India Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set to cultivate spiritual love and abundance

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This month, explore the Magic of India with our India Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set. In India, the lunar festival of Holi signifies the beginning of spring, beginning on the last full moon of the winter season. Holi is the fire festival of Lord Krishna, the deity of abundance, auspiciousness, and all that is good in life. The celebration of Holi began in Vrindavan, the birthplace of Krishna, over 3000 years ago, and has since spread across the entirety of India, and to all the country’s many religions, as the Festival of Love.

The holiday begins with a great bonfire in which all jealousies, envy, and quarrels are symbolically burned. Crops of the new season are given in offering. Misunderstandings are forgotten. This is a celebration of good will, unity, and a lot of hugging. The second part of the festival is Rangwali, wherein colored powder and flower petals are thrown with abandon. Art, performance, sharing of food, sensual expression, and unification through goodwill, are at the heart of the Holi celebration.

The deeper magic of my India Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set

Put winter to rest, alongside your grudges, agendas, and disappointments. Welcome the spring, new life, and abundance into your practice with our Indian Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set. In this set, you will receive magical tools to bring the sensuality of Holi and the richness of India into your own full moon or Valentine’s Day celebration.

With this offering, you will receive one (1) 6oz Union Candle. This candle was hand poured with violet colored soy wax and scented with Radha perfume. Each candle is lavishly topped with turmeric powder and blue lotus flowers. Blue lotus is an ancient plant ally that has co-evolved with spiritually inclined societies. The aromatic qualities of blue lotus provides tangible stress release, and creates a euphoric state of being. Its fragrance deepens spiritual connections and elevates consciousness. Turmeric powder has been used in Ayurveda, India’s ancient system of holistic medicine, for over 3000 years, and its cardinal yellow-coloring is at the forefront of the Holi celebration.

During the Holi festival, Shri Radha is celebrated as Krishna’s divine consort. Radha is revered as an incarnation of an ideal relationship between a devotee and the Divine. We are so pleased to present you with one (1) 15 ml bottle of our new Radha Perfume, offered exclusively with this set. Radha Perfume is blended with notes of carnation, sandalwood, and rose. This fragrance is beyond sacred, and made with some of the most expensive ingredients on the planet. Cultivate spiritual love in your life and increase your intimate connection with the Divine with this special perfume blend. Radha perfume comes complete with a rose quartz chip stone, to let the love flow.

No Holi celebration would be complete without traditional Holi powder. We made a bunch of colors of Holi powder here at Sage Goddess, and we will intuitively choose one (1) .8 oz container of our Holi Powder for you, as part of your set. During the festival of Holi, colored powders are thrown at one another, uniting everyone is a beautiful rainbow of colors. This is one of my favorite parts of the traditional Holi celebration. The colored Holi powders remind us to carry the intent and energy of Holi into the rest of the year.

This Indian Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set also comes with five specially chosen gemstones to facilitate alignment with the universal forces of love and harmony. Included are:

One (1) blue kyanite blade. Blue kyanite is the stone of finding of the sacred center. It can link the physical, astral, and causal bodies. Blue kyanite is a popular stone for metaphysical practices, and supports all telepathic endeavors.

Next, you’ll receive one (1) Angel Aura Rose Quartz. Angel Aura Treated Rose Quartz draws love, and encourages you to share your love fully in return. In addition, this beautiful stone eases emotional pain, and soothes the nervous system. Angel Aura Rose Quartz encourages graceful parenting techniques, and eases communication. Overall, Angel Aura Rose Quartz helps you to channel your loving energy where it’s most needed.

Also included is one (1) piece of howlite for harmonious balance. Howlite promotes a positive stress response and encourages you to release stuck energies, and move on without being weighed down by emotional baggage. Howlite is also a potent sleep stone – a piece that should be kept by your bedside, or even inside your pillowcase, to help induce peaceful and deep sleep.

Next in this set is one (1) piece of red aragonite. Before the fun and festivities of Holi commence, a great bonfire is lit to release old grudges and to burn away misgivings of the past. In turn, using red aragonite will help you to release jealousies, hurts, and misunderstandings of seasons past. Meet the spring fresh and and new; red aragonite will help you purify your heart with the redemptive power of love.

Finally, one (1) piece of Tumbled Candy Crackle Quartz will be included in your set. These quartz pieces come in a rainbow of sparkling, effervescent, light-hearted brilliance. Like the rainbow of colors that cover everything, and everyone, during the festival of Holi, these magical Tumbled Candy Crackle Quartz will add the fun and unexpected surprise of color to your set.

Lastly, you have the option of ordering your Indian Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set with one (1) beautiful 11×14 canvas of original SG artwork. This unique canvas art is simply magical in its layered symbolism and vibrancy of color. Use the drop down menu above to choose this offering, if you feel called.

Note: This product is made with natural essential and carrier oils, and may contain fragrance oils. Cap color, chip stone, and color may vary slightly. For external use only. Please always burn your candle on a heat proof stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

This listing is for one (1) Indian Full Moon: Holi Festival of Love Set as described above. Choose the offering you are called to from the drop down menu above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled for your enjoyment and delight, along with a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

Festively Yours,

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India Full Moon Set, Full Set with Canvas, Union Candle, Radha Perfume, Canvas

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