Valentine’s Day Heart Boxes filled with potent gemstones of love and romance

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These Valentine’s Day Heart Boxes look convincingly like the ubiquitous boxes of sweetheart chocolates; however, these hearts are filled with magical treasures that make conventional tokens of love pale in comparison. Open one of these hearts wide to find 11 amazingly potent gemstones of love and romance that will energetically set your Valentine’s Day ablaze with passion. Each stone in this 11-piece set has been intentionally selected to rouse love, passion, sensuality, fidelity, trust, forgiveness, and deep fulfillment. Are you looking for a unique gift for your lover this Valentine’s Day? A gift that goes beyond commonplace sentiments and trinkets of adoration? If so, these exquisite Valentine’s Day Heart Boxes of gemstone magic are the offering for you.

The deeper magic of these Valentine’s Day Heart Boxes

Boxes are receptacles for important items of intention, to be both placed and released, just like the heart itself. These red Valentine’s Day Heart Boxes are full of intentionally chosen gemstones that vibrate with the magic of love. These stones can be housed together in their heart-shaped box, or, can be incorporated into a collection of sacred gemstones upon an altar or in a sanctuary space. Included in these Valentine’s Day Heart Boxes are:

One (1) piece of carnelian for creativity, passion, sexual energy, and stamina. Carnelian offers a sacred boost of energy that pushes you to get things done, create what needs to become, and move forward along your path. This fiery gemstone is full of life and vibrancy. If you and your partner are working on Sacral Chakra issues of creation, procreation, or sexuality in any way, this is your stone.

One (1) piece of fuchsite for soulmate connection, passion, heart healing, and strength. Fuchsite opens the Heart Chakra wide and summons forth your twin flame, or soulmate. It provides emotional healing to the heart, while igniting passion and boosting self-esteem. It also helps strengthen the physical body and immune system, which eases suffering, and restores health.

One (1) piece of unakite jasper for self-love and emotional integration. Unakite jasper brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of Mother Nature’s most heart-healing crystals. It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion, and kindness. Unakite jasper is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body. We often give and give and give, whether it is our love, or our energy, or our compassion. This stone will help you maintain a balance between the love you have for others and the love you must have for yourself, in order to stay energized and maintain the strength to keep on giving.

One (1) piece of mangano calcite for emotional and spiritual healing. Mangano calcite is a deep healer across space and time and brings self-love, a capacity for nurturing, and healing on all levels, both physical and etheric. Mangano calcite is known to some as the Reiki Stone.

One (1) piece of spessartine garnet in limestone for sexual attraction and kundalini awakening. Spessartine garnet enhances your creativity and libido like no other stone in the mineral world. This gem activates the Sacral Chakra and heightens your ability to take action and manifest what you seek. It encourages confidence, optimism, and even risk-taking!

One (1) piece of chrysoprase for release and receptivity. Chrysoprase powerfully brings feelings of peace, perspective, and acceptance, while allowing you to be present to the memories. It leads you to acknowledge and release the hurts of the past, so that you may begin to give and receive love openly once again.

One (1) piece of shiva lingam for soulmate attraction and sexual expression. This is the sex stone, and it single-handedly rises the Kundalini or sexual energy center that resides in each of us. This stone is both masculine and feminine; it holds the energies of duality and Universal Consciousness. It may be used within sacred tantric practices, and may assist with impotence and other problems of a sexual nature.

One (1) piece of serpentine for Kundalini awakening and sexual healing. Serpentine carries snake medicine, working to awaken the Kundalini by mimicking the motion of a snake – winding through every chakra, opening and engaging each for a totally transformative experience. Serpentine activates sensual love energies while soothing the heart and promoting mental clarity.

One (1) piece of rhodochrosite for compassion and self-love. Rhodochrosite helps you to be gentle with yourself as you emerge from heartbreak or loss. It opens the Heart Chakra and helps you to get in touch with your inner child, reminding you that you are a free, loving being with infinite capacity to grow and learn. Rhodochrosite also brings balance, calming any stress, and filling you with strong energy.

One (1) piece of emerald for attracting love and abundance. Emerald is medicine for Heart Chakra; awakening, nurturing, and full of color magic. Emerald brings serenity and draws abundance and prosperity. It facilitates an awakening to divine love, which in turn opens you up to deeper human love, forgiveness, compassion, and trust – all qualities of your higher nature.

Finally, one (1) piece of rose quartz for universal love and comfort. Rose quartz brings love, eases pain, and supports positive stress responses. It’s a stone of tranquility and it flows with the energy of true, unconditional love. Rose quartz represents the bond that transcends time and space. Sharing rose quartz with your lover will promote natural, flowing communication because it opens the Heart Chakra wide.

This listing is for one (1) Valentine’s Day Heart Box, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

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