• Ultimate Grounding Hematite Generators

      for energetic protection

      $5.32 - $9.88 with coupon code
      Feel held and protected with these Ultimate Grounding Hematite Generators. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the planet! It’s a potent binder of cosmic energy that helps contain unwanted forces and blocks energetic and psychic attacks. Hematite facilitates the clear circulation of energy and...
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    • Large Juniper and White Sage Smudge Bundles for clearing and balance

      $12.92 with coupon code
      Clear your space and invite balance and positivity with these Large Juniper and White Sage Smudge Bundles! Juniper is a potent bringer of protection, peace, centeredness, and balance. Working with juniper helps you get grounded as well as focused. It’s perfect for times when you...
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    • Egyptian Protection Pillars for auric clearing and psychic attack prevention

      $28.12 with coupon code
      These obelisks are gorgeous, custom-made for SG, and are the fourth in a line of Egyptian Pillars offered exclusively at SG. Each is carved from mahogany obsidian, a stone that offers deep protection, auric clearing, and grounding. And in the symbolic and powerful obelisk shape,...
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    • Bamboo Coral Protection Bracelets for safety, grounding, and action

      $26.60 with coupon code
      These stretchy Bamboo Coral Protection Bracelets are beautiful pieces of power and physical strength. Each features faceted drum cut red bamboo coral with a rose gold-colored Sage Goddess engraved bead. This bracelet is an exclusive SG design and you won’t find it anywhere else. Red...
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    • Dragon Perfume and Pendant Duo for transformation

      for power and transformation

      $26.60 - $29.64 with coupon code
      You’ve been asking for it, and Dragon Perfume is back! This time, with a carnelian perfume bottle pendant, engraved with the fire element symbol. These pendants were custom-made just for Sage Goddess, perfect for infusing you and your perfumes with ultra firepower. My Dragon Perfume...
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    • Yukon Siderite for positivity, grounding, and confidence

      $22.80 - $38.00 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to offer you this Yukon Siderite - a very rare gem mined around Rapid Creek, in the sparse and wild Yukon Territory of Canada. Excavating this gem is only possible during the few summer months. And even when the weather is agreeable,...
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    • Grounding and Vitality Red Quartz for strength and positive action

      $7.60 - $16.72 with coupon code
      If you’re looking for a tool to help you ground higher vibrational energies, this Grounding and Vitality Red Quartz will serve you well. Red quartz encourages positive action and magnetizes energy, making it a great choice for bringing thoughts and visions into form. It’s also...
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    • Emperor Perfume for fiery courage and empowerment

      $22.80 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to bring you Emperor Perfume as a stand-alone offering. If you got The Emperor IV Ritual Set, you know how magical this blend is. It’s a masculine, protective, and grounding blend with notes of rosemary, vetiver, pine, geranium, palo santo, and oakmoss....
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    • Brown Aragonite Spheres for bringing you into calming energies

      $19.00 - $26.60 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to offer you these brown aragonite spheres. They are just stunning. Layered with natural brilliance, they have gorgeous stripes of varying shades of light to dark brown, creams and whites. Goddesses, brown aragonite is truly a stone that embodies the Earth. Did...
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