Divination Gemstone Set for unveiling the answers you seek

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What questions is your spirit asking you? Do you desire insight in matters of love, wellness, business, or faith? Whatever answer you seek, this Divination Gemstone Set is here to assist you. Complete with a gorgeous black tourmaline cage pendulum and a variety of magical gemstones you can encase beautifully within it, this offering will help you call in the Divine guidance that is needed from time to time.

The deeper magic of this Divination Gemstone Set

We all have questions – and many times, the answers to these questions lay inherent within us, waiting to be unveiled. Using a pendulum is a powerful way to bring these answers to conscious awareness.

The tools of this Divination Gemstone Set:

One (1) black tourmaline cage pendulum. This gorgeous pendulum features a black tourmaline pyramid at the bottom of a wire cage. Black tourmaline is a stone of centeredness and protection, and it will keep your spirit grounded and safe as you go about your divination work. Use this pendulum to house one of the following stones of your choice, depending on the type of question you wish to ask:

One (1) tumbled morganite (about 0.5” in size). Use this stone in your pendulum for all questions regarding love and the heart. The stone of Divine Love, morganite has a tender vibration that is known to soothe the heart after major loss or heartbreak and bring healing to existing relationships.

One (1) tumbled golden labradorite (about 0.5” in size). Use this stone in your pendulum for all questions regarding success and abundance. Golden labradorite ignites inner strength and power, increases confidence, and aids in manifestation.

One (1) natural green calcite (about 0.5” in size). Use this stone in your pendulum for all questions regarding wellness and healing. Healers from across the world utilize green calcite, believing it to help diagnose disease and illness.

One (1) natural petalite (about 0.5” in size). Use this stone in your pendulum for all matters. It will help you establish a deep and open connection with your spirit guides. The stone of divine protection and angelic contact, petalite leads you in unraveling the greater mysteries. It aligns you with your Higher Self and with all elemental beings in the Universe.

One (1) pendulum mat/gridding canvas (about 5×5″). Use this either as a pendulum mat as you divine answers or as a canvas to keep your stones and pendulum on, to charge them when not in use. To use your pendulum mat, begin by holding your pendulum over it with a steady hand. Then, ask of its divine wisdom. Request that only positive energy of the highest vibration and white light guide you. Allow the pendulum to answer you as it begins to swing toward opposite navigational points of your pendulum mat. Once it is swinging distinctly towards an answer on the mat, you will have your answer to what is unknown!

This listing is for one (1) Divination Gemstone Set, as described above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

Wishing you a bright and prosperous future,

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