• Black Agate Grounded Protection Pendulum

    Experience safety and grounding as you find the answers you seek with this NEW Black Agate Grounded Protection Pendulum! The stones for this beautiful piece were sourced from India. It features black agate on a silver metal alloy chain with a clear quartz bead at...
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  • Black Obsidian Alien Skull

    for otherworldly protection

    This Black Obsidian Alien Skull is BACK to bring you otherworldly healing and protection. This piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess. It’s a unique vessel of extraterrestrial consciousness – amplifying your connection to other life in the universe. Black obsidian is a powerfully protective...
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  • Tumbled Green Tourmaline

    for love and compassion

    Invite the energies of love and compassion into your life with this Tumbled Green Tourmaline. Green tourmaline resonates with the Heart Chakra and brings the energies of union and integration, as well as wisdom and discernment in love. It’s a renowned stone for metaphysical work...
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  • Divine Empowerment Garnierite with Moonstone Sphere

    Step into your full, radiant power and make your deepest visions come true with this Divine Empowerment Garnierite with Moonstone Sphere! The stone for this beautiful offering was sourced from Madagascar. Garnierite is a unique Heart Chakra gem that grounds you, helps you heal from...
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  • Polished Ammonite

    for evolution and ancient wisdom

    Channel powerful ancient wisdom with this Polished Ammonite from Madagascar. Are you familiar with ammonite? Containing over 400 million years of Gaia’s history and knowledge, ammonite is a spiral-shaped fossilized shell that symbolizes continual evolution and growth. It’s a multipurpose stone that can be worked...
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  • Ancient Earth Wisdom Stromatolite Fossil

    It’s BACK! Call on the deep knowledge this world has to offer with this Ancient Earth Wisdom Stromatolite Fossil. The stone for this amazing offering was sourced from Morocco and is the oldest fossil that exists on the planet – each piece is billions of...
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  • Grounded Heart Healerite Obelisk

    for emotional healing

    In need of some self-care? Tend to your emotional well-being with this NEW Grounded Heart Healerite Obelisk. I’m SO excited to share this special gem with you. This is our very first time offering healerite here at Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from...
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  • Denver Unpacking: Saussurite Grounded Peace Pyramid

    I’m SO excited to introduce yet another incredible offering from the Denver Gem Show - this NEW Saussurite Grounded Peace Pyramid! This pyramid is simply stunning, carved from saussurite sourced from Pakistan. Saussurite is a mix of zoisite, epidote, and albite – a rare combination...
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  • Protect and Purify Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline Bracelet

    Experience safety and cleansing with this NEW Protect and Purify Smoky Quartz and Black Tourmaline Bracelet. This stretch bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and features faceted rondelle smoky quartz and black tourmaline beads sourced from India. It comes in a black pouch for...
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  • Strength and Protection Mahogany Obsidian Sphere

    Fill your space with supportive energy that brings feelings of safety and stability with this Strength and Protection Mahogany Obsidian Sphere. The stone for this beautiful piece was sourced from Mexico. Mahogany obsidian, like black obsidian, activates the lower chakras, in particular the Root Chakra....
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  • Soothing Polychrome Jasper Massage Stamp

    for relaxation

    Feel tension and muscle soreness melt away with this NEW Soothing Polychrome Jasper Massage Stamp. The stone for this tool was sourced from Madagascar, and the carving was done in the shape of a stamp – a first for Sage Goddess! This tool is easy...
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  • Lightbringer Candle Quartz Generator

    for illumination

    Illuminate your divine purpose with this Lightbringer Candle Quartz Generator! This generator makes a wonderful addition to any crystal collection, and the stone was sourced from Madagascar. Candle quartz is a stone of the lightworker that activates the Heart and Crown Chakras. This gem has...
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  • Myrrh Initiation Balm

    for purification and gratitude

    My Myrrh Initiation Balm is BACK and as magical as ever! This balm was lovingly hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and was originally part of my New Moon Enchanted Plant Wisdom: Myrrh and Reishi Mushroom Set. Since ancient times, people have worked with...
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  • Grounding Sardonyx Massage Wand

    for centering energy

    Come back to center as you rejuvenate both body and soul with this NEW Grounding Sardonyx Massage Wand. The stone for this gorgeous piece was sourced from India. Sardonyx is perfect to work with during shadow season – the darker half of the year when...
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  • Cat’s Eye Halloween Bracelet Duo

    for mystery and magic

    Halloween is right around this corner, and what better way to celebrate than with this Cat’s Eye Halloween Bracelet Duo? This is the season of Samhain – the Celtic New Year and the origin of Halloween – one of my absolute favorite holidays. It’s a...
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  • Protect and Release Bronzite and Black Tourmaline Bracelet

    Stay safe and let go of what no longer serves you with this Protect and Release Bronzite and Black Tourmaline Bracelet. This bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones for the beads were sourced from India. This offering is the perfect companion...
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