• Golden Sheen Obsidian Cross

    for compassionate shadow work

    Call in compassion and universal love as you engage your shadow with this Golden Sheen Obsidian Cross. The stone for this powerful offering was sourced from Mexico. It features an intricate carving of Jesus on the cross, reminding us to allow space for peace and...
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  • Snakeskin Jasper Palm Stone

    to release and transform

    Like a snake shedding its skin and releasing the old, this NEW Snakeskin Jasper Palm Stone will help you do the same. This beautiful gem was sourced from Australia and will help you shed and release all you’ve outgrown. Snakeskin jasper helps you to let...
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  • Zircon Skull Wisdom and Protection Pendant

    Calling all my skull lovers! Embrace ancient knowledge and stability as we enter shadow season with this NEW Zircon Skull Wisdom and Protection Pendant. This beautiful pendant features a skull design and is adorned with zircon sourced from China. It features clear and blue gemstones,...
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  • Tumbled Septarian

    to transform and honor the past

    Transform into your highest self with this Tumbled Septarian from Madagascar. Septarian is a blend of aragonite and calcite, so it merges the properties of these two stones – it brings peace and joy as well as organization and acceptance. Septarian activates the Root Chakra,...
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  • Petrified Wood Ancestor Protection Pendant

    Shield yourself all day long with this sterling silver Petrified Wood Ancestor Protection Pendant. Petrified wood is a member of the quartz family that resonates with the Earth Star Chakra, connecting you to ancestral and ancient wisdom. It’s a stone of grounding, protection, and past-life...
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  • Quantum Otto Master Healing Sphere

    for optimum wellness

    Call in optimum wellness with the return of this Quantum Otto Master Healing Sphere. This sphere was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and the stone was sourced from China. “Otto” means “8” in Italian, and quantum otto is named after the mind-blowing mix of EIGHT...
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  • Ground Your Visions Labradorite Cube

    for new beginnings

    Don’t let the size of this Ground Your Visions Labradorite Cube fool you – this gem is an immensely powerful tool for manifesting your dreams. This offering was custom-made for Sage Goddess, combining the magic of labradorite with the power of the cube, and the...
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  • Black Obsidian Snake Skull

    for protection and rebirth

    Invoke the protection and transformative energies of this Black Obsidian Snake Skull to guide you as we move into the shadow season. The stone for this exquisite carving was sourced from Mexico and features a snake slithering around the shape of a human skull. Black...
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  • Raw Garnet and Fuchsite Love, Balance, and Healing Magic Ball

    If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, all-in-one offering, look no further than this Raw Garnet and Fuchsite Love, Balance, and Healing Magic Ball! This natural piece is from Brazil and has a deep chatoyancy because of its special mix with fuchsite and some contain traces...
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  • “Witchy Woman” Mini BeeBop

    for powerful confidence

    If you’ve “got the moon in your eyes,” as the iconic Eagles’ song says, you may just be a witchy woman! This “Witchy Woman” Mini BeeBop is here for you to embrace the power and magic you hold with confidence. This piece was custom-made just...
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  • Grounded Release Bronzite Sphere

    for balanced transition

    Master the art of letting go with grace and confidence with this Grounded Release Bronzite Sphere. This beautiful offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from Brazil. It’s engraved with a red Root Chakra symbol for balanced grounding energy. Bronzite...
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  • Shadow Protection Black Agate Heart

    for grounding

    Safeguard yourself from negative energy and call upon your inner strength during challenging times with this NEW Shadow Protection Black Agate Heart! The stone for this beautiful piece was sourced from India. Black agate is a Root Chakra stone that provides centering and stability. It’s...
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  • The Sun Tarot Card Necklace

    for invoking happiness

    Fill yourself with joy and happiness with The Sun Tarot Card Necklace. This beautiful glass enamel pendant features a design inspired by The Sun card in the tarot and comes in a gorgeous purple box. It’s adorned with zircon sourced from China. It features multi-colored...
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  • Safe Travels Black Obsidian and Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet

    It’s BACK! Get protection on the go with this custom-made Safe Travels Black Obsidian and Crazy Lace Agate Bracelet. I designed it myself to keep you protected during physical, mental, and spiritual journeys. This stretch bracelet features multiple faceted black obsidian rondelle beads, one x-shaped...
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  • Purely Healing Brecciated Shungite Sphere

    for well-being

    Radiate deep wellness throughout your space with this Purely Healing Brecciated Shungite Sphere. It features a super unique combination of shungite in calcite and quartz matrix sourced from India. This is a BRAND NEW stone to Sage Goddess and rare in the market. Shungite is...
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  • 396 Hz Root Chakra Wah Wah Tube

    for safety and stability

    Incorporate the power of sound into your circles and healing rituals with this 396 Hz Root Chakra Wah Wah Tube. It’s custom-made just for Sage Goddess with a red painted finish and our logo and tuned to the frequency of the Root Chakra: Your center...
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