• Moon Priestess Black Aura Quartz and Obsidian Crown

    for lunar magic

    Unleash your inner goddess with this gorgeous Moon Priestess Black Aura Quartz and Obsidian Crown. It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stones were sourced from China. This crown was intricately crafted with a metal alloy moon, black aura quartz points, and black...
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  • Moon, Planet, and Star Stickers for celestial decoration

    Launch yourself out of this world with our celestial sticker collection — Moon, Planet, and Star Stickers! This custom Sage Goddess sticker collection features all things astrological and spacey. These are perfect for crafting and decorating your vision boards, journals, and notebooks. Peel and stick...
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  • SG Exclusive Hovave Art AAA Grade Amethyst Pendants

    Discernment, wisdom, and deep peace are the medicine and magic of these beautiful SG Exclusive Hovave Art AAA Grade Amethyst Pendants. Amethyst activates the Crown Chakra for spiritual evolution and connects you with your inherent wisdom. This stone brings clarity, energetic detoxification, peace, and angelic...
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  • Ask Believe Receive Pendant

    for manifesting financial prosperity

    Amplify your intentions with the return of this Ask Believe Receive Pendant! Asking for what you desire and need is the first step toward sacred sovereignty because when you ask, you initiate half of a very important conversation with your guides and ancestors. When we...
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  • Divine Goddess Amethyst Crown

    for spiritual evolution

    This Divine Goddess Amethyst Crown is here to remind you that you’re powerful and always connected with Source. It’s a new design for SG and features free-form polished amethyst pieces, making this a gorgeous crown that can be worn anywhere, anytime! Amethyst is all about...
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  • Elaborate Aura Quartz OMGoddess Crowns

    for honoring your inner queen

    Adorn yourself like royalty with these Elaborate Aura Quartz OMGoddess Crowns! We’ve offered crowns in the past, but nothing as detailed and intricate as these stunning pieces. These were custom designed and handmade for Sage Goddess and they’re just unbelievably pretty! Each features gorgeous aura...
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  • Rainbow LED Clear Quartz Crown

    to magnify inner light

    Amplify good vibes and illuminate the dark with this beautiful NEW Rainbow LED Clear Quartz Crown. This adornment features 18 to 23 clear quartz points depending on the size of the stones, and it’s battery operated, creating a rainbow-color spectrum of lights. Clear quartz is...
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  • Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, and Serpentine Sexy Shakti Mala

    Strengthen your connection to your primal power with this Carnelian, Peach Moonstone, and Serpentine Sexy Shakti Mala from India. Traditionally, a mala necklace is a strand of 108 beads used in meditation and prayer. Wearing or holding one brings about higher consciousness and balance and...
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  • Elemental Alignment Ring

    for balance and transformation

    This gorgeous Elemental Alignment Ring was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and is a powerful symbol of balance and harmony. It’s adjustable and features garnet from India, citrine from Madagascar, smoky quartz from Brazil, green onyx from India, and aquamarine from Brazil in descending order....
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  • Purple Velvet Jewelry Case

    for holding your adornments

    Looking for a way to store your gemstone jewelry and keep your favorite pieces safe? If so, this enchanting Purple Velvet Jewelry Case is your offering! It was custom-made just for Sage Goddess and features the SG logo embossed in golden color. There are three...
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  • Sacred Geometry Metallic Bracelet Flash Tattoos

    for individuality

    They’re BACK! Express your individuality through the magic of cosmic patterns with these Sacred Geometry Metallic Bracelet Flash Tattoos. You all know that I love my flash tattoos, especially the metallic variety you always see me wearing. I love them so much that I had...
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  • Tumbled Pink Morganite

    for attracting unconditional love

    The love you seek outside always exists within – this Tumbled Pink Morganite is here to help us all remember that. The stone was sourced from Nigeria. Morganite is the queen of the love stones! It’s a crystal of sovereignty and compassion that vibrates with...
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  • Wheel of Fortune Scarf

    for growth and prosperity

    Tap into all the possibilities life holds with this gorgeous Wheel of Fortune Scarf. This beautiful scarf made with a super silky-feeling polyester is printed with a representation of the Wheel of Fortune card from the tarot deck. In the tarot, the Wheel of Fortune...
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  • Magician’s Initiate Cape

    for elevating your rituals

    Elevate your rituals with our custom-made Magician's Initiate Cape, originally part of our October 2021 Soul Shift tool kit. We rarely offer our exclusive Soul Shift tools to the public, but this offering is so special, we had to share it with everyone. This gorgeous,...
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  • Lakshmi Wealth and Abundance Necklace

    for good fortune

    Adorn yourself with potent prosperity magic with this Lakshmi Wealth and Abundance Necklace! Custom-made in India just for Sage Goddess, both the Lakshmi pendant and chain were crafted with .925 sterling silver and overlaid with 18k gold. Lakshmi is held in high regard in the...
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  • Beautiful Metallic Bracelet Tattoos

    for adornment

    They’re BACK! Have some fun and find inspiration as you adorn yourself with my Beautiful Metallic Bracelet Tattoos! You all know I love my flash tattoos, especially the metallic variety you always see me wearing. I love them so much, I had my talented team...
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