Universal Trust Larvikite Spheres for grounding and sharpening the mind

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I’m so delighted to offer you these deeply grounding, protective, and magical Universal Trust Larvikite Spheres! These spheres are truly powerful and diverse tools to work with and add to your gem haven! Larvikite has a very intriguing and smoky gray-black color with gorgeous traces of flash. Because of this quality, it’s often called black moonstone – although it’s not moonstone, and is instead a unique gem all its own. From grounding and protection to instilling patience, these Universal Trust Larvikite Spheres are radiant in their potency, magic, and medicine.

The deeper magic of these Universal Trust Larvikite Spheres

Larvikite is a highly protective and grounding stone that removes toxins and negative energies from the physical and etheric bodies. It stimulates visions and helps ground you during astral travel. It helps connect you to Earth’s energies and to nature. Additionally, larvikite encourages you to be still and trust the process despite time and appearances. It helps to remove skepticism from the heart and to balance emotions. A great tool during meditation, larvikite is effective in quieting and focusing the mind. It sharpens concentration and memory and boosts your memory capacity.

In sphere form, all the supreme magic that larvikite holds is sent out in all directions, surrounding you and your sacred space in its grounding, healing, and protective energies. Use your sphere during meditation to still your mind and to focus on the present moment. Place these Universal Trust Larvikite Spheres on your altar and feel its presence as it works with you in aligning with the highest truth.

Be sure to get a sphere stand to display your larvikite sphere when it’s not in use.

This listing is for one (1) Universal Trust Larvikite Sphere. I have two sizes to offer you: Medium (about 2-2.5”) and Large (about 2.5-3”). Please choose the size that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a card describing the properties of the stone.

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