• Angel Aura Red Hematoid Quartz Mini Generator

    for celestial strength and protection

    In need of a little extra support? Just remember your angels are always with you! Call upon your guides for an extra boost of strength and protection with this Angel Aura Red Hematoid Quartz Mini Generator. This aura-treated mini generator shimmers with the iridescent reflection...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Grounded Transformation Star Rutilated Quartz and Hematite Bracelet

    You won’t believe this super-special find from the Denver Gem Show! This Grounded Transformation Star Rutilated Quartz and Hematite Bracelet left me with a literal twinkle in my eye when I first spotted it. The beads in this gorgeous bracelet feature a rare and stunning...
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  • September 2023 Living Essence Mist

    for mindfulness & being present

    Experience the beauty of staying in the present moment with my September 2023 Living Essence Mist! My Living Essence series of mists is nothing like any of the perfumes I’ve offered in the past. This mist is handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and...
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  • Moroccan Inspired Evil Eye Protection Bracelet

    to ward off unwanted energy

    It’s BACK! Shield yourself from negative energy with this Moroccan Inspired Evil Eye Protection Bracelet. This offering was created with Morocco in mind — taking note of all its beautiful colors and architecture! This gorgeous bracelet is nickel-free with an adjustable slider clasp and made...
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  • Zebra Jasper Blissful Bodhi

    for optimism and encouragement

    Welcome your new emotional support animal with open arms! In case you haven’t already been introduced, Bodhi is one of my animal companions — and I’ve had his likeness replicated for this custom Zebra Jasper Blissful Bodhi so he can be your comforting companion, too!...
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  • Denver Find: Chevron Prehnite Ring

    for healing the healer

    This Chevron Prehnite Ring is for all my healers out there! Custom-made for the Denver Gem Show, this ring was created for the healer in you. Reminiscent of Wonder Woman’s iconic crown, this adjustable .925 sterling silver ring showcases a chevron band with 14k gold...
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  • Denver After Dark: Yellow Apatite in Matrix

    for manifestation & protection

    Stay protected and grounded as you make all your dreams come true with this Yellow Apatite in Matrix from Mexico — another juicy, gemmy treasure from the Denver Gem Show! I’m so excited to bring you this offering because this stone is hard to find....
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  • Crystalpedia August 2023 Tools: Almandine Garnet Black Rope Belt

    If you missed out on our August 2023 Crystalpedia Tools, now’s your chance to get in on the magic with this Almandine Garnet Black Rope Belt. This custom-made offering will help you tie (pun intended) our August class themes of grounding and embodiment together. It’s...
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  • The Garnet Cord Grounding Incense and Perfume Duo

    Are you ready for some truly OG Sage Goddess magic? The Garnet Cord Grounding Incense and Perfume Duo is a throwback to an incense blend I created over ten years ago! The Garnet Cord connects our Root Chakra down into the Earth itself. It represents...
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  • Denver Find: Skull Tower Sphere Holder

    for powerful protection and grounding

    Shadow season is just around the corner, and when I saw this piece at the Denver Gem Show, I just knew I had to bring it to you! This Skull Tower Sphere Holder features three skulls stacked on top of each other with a space...
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  • Red Sardonyx Sphere for Motivation

    to kick your butt into gear

    Rev up your energy and conquer the day with this Red Sardonyx Sphere for Motivation! This stunning piece is carved from red sardonyx, a stone that enhances personal power, inspires strength in times of adversity, and increases manifestation powers by helping you embody your desires....
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  • Athena’s Favorite Oud Noir Bakhoor

    to arouse passion

    Athena’s Favorite Oud Noir Bakhoor is BACK! This beautiful incense is a part of my line of oud incense blends infused with the highest-quality fragrances available — but this one is extra special. This black musk oud incense was handmade just for Sage Goddess in...
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  • Natural Black Kyanite Spear

    for instant clearing

    Wipe the slate clean with the instant energy-clearing action of this Natural Black Kyanite Spear - just one touch and negativity is gone. You can even tap it against your cell phone to clear any energy it may have gathered while scrolling through your social...
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  • Ultimate Healing Eudialyte Generator

    for total wellness

    Total wellness and support are yours to claim with this Ultimate Healing Eudialyte Generator, custom-made just for Sage Goddess. Eudialyte is a stone I’ve used for years in my own healing work. I began working with it when I was having central nervous system (CNS)...
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  • Healing Eudialyte Pocket Stone

    for ultimate wellness

    This Healing Eudialyte Pocket Stone, my friends, is the ultimate tool for MEGA healing on all levels. And it only comes from one very remote place in Russia. Eudialyte is a stone I have used for years in my own healing work. I began working...
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  • Ultimate Sage Goddess Perfume

    for purification

    Do you love sage as much as I do? Say no more! Surround yourself with the purifying and uplifting energies of this sacred herb with my Ultimate Sage Goddess Perfume. I created this potion myself with four different sage essential oils from around the world,...
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