Moon Magic Pendulum Mat with Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum for seeing into the future


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Dear ones, I’m so excited for you to work with these Moon Magic Pendulum Mats – each of which will come with a rainbow moonstone pendulum! Moonstone is one of my favorite stones of all time. It radiates an opalescent fire when you hold it at the right angle – a blue flame of light that is absolute magic.

Rainbow moonstone is known as the prism stone; it contains the entire rainbow within it, and holds the energy of all seven rays of prismatic light. Every piece of rainbow moonstone is unique, differently colored, and filled with great vitality. The brilliance of this stone reflects your Life Force and ignites your inner light. Rainbow moonstone brings joyful energy, diffusing harmony and happiness throughout the aura. It is also a powerful emotional healing gem, clearing traumas and offering positive protection. It carries inner peace, keeping our energies, senses, and minds clear and open.

Work with your custom-made pendulum mat and rainbow moonstone pendulum to begin uncovering the answers you seek.

How to work with your Moon Magic Pendulum Mat

Pendulums sense and respond to energy around them. I have had my pendulum for more than 20 years, and as soon as I pick mine up, it begins to move. They are used to answering ‘yes and no’ questions, east-to-west movement meaning no, and north-to-south movement meaning yes. Some say that circular movement means an unwillingness to answer; for me, it means maybe.

With these Moon Magic Pendulum Mats, the magic of the pendulum becomes all the more potent. To use your pendulum mat and pendulum, begin by holding your pendulum over the mat with a steady hand. Then, ask of its divine wisdom. Request that only positive energy of the highest vibration and white light guide you. Allow the pendulum to answer you as it begins to swing toward opposite navigational points of your pendulum mat. Once it is swinging distinctly towards an answer on the mat, you will have your answer to what is unknown!

This listing is for one (1) Moon Magic Pendulum Mat and one (1) rainbow moonstone pendulum. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight.

Divinatory Blessings,

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