Magical Men’s Trio Cologne Set for strength and energy


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I am so excited to offer you my Magical Men’s Trio cologne set for the extraordinary man in your life this holiday season. I believe men should wear scents as often as women do – scents to invoke their strength, their energy, and to summon their will and courage. This is what led me to ensemble my new Magical Men’s Trio, designed for men who desire to channel the wisdom and power of Divine Masculine.

The magic of my Magical Men’s Trio Cologne Set

Named for the Latin word for king, Rex cologne holds the powerful energy of the kings of ancient Rome. The men who ruled Rome in its earliest days possessed absolute power, overseeing the state that grew to become a fearsome empire. Supreme power rested within the Rex – he was the Head of State, the commander of the Roman military, the chief judge and legislator. He ruled to satisfy his wishes, his desires. I don’t know about you but I find that kind of power intoxicatingly sensual. Rex is a scent inspired by these ancient kings, these powerful leaders who led Rome.

It is a dark, masculine fragrance, layered with exotic red grapefruit, benzoin, and oakmoss essential oils and bottled with two stones – obsidian, for protection and shielding, and Lapis Lazuli, for regal sensibility and discernment. This cologne is powerful and strong. It lingers for 24 hours. Its bold and courageous scent will intoxicate you.

My Odin cologne honors the god of healing, poetry, magic, and knowledge. He is the chief of the Aesir Gods of the Norse pantheon, and resides in Valhalla. Odin was known and revered for his mastery over all things magical. He had many qualities of a shaman, and wandered relentlessly in search of wisdom and magical knowledge, even sacrificing one of his own eyes in his pursuit of it. He is also known for deciphering and interpreting the ancient and highly mystical alphabet of the runes.

My Odin cologne is a smoky, fiery blend, with notes of sandalwood and ginger, which comes bottled with a black tourmaline chip stone for the energies of protection. This scent can be worn by both men and women.

My Merlin cologne is going to bring out the all-powerful wizard in you. When you need a stronger, more direct path to your magic, this is your scent. Merlin is one of my most exclusive colognes – in part because of the quality and rarity of the ingredients, but more importantly because this potion channels Merlin’s power. Merlin is the primary wizard in legend and myth from Arthurian history. He is a figure of power and deep wisdom whom kings and mythical leaders called upon for his sorcery. The people of his time revered and respected him; some even feared him.

I designed Merlin to have top notes of lightly sweet floral and citrus that dry down to a musky base of woods and resins. Japanese grapefruit, wild grape, rose, sandalwood, ylang ylang, and jasmine are just a few. The 10 total essential oils and essences in this blend will take you into the dark, enchanted forests of legend, where the Earth is brimming with intense mystic energy. Wear Merlin as your magical cloak, to shroud yourself in wisdom and power, but wield this tool with tremendous care – it is potent stuff!! Make sure you’re ready for it.

This listing is for one (1) 10 mL roll-on bottle of Rex cologne, one (1) 10 mL roll-on bottle of Odin cologne, and one (1) 10 mL roll-on bottle of Merlin cologne. All three of these magical, masculine scents will arrive lovingly parceled and ready to anoint.

Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only.

Fragrant Blessings,

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