Diamond Energy Grid for powerful expansion and intentional spiritual elevation

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What are you setting and holding space for? Is it personal power and expansion, or a deepened spiritual practice and heightened awareness? This Diamond Energy Grid is a very special offering, and I am certain its tools will elevate your spiritual practice to heights previously unimaginable.

Included in this Diamond Energy Grid offering are several tools to help you powerfully and intentionally create your altar grid. You will receive one (1) limited authentic leather engraved crystal grid made right here, for the first time, at Sage Goddess Headquarters, and a gemstone set to powerfully call forth the Highest will and desires of your heart. Are you ready?

The deeper magic of this Diamond Energy Grid

In addition to the limited leather engraved crystal grid (about 12×12”) that serves as a base for this offering, you will receive an assortment of carefully selected crystals that will assist you in powerfully and intentionally expanding. The stones you will receive are as follows:

One (1) intuitive quartz generator. You will receive a quartz generator that will be intuitively selected just for you. As you work with this generator, you will begin a deep and powerful process of raising the vibration of whatever intention you set and send out. Generators are towers of energetic possibility, pointed on one end and flat on the other to stand grounded while pointing skyward. They project your intentions, desires, prayers, wishes, love, and light up toward Source for the Highest Good of all.

Two (2) moldavite chip stones. These moldavite chip stones are portals to other realms, and will bring forth powerful wisdom from dimensions outside of our own. They will lead you to uncover sacred knowledge that remains hidden from most, and grant you access to the Akashic records. Work with the major magic of this interplanetary stone to evolve your thinking, advance your spiritual practice, unearth suppressed insight, and open yourself up to an entire new world of experiences.

Two (2) danburite crystals. Danburite is a Synergy-12 stone, a master healer, and a stone of personal power across all planes. This stone’s pure vibration brings clarity of the mind, inspiration, motivation, and joy to the bearer. It helps you work towards ascension and guides you in your lessons of opening your heart and mind to all beings.

Two (2) amblygonite gems. A stone of psychological and emotional balance, amblygonite assists in nurturing yourself and reconciling the dualities within. It works especially powerfully with creatives, helping them to enhance their gifts and break free from the blockages that may hamper the free flow of creativity. Naturally high in lithium, amblygonite also assists in the release of stress and worry.

Two (2) pieces of natural tanzanite. Tanzanite is the premium stone of the Indigo Ray, and it brings powerful enlightenment, peace, and healing. This gem will call in your angels and spirit guides, and bring you a wonderful sense of peace and calm. Tanzanite integrates the energies of the mind and upper chakras with the vibration of the heart.

Lastly, you will receive four (4) mini quartz points. These quartz points will powerfully magnify the energy of the stones in your Diamond Energy Grid. Place these points at the ends of your grid to amplify its sacred magic.

This listing is for one (1) Diamond Energy Grid, as listed above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.

Love & Light,

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