• Mixed Color Tourmaline Butterfly Ring

      for transformation

      This BRAND NEW Mixed Color Tourmaline Butterfly Ring will inspire you to break through your cocoon and see the world through fresh eyes. This gorgeous gold-plated .925 sterling silver adjustable ring was custom-made for Sage Goddess. It features three pieces of mixed color tourmaline carved...
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    • Quintessence Balm

      for expanded consciousness

      <p>This moisturizing balm was hand-crafted here at SG and is infused with my expansive Quintessence Perfume. It features uplifting notes of blue tansy, frankincense, neroli, Bulgarian rose, palo santo, white lavender, acacia absolute, and davana.</p>
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    • Clear Quartz Generator

      to amplify energies & raise vibrations

      <p>Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. Work with this generator to keep the vibes high and amplify the magic of your crystal grids.</p>
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    • Festival of Lights Set

      to honor the magic of Hanukkah

      My Festival of Lights Set is BACK just in time to celebrate Hanukkah. Known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that dates back 2,500 years, when a Jewish family witnessed a miracle while resisting their oppressive Syrian-Greek rulers. While re-sanctifying the...
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    • Christmas Peace Incense Sticks

      for a serene holiday

      They’re BACK! My Christmas Peace Incense Sticks are here to bring you grounding and calm during the holidays. These incense sticks were lovingly handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with my Christmas Peace Perfume for soothing, peaceful energies, and include notes of fir for...
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    • Fluorite Soul Pathing Vogel

      for manifesting your purpose

      Focus your energy and connect with your true calling with this NEW Fluorite Soul Pathing Vogel. The stone for this beautiful carving was sourced from China. Fluorite reveals your life purpose and helps with soul pathing, the process of creating a path for your future...
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    • Grounding Tree Agate Corner-Cut Cube

      for stability and ancestral wisdom

      Experience the serene vibrations of this NEW Grounding Tree Agate Corner-Cut Cube. The stone for this potent carving was sourced from India. Tree agate contains the ancient energies of the forest, the insights of the tree people, and the grounding of Earth. This is THE...
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    • Peaceful Healing Lepidolite Vogel

      for tranquil wellness

      Experience high vibrations of tranquility with this NEW Peaceful Healing Lepidolite Vogel. The stone for this beautiful offering was sourced from India. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that grows with tourmaline and kunzite. It lightens moods, regulates emotions, and has a calming,...
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    • Dragonstone Rod of Asclepius

      for fortitude and healing

      Invoke the courage to walk down your healing path with this NEW Dragonstone Rod of Asclepius. This beautiful carving was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. This offering features the Rod of Asclepius – a staff with a snake...
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    • Aphrodite’s Eyeshadow Palette

      for love and beauty

      Let your skin be the canvas upon which your inner goddess paints her dreams! Introducing the newest addition to our Sage Goddess makeup line: Aphrodite’s Eyeshadow Palette. They say that eyes are windows into the soul, and this gorgeous eyeshadow palette will make yours SHINE....
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    • Passion and Pleasure Orange Selenite Heart

      Have you been feeling uninspired - unable to express yourself creatively or sexually? If so, your Sacral Chakra may be underactive, and this Passion and Pleasure Orange Selenite Heart is here to help! This piece is gorgeous, and the stone was sourced from Morocco. Orange...
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    • Chakra Aligning Tingshas

      for sound healing

      Bring energetic balance to your sound healing practices with these Chakra Aligning Tingshas. This pair of traditional-style Tibetan tingshas is made from brass, a metal alloy that fosters courage, confidence, and inner truth. They’re connected with a genuine leather string and painted in a color...
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