Transform your spiritual, emotional and physical life

Magic is not new, or even in its infancy – it’s as old as time.

This year, Sage Goddess courses explore “A World of Magic” by taking students through the history of global civilizations and metacultures. We all have deep curiosity about the past, and relatively little knowledge about the customs, rituals, and daily practices of our ancestors. The gems, herbs, and oils we work with today were once in their hands, too, and formed deep within and across the Earth as these civilizations rose and fell. Over time, much has been lost – but we can retrieve and explore it together; and harness this powerful knowledge to improve our relationships, our health, our happiness and our prosperity.

Each month we will focus on one civilization, and the course content will be inflected by subject area across the three Sage Goddess classes:

  1. Gem Wise: Students will learn about the gemstones and minerals of the focus civilization, and how to use them in daily practice;

  2. AroMagic: Students will learn about the herbs and essential oils of the focus civilization, and how to use them in daily practice;

  3. Magical Sabbatical: Students will learn about the magical and ritual practices of the focus civilization, and how to use them in daily practice;

Holistic Healers are students who are enrolled in all three classes. They will gain a wealth of knowledge about the history and mystery of magic. Together, we will tap into the power of these places and harness it together to infuse our modern daily practice with the magic of all time.


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This 12-month curriculum will teach you how to use crystals, gems, essential oils, herbs, ancient wisdom, and energetic tools in order to facilitate healing and wellness in your own life and in the lives of those around you. Whether you are an experienced massage therapist or Reiki master, or brand new to the entire realm of metaphysics, this year promises to deepen your knowledge. Through this course, you’ll expand your awareness and develop the essential skills needed to transform your spiritual, emotional, and material life.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from Athena in fun and empowering monthly sessions.

The monthly membership fee is $60, and there are no prerequisites for this class. 

Your membership includes

  • Access to all three courses: Gem Wise, AroMagic, and Magical Sabbatical. Classes take place in a safe, communal online classroom space where you can interact and engage with Athena and your peers, asking questions and sharing your wisdom;
  • Access to archived classes and class content;
  • If you feel so called, the opportunity to purchase themed product sets and sacred tools to support your monthly classes and continued learning;
  • Regular FREE bonus classes  to supplement the monthly themes and civilizations;
  • Access to sacred, private Facebook groups and discussion areas; to continue your growth and learning, and connect deeply with our extended spiritual community;
  • A standing 15% discount at;
  • Early, pre-sale access to some of the rarest gems, stones and oils;
  • Full and New Moon events, rituals and meditations every month;
  • Sacred high holiday events, rituals and meditations, corresponding with the wheel of the year;
  • As elite class members, all Holistic Healers automatically qualify as Advisors within the Sage Goddess Affiliate Program, offering benefits like lifetime referral commissions, free monthly product kits and access to the brand-new Sage Goddess Educational Vault.


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Dear magical ones,

What I do at Sage Goddess is try to show up for everyone – to say you are not alone and no matter how hard life may seem right now, a different view is available to you, a different experience is accessible to you, and it’s as easy to receive as saying yes. The only challenge – but it’s a big one – is that you are going to have to believe. Some tiny pocket in your soul simply has to. That’s your agreement. You are going to believe. One breath, one thought, one word, one intention at a time.

I am a warrior queen and I’ve been down in those trenches, and I stood up and said this is not how the story ends. I am here for a divine purpose and so are you. Get excited, get busy, and get done feeling sorry for yourself. Queens don’t have time for self-pity. Warriors don’t have time for fear.

In my classes, we focus on sovereignty and we show up for each other, mirroring the queen archetype, until we feel strong enough to embody it without the mirroring back. It’s a process. But we’re all evolving out of the chasm, out of the darkness, out of the fear and self-loathing, out of the anger and abuse, into a bright, sophisticated, beautiful, elegant, and wise iteration of our goddess lineage. We hold sacred and profound space for each other’s divine transformation.

In short, we hold you up until you can hold yourself up, and fly.

If you are ready to become, to evolve, to grow, and to be seen by a community that is mature enough to show up fully for you on every level, then say yes. If you don’t know where to begin, write YES on a post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror. YES. Write yourself a love letter. Anoint your beautiful body with oils and massage your skin with silken lotions after a long candlelit bath. Pour yourself a glass of champagne. Say YES loud and out loud, say it to the trees and also to the stars. Say it to the moon and also to your children. Say it to your mother, and say it to the plants in your garden. Say it to the wind, and whisper it to the oceans. I see you. You are unstoppable, you are beautiful, and you are my sister.

Amen, Aho, and So it is.

Upon completing the Holistic Healer program, every student will be awarded a personalized Certificate of Completion, presented by Sage Goddess.