• Moon Phase Black Moonstone Pendant

      with rainbow moonstone & labradorite

      <p>This pendant is crafted from .925 sterling silver and embellished with a design of the moon phases, honoring the influence of the lunar cycle in our lives. At the center of this pendant lies a faceted round black moonstone cabochon.</p>
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    • Pink Scolecite & Super 7 Ring

      for profound healing & ascension

      <p>This gorgeous offering is a halo of healing, high-vibrational energy ready to transport you to a place of peace. It was made just for SG with two super special stones — pink scolecite, one of the Synergy 12 stones, and Super 7, a potent stone we rarely use in our jewelry!</p>
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    • Amber Rose Oud Cold Process Soap

      for soft sensuality

      <p>We crafted this heavenly soap right here at SG to help you embrace your sensual side every time you step into the sanctuary that is your bathroom. You will love this offering, especially if you love my Amber Rose Perfume!</p>
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    • Bad Baby Perfume

      for spicy empowerment

      <p>This deep, dark blend captures the essence of feminine rebellion, drawing inspiration from Lilith, the ultimate archetype of unapologetic independence. Work with it to feel empowered and ready to take on the world like the goddess you are.</p>
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    • Silver Aura Kyanite Pendant

      for Divine Feminine power

      <p>This offering features a black kyanite spear dipped in silver, making a powerful talisman to awaken your feminine power. Black kyanite supports and grounds you — it’s instantly clearing, purifying, and energizing. The silver aura treatment adds a layer of Moon magic and protection.</p>
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    • Morganite & Aquamarine Bracelet

      for love & emotional healing

      <p>This stunning bracelet has a .925 sterling silver clasp, and each of its faceted morganite and aquamarine beads is laden with healing magic. Wear this potent bracelet as a reminder that your emotions and feelings are valid and that you deserve to love and feel good.</p>
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    • Morganite & Aquamarine Necklace

      for love & emotional healing

      <p>Each of its faceted morganite and aquamarine beads is laden with healing magic, secured with a.925 sterling silver clasp. Wear this potent necklace as a reminder that your emotions and feelings are valid and that you deserve to love and feel good.</p>
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    • Morganite Heart Chakra Ring

      with peridot, pink tourmaline, prehnite & emerald

      <p>This ring showcases a marquise morganite cabochon at its center, accented by four round cabochons huddled on one side — peridot, pink tourmaline, prehnite, and emerald, all bezel-set in .925 sterling silver.</p>
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    • Druzy Amethyst Heart

      for peace and love

      <p>Could you use a little more tenderness, self-appreciation, and serenity? If so, this Druzy Amethyst Heart is here to help. Infused with tender energy, this radiant gemstone is your pathway to divine connection and inner calm.</p>
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    • Merlin Perfume

      to invoke your own inner magic

      <p>This blend’s essential oils and essences will take you into the dark, enchanted forests of legend, where the Earth is brimming with intense mystical energy. It’s a robust blend of Japanese grapefruit, wild grape, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and jasmine.</p>
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    • Naughty Bunny Bath Set

      for sensuality & flirty goddess energy

      <p>This custom kit has everything you need for quality me-time, courtesy of my Sexy Bunny scent. A combination of resinoid oakmoss, dragon’s blood, vetiver, cacao absolute, rose amber, styrax, patchouli, and orris, it’s guaranteed to take you to a dimensional space that is sexy.</p>
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    • Tucson Unpacking: Sunstone, Rainbow Moonstone & Blue Kyanite Ring

      for duality & balance

      <p>This piece showcases two stacked center stones: An oval sunstone cabochon and an oval rainbow moonstone cabochon. Both are bezel set in .925 sterling silver with an antique finish and gold-plated detailing. A prong-set natural blue kyanite sits on each side.</p>
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