Familial Healing Gemstone Set for peace and harmony between you and your loved ones

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Family is so important – and what family couldn’t use an extra dose of love, peace, and healing? I created my Familial Healing Gemstone Set to facilitate positivity, understanding, and clear communication between you and your loved ones. Use this set of assorted gemstones on your altar, in a grid, or placed around your home to create an ambiance of compassion, understanding, and happiness.

The tools in my Familial Healing Gemstone Set

One (1) amazonite palm stone for open communication: Amazonite empowers you to open up and to speak your truth. Amazonite facilitates the healing of old communication patterns in your life. Envision a blue light washing over the Throat Chakra, freeing whatever is stuck there. Hold this palm stone during your next family gathering to give voice to your authentic, Highest Self.

One (1) piece of rose quartz for love: Rose quartz brings love, eases pain, and supports a positive stress response. It opens the Heart Chakra, heals the heart space, and brings you peace. Working with rose quartz will gently open your Heart Chakra and facilitate emotional healing. Rose quartz promotes natural, flowing communication. You can hold your rose quartz in your hand while you meditate, allowing the medicine of rose quartz to flow into and through you. Don’t hold back – let the love flow.

One (1) piece of natural kunzite to heal relationships: Natural kunzite is an emotionally soothing stone. Kunzite works to help open the heart to the energies of love. The inevitable result of embracing all types of love is the ability to consciously receive Divine Love, which is the ultimate goal of all spiritual work. This gemstone ally gently dissolves all the blockages that you have built around your heart due to life experiences, both present and past. It warmly encourages a childlike way of approaching life—with joy, excitement, and delight.

One (1) piece of agate for conflict resolution: Agate is a stone with a gentle approach, and makes a great tool for stabilization and healing. Use agate in meditation to gracefully witness the thought patterns that bring up fear or aversion in you. This stone is powerful supporting internal peace during difficult situations.

One (1) piece of chrysocolla for tolerance: Cleopatra used this stone as her diplomatic talisman; prior to visiting, she would send heads of state a gift of chrysocolla. She believed it opened doors to steady negotiations, and infused a layer of magic into future communications. Chrysocolla traits are wisdom, intelligence, strength, and acceptance— all of which are representations of the Sacred Feminine.

One (1) piece of moonstone for empathy: Moonstone assuages emotional traumas and offers positive energetic protection. The transparent nature of moonstone keeps our emotional state, senses, and intellect clear and open. Compassion and empathy are natural extensions from this state of being.

One (1) piece of nephrite jade for generosity: Jade is prized for its natural properties of strength, endurance, and prosperity. Jade brings about healing, tranquility, and wisdom – particularly in regards to financial aspects. These jade specimens will help to dispel negative energy while encouraging clarity of vision to help you accomplish your goals. Heightened success allows you to create abundance in your life while sharing it with others.

This listing is for one (1) Familial Healing Gemstone Set, as described above. Your set will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of your stones.


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