• Tourmalinated Quartz Magician Earrings

    for protection

    Shield yourself from negative vibes with these gorgeous Tourmalinated Quartz Magician Earrings, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. These stunning earrings feature magician-cut tourmalinated quartz set on .925 sterling silver lever-back clasps. Tourmalinated quartz is quartz with black tourmaline, two individually potent stones that magnify their...
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  • Lapis Lazuli Queen’s Bracelet

    for royal wisdom

    If you haven’t already, meet the Queen’s Stone: Lapis Lazuli. This Lapis Lazuli Queen’s Bracelet is here to bring out your inner priestess, heighten your inner vision, and deepen your wisdom. It features round lapis lazuli beads lovingly strung on a stretchy band. Lapis lazuli...
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  • Muse Body Wash

    for creativity and inspiration

    Super fans! Ask, and you shall receive. We’ve heard your requests, and now, my Muse Body Wash infused with my signature Muse Perfume — a favorite for all the right reasons — is BACK! Muse Body Wash was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters...
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  • Rainbow Moonstone Manifestation Pendant

    for fruition

    Watch your deepest dreams come to fruition with this Rainbow Moonstone Manifestation Pendant! This pendant was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features four rainbow moonstone cabochons, all bezel-set in .925 sterling silver. It also features ornate cutout detailing in the metal bail and comes...
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  • Desidera Perfume

    for granting the wishes of your heart

    I did not set out to create Desidera Perfume. She created herself. When the Muse speaks, I listen. And here she is, asking to make herself available to you once again. Desidera is the rarest and most exotic perfume I have blended to date. She...
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  • Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub

    for a super fine booty

    No ‘ifs’ or ‘ands’ — just good butts! My Smooty Smooth Booty Coffee Scrub is BACK to wake up that goddess skin. I’m excited to have this coffee scrub back in the shop — perfect for giving you a smooooooth booty. This handcrafted scrub is...
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  • Tucson Unpacking: Juicy Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace

    Just in from the Tucson Gem Show, this STUNNING Juicy Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace emanates such beautiful, heart-healing magic! This gorgeous necklace features a .925 sterling silver pendant with a mix of raw stones and cabochons, all bezel-set in a gorgeous asymmetrical design, and comes with...
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  • Discover Your Highest Good Gemstone Trio for healing, manifestation, and connecting with your Highest Self

    I absolutely mean it when I tell you there is a limitless well of goodness that exists within the center of each and every one of us! This is a simple truth, I know - but sometimes, things deter us from living out this Highest...
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  • Rainbow Moon Perfume for invigoration and love activation

    Spring is upon us! Life is abuzz and Nature is waking from her slumber. My Rainbow Moon Perfume is an invigorating blend that will rejuvenate and bring you back to life! My Rainbow Moon Perfume was initially part of the Rainbow Goddess Super Full Moon...
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  • Positive Thinking Rainbow Onyx Rabbits for good fortune and new beginnings

    Since ancient times, the rabbit has been hailed as a symbol of luck and prosperity. A harbinger of spring, the rabbit is synonymous with growth, fertility, and new beginnings. These Positive Thinking Rainbow Onyx Rabbits are made of rainbow onyx, a stone that encourages both...
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  • Faceted Picture Jasper and Turquoise Bracelets

    for warrior energy

    Call upon your inner warrior with these Faceted Picture Jasper and Turquoise Bracelets! I personally designed these pieces with two expansive gems meant to connect you to your own strength and vision. These stretchy bracelets feature faceted picture jasper beads, turquoise details and cross design...
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  • Vanilla Moon Perfume

    for amplified beauty and pleasure

    Are you ready for more love, beauty, and pleasure? Because my Vanilla Moon Perfume is ready to deliver! I’m passionate about vanilla, and I have to have the real thing. This intoxicating potion was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with notes of light...
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  • Azurite and Chrysocolla in Petrified Wood Faerie

    Do you believe in faeries? I know I do! Faeries are everywhere – they’re in the flowers, they’re in the trees, they’re in the first rays of morning sunlight that awaken you from your slumber. All around us, there is faerie magic, whispering to us...
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  • Grounded Manifestation Smoky Citrine and Rhodolite Garnet Ring

    Find the strength and balance you need to realize your dreams with this Grounded Manifestation Smoky Citrine and Rhodolite Garnet Ring, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. This adjustable .925 sterling silver ring features a smoky citrine marquise cabochon center stone surrounded by a halo of...
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  • Nectar of the Goddess Perfume

    for the essence of spring

    Awaken the Divine Feminine and call forth your inner enchantress with my NEW Nectar of the Goddess Perfume! This intoxicating scent was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters to welcome spring and invoke grace, beauty, and feminine strength. The arrival of spring signifies a...
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  • Buzzy Bunny Surprise Easter Baskets

    for springtime fun

    Does spring have you feeling frisky? Well, you're in luck — my Buzzy Bunny Surprise Easter Baskets are here for your pleasure! Get ready to hop into the holiday spirit with these vibrantly colored baskets overflowing with enchanting tools and treasures with a fun, sexy...
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