The Magical Sabbatical is unlike any other course or class I have experienced. Though I knew none of the women before the course, it was like reentering a circle of old friends, wise women, and healers. All open to learning. All open to teaching. Athena guided us with compassion, humility, and unconditional love. And that is the thing, when you have those three things in a teacher, your soul blossoms. My soul did at least. The work was not easy, but being in a safe, loving environment helped me move through the challenges into the space beyond fear and retreat. Athena created a safe space to ask simple questions, and gave us the space to explore more complex elements of our soul journey. By sharing her journey, she allowed us to share ours, to be humbled and honest about right where we were. I want to say that I am a different person than when I started the sabbatical, but it is not quite true (even though I feel so different). I am still the me before, but more confident, sure-footed, and strong in my own native intelligence and intuition. I feel indebted to Athena for creating this space for me to learn, to grow, to explore ritual in a circle of like-minded women, and to trust.

– Angie Y.

My experience with Athena’s Magical Sabbatical was a journey that was richly rewarding, hugely transformational and one that opened me up in so many ways. I am living more consciously now as a result of the Sabbatical. It literally rocked my world with the shared wisdom and grace of amazing Goddess energies that were so caring and supportive. It was so much more than I could have even imagined! From deep soul work to fun art projects to lessons learned in working with crystals and essential oils. I learned so much from the amazing Athena, and and from and through the extraordinary women of the group and I learned and am continuing to learn so much about myself. I’m filled with gratitude! My cup runneth over…

– Christine S.

When I decided to take Sage Goddess’s Magical Sabbatical, I was hoping to get a little spiritual workout. Not so much a refresher course in magic and spirituality, but in just being in touch with my spirit. What I received was so much more than I ever thought possible!

I have been on my Pagan path for 23 years. I’ve done mostly solitary learning from various books, but I have also corded in a local Wiccan community. I was even a student teacher for that group for a short time. Part of the reason I love being a solitary is being able to do what I want, the way I want to. Part of the reason I love being part of a group is the fellowship and feedback. The Magical Sabbatical gave me the best of both worlds!

Athena doesn’t just teach you how to do things the way she does them; she encourages your creativity and spirit to come up with your own way. She gives you a wonderful foundation to start from and then allows you to soar to your own heights! There aren’t a lot of rules to follow, except one… to follow your own heart and muse.
Within the group of Sabbatical sisters, as we have come to call each other, Athena has fostered a wonderfully supportive, non-judgmental, amazing group of women who encourage each other and lift each other up as we grow together. I wasn’t expecting to come out of this program with so much love and having so many women touch my heart and soul.

Personally, what I have gotten out of it was not what I started out wanting or expecting. I wanted to let go of my grief and guilt, to become more in touch with my spirituality, and to grow my business. These things have started to manifest… and more. I have realized that I need to make time to create some beautiful, healing items to sell… items that will touch other people’s heart and soul like they have mine. I am doing a lot more small and big things that are part of my spirituality, such as anointing myself every night with my hand made oil, that I created myself in the class. I have become more aware and attuned to crystals. And I have started writing more again.

I feel so amazingly blessed by taking this class that I have already registered for the Winter Sabbatical… and as soon as Athena’s other classes start I will be registering for them as well. If you’re feeling the need for a spiritual booster shot, or if you want a great place to get started with your spiritual practice… this is the right class for you. There is no time constraints, no pressure, no prerequisites for learning… it’s all at the perfect time for you!

– Christine P.

The Magical Sabbatical and Live Rituals have been incredible and life changing for me. I would describe them as soul life coaching meets meditation techniques in an unconditionally accepting virtual group. Through the Sabbatical and Rituals, I was able to identify things I needed in my life that had been buried so deeply that I didn’t even realize they were missing or ignored! As I worked on bringing these elements into my life, Athena was there every step of the way, providing outstanding insights and unconditional acceptance in the process. I also felt like I was gifted with a huge, nurturing family by getting to connect with the Sabbatical participants! I learned incredible meditation techniques which have helped tremendously in my healing after a major physical illness. Not only do I feel well now, but I am working on a bereavement book and launching a jewelry line. Had I not been connected to Athena’s Sage Goddess, none of these things would have ever surfaced or come to fruition. I have embraced my inner Goddess and am ready to soar now!

Sage Goddess also offers gorgeous supplies (candles, gems, oils, smudge sticks, etc) available for purchase, but never pushes her products and always reminds participants that’s it’s fine to use one’s own supplies…she even teaches you how to make some of them during the Sabbatical! She is extremely generous to offer her remarkable monthly Rituals to the public for no charge.

– Jenn D.

Magical Sabbatical enlivened my life and I experienced profound shifts that have nudged me closer to wholeness and authenticity. I have had mixed success with online groups and courses, but the structure of Sabbatical, with its built-in weeks “off,” allowed me to engage with and complete all that I needed to complete. Athena’s wisdom and attentiveness to participant’s needs was also a huge factor in my delight and success.Her live rituals carry so much energy that even watching them as video when I couldn’t make the live made me feel connected in Circle with others. I’m definitely signing up for another!

– Zann C.

It’s not just about the mysteries of magic. Its engaging in something that takes you on a deeper journey into your “self”. When I signed up for Magical Sabbatical I was already on a journey to uncover aspects of myself that had gotten lost in the wake of being a mother and a wife. I needed a circle of support that not only allowed me to open up to my personal power, but to give me a platform to share with other women who were on a voyage of personal discovery as well.

Women get so lost in what they think their “roles” are. Losing that connection to the divine goddess in each of us leaves us feeling repressed, sad, lonely – much like a flame that barely flickers.

I have been a part of on line women’s groups for the past year. I never felt like anything was a good fit until Athena unveiled her Magical Sabbatical course. It was in this group that I learned that magic isn’t just about crystals, potions and ritual. It is about looking inward and seeing what I am capable of . I can be the colorful, dancing gypsy, The radiant lover, the mystical seeress. The mirror that I held up once reflected all my deepest fears- my shadows. After 8 intensive weeks that mirror now reflects a woman coming back into her power.

I highly recommend this course to any woman who is seeking a rich experience in self discovery. Chances are they will discover a magic of their own!

– Lindsay H., The Gypsy Rebel

Do you want your dreams, wishes and intentions to come true? I mean your true intentions, for your highest good, the ones you may not even know you have. This is exactly what happened to me when I took part in the Magical Sabbatical.

– Becky M.

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  1. I’ve been a solitary since 2008 and it’s been a lonely road. When I became a part of Magical Sabbatical I felt like I found home. Sisters that care about you. You will love it all too <3 Blessed Be

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