life

This May, we are exploring the culture of Maya. Ancient Mayans believed in the cycle of life, ever-maintaining the balance of Divine energy. They did this through a variety of rituals and we translate their intentions into the rituals we perform today. Similar to the Mayans, we believe that alignment within ourselves and the external world assure balance and flow. The Mayan civilization was rich and complex, and we believe they hold the key to abundance: the balance of life.

In this Gem Wise set, you will receive five very special gemstones inspired by the Hunab Ku – The Balance of Life.

The Hunab Ku symbol, found in sacred Mayan ruins, is a doorway, also known as galactic butterflies, thought to be the system that coordinates star systems. Hunab means One state of Being and Ku means God – You are One with God. When you enter the Hunab Ku, you become aware of the wholeness that exists in everything, As Above, So Below – the interconnectedness of all. One side of the Hunab Ku contains the essence of the other side and vice versa. It represents the joining of opposites, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, dark and light. Now, I will not reveal too much here, because we are excited with anticipation to explore these gems in our classroom this May. You won’t want to miss this class!

Stones for the Hunab Ku were chosen because they individually and collectively vibrate with the energies of harmony and the integration of polarities. These earth allies support us as we integrate our light and shadow and align our chakras. Working with these gems will help you come into balance within all realms and bodies, including cellular, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, and energetic. This set includes one (1) zircon, one (1) snowflake obsidian, one (1) blue kyanite, one (1) piece of green apophyllite points, and one (1) howlite. You will also receive an engraved acrylic designed to grid and hold the magic of Maya and the intentions of these stones.

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**Not all items in this set are from the civilization of focus. Where possible we gather items from the civilization of origin. However, when this is not possible, we gather items that we believe reflect the energy of this civilization. Athena will discuss in class which items are sourced from the country of focus, and which ones simply reflect or represent the energy of this civilization.

This listing is for one (1) May 2018 Gem Wise Set: Hunab Ku – The Balance of Life, as described above, along with a special parchment containing descriptions of your stones and a blessing to read aloud. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight.

Gemstone Blessings,

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