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Greetings dear one! I am so excited to announce the launch of my 2017 Sage Goddess online courses, the centerpiece of which is our new Sage Goddess Holistic Healer Program – an 11-month curriculum that will teach you how to use crystals, gems, essential oils, herbs, ancient wisdom, and energetic tools in order to facilitate healing and wellness in your own life and in the lives of those around you.

reiki-healingWhether you are an experienced massage therapist or Reiki master, or brand new to the entire realm of metaphysics, the year ahead promises to deepen your knowledge, expand your awareness, and help you develop an important and inspiring skill set that you can use to improve your life. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn directly from Athena in live, engaging, and fun sessions where you can interact and engage with her and your peers, asking questions and sharing your wisdom.


Many consider themselves natural empaths, teachers, and healers and yet most lack proper training in the healing arts and modalities. Such training is hard to find, and often cost prohibitive. That’s where I come in! The Sage Goddess Holistic Healer Program costs $60/month, not including optional course kits and tools, so for less than $1000 you will complete a rigorous and impressive course of study. Each one of the three courses in the Holistic Healer curriculum offers you instruction in specific healing modalities and together, the courses build upon each other to create a platform for learning and practice. And I’ll be there with you, live, every step of the way to guide, support, and encourage you.

IMG_6078_Athena_gallery_lorezEach month in Gem Wise you will master a specific crystal structure and type as you begin to understand the relationship between crystal structure, sacred geometry, mining location, and energetic frequency. In AroMagic you will master your knowledge of 22 essential oils and 22 herbs (2 each over 11 months, all of which are master numbers by the way!) and understand how to integrate these herbs and essential oils into a holistic healing protocol. Then, in the Magical Sabbatical you will learn about ritual process, altar placement, history, mythology, and quantum theory in order to develop your own unique approach to healing practice.

When you complete all three courses, you will receive a Certificate of Holistic Healer Program Completion and join a thriving community of magical practitioners who are dedicated to sharing this wisdom with others. Together, we are changing the world and paving a path to wellness. There are no prerequisites for membership in this program. You will receive access to exclusive written classroom content, one live classroom session a month, a secret Facebook group for each segment of classes (AroMagic, GemWise, Sabbatical) as well as a standing 15% discount to use on any tools you purchase from the SG shop.


The Sage Goddess Holistic Healer program recognizes your completion of course work with a certificate of completion; this is not an accredited program, and so completion of the program does not fulfill CE credits.