Highest Truth Wands for uncovering your inner wisdom and speaking your deepest truths

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If you’re looking to connect with your deepest inner wisdom and start speaking your truth from a place of clarity, authenticity, and confidence, these Highest Truth Wands are for you! Double-terminated and stunningly carved out of silver cobalt aura quartz, these wands are gorgeously vibrant in color, glimmering with a sheen that is simply out of this world. I love how perfectly these radiant wands fit in the palm of my hand, and how powerfully they emanate sacred gemstone magic in all directions. These Highest Truth Wands are simply magical, and I am so excited for you to experience all of their wondrous, healing power for yourself.

The deeper magic of these Highest Truth Wands

Silver cobalt aura quartz is such an incredible stone to work with. This iridescent crystal is created when a clear quartz core is bonded with titanium and cobalt – and the result is pure, brilliant gemstone magic. And not only is this stone drop-dead gorgeous, but it’s also incredibly powerful in opening and activating the Throat Chakra. When this energetic center is aligned and activated, we are led to connect with our deepest inner truth, and become able to speak this truth with confidence and ease. Working with these Highest Truth Wands will help you deepen your intuition, step onto your Divine Path, and connect with your highest, most authentic self. Truly, these wands possess an extraordinary kind of magic that I know you won’t want to miss out on.

The double-terminated shape of these Highest Truth Wands makes them all the more powerful. These wands are perfect channeling tools – and I love using mine in meditation. As you work with yours, close your eyes and hold it in the palms of your hands as you breathe deeply, in and out. Feel the powerful Throat Chakra-activating vibrations being channeled through it, flowing back and forth between you and Source. Allow the potent energies of silver cobalt aura quartz to encircle you and nourish you, revitalizing and fortifying your spirit with its wondrous magic. Envision the deepest truths of your soul unfolding before you, ready for you to acknowledge and embrace with an open and steady heart. Once you are done working with these Highest Truth Wands, you will be able to fulfill your life’s truest purpose with courage and deep trust in the Universe and all of the beauty and wonder it has in store for you.

This listing is for one (1) Highest Truth Wand. I have two sizes to offer you: small (approximately 1.5-2” in size) and medium ( approximately 2-2.5” in size). Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage leaf and a card describing the properties of the stone.

Blessings of the Highest Truth,

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