Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths Ultimate Gemstone Set

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I’m so excited to offer this Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths Ultimate Gemstone Set! If you haven’t heard the news, Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths is my newest book, in which I lead readers through the fascinating histories and legends of the world’s most sought after crystals. This ultimate stone set includes 34 stones that are discussed in my book. If you collected the trios we previously listed, we’ve created a drop-down option to complete your amazing set with 13 additional stones! Or, if you’d like to purchase the entire 34 stone set, you can do so with this offering! Work with this Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths Ultimate Gemstone Set to harness the power of these magical lands!

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The stones of this Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths Ultimate Gemstone Set

Chapter 1 Trio: Crystals of Atlantis and Lemuria

One (1) barite. Barite purifies blockages in the upper chakras and can help clear karmic debt. It assists in shamanic journey work, helps you move through fear, and deepens meditation and intuition.

One (1) Lemurian blue calcite. Lemurian blue calcite resonates with the healing and cleansing element of water. It brings happiness, peace, and deep emotional rejuvenation. It can also unlock past-life memories from Lemuria. If you feel called to work with this gem, chances are you lived a lifetime in Lemuria.

One (1) Lemurian root crystal. Lemurian root crystals are master healers, embedded with the divine messages of Lemurian priests and priestesses. Working with these gems in meditation is a powerful way to uncover wisdom from this lost civilization.

Chapter 2 Trio: Crystals of Egypt and Mesopotamia

One (1) chrysocolla. This gem represents the union of masculine and feminine energies. In ancient Egypt, it was hailed as the “wise stone of conciliation” and was known to provide psychic and emotional protection, while encouraging patience, flexibility, and compromise.

One (1) almandine garnet. Almandine garnet grounds the spirit and provides feelings of stability and security. This Root Chakra stone is gently yet powerfully protective and is one of the best stones for feeling safe and supported.

One (1) black tourmaline. Black tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones for energetic protection. In fact, I keep pieces of this Root Chakra gem buried in all four corners of my property for supreme energetic shielding.

Chapter 3 Trio: Crystals of India

One (1) hessonite garnet. Hessonite garnet brings clarity, serenity, and balance to the mind. It quells fear and agitation and is believed to attract great wealth and prosperity. If you’re looking to magnetize success and abundance, this is your gem.

One (1) Shiva lingam. Shiva lingam holds the energy of Shiva, the god of all creation. It comes from the Narmada River in western India, known by many as the River of Blessings. This Sacral Chakra gem promotes union between masculine and feminine energies and brings powerful sexual healing.

One (1) apophyllite tip. Associated with both the Heart and Soul Star Chakras, apophyllite purifies and heals the emotional body by connecting you to Source energy. This gem grants access to the Akashic records, facilitates astral travel and journey work, and stimulates collective consciousness, helping you see the role you play in the larger cycle of life.

Chapter 4 Trio: Crystals of Minoa, Greece, and Rome

One (1) carnelian. Used to create jewelry in ancient Rome, carnelian is a stone of creativity and pure life force energy. This gem activates the Sacral Chakra, your center of creation, pleasure, passion. Work with this stone to harness the power and drive needed to go after what you desire.

One (1) selenite. Known as the Happiness Stone, selenite raises vibrations, purifies spaces, and attunes you to the greater good of all. The ancient Greeks believed that the Greek goddess of the Moon, Selene, was trapped inside of this gorgeous gypsum gem.

One (1) pink topaz. The ancient Romans believed topaz to be a truth-telling stone. This gem reveals the truth in unclear situations, and its fiery solar energy propels you toward your highest purpose. In its pink variety, topaz gains power over the heart space and deepens feelings of love, compassion, tenderness, and connection.

Chapter 5 Trio: Crystals of Aaron’s Breastplate from the Bible

One (1) chrysoprase. Chrysoprase is also called bareqeth, which is Hebrew for “lightning.” This gorgeous gem is the third stone in Aaron’s breastplate and is a powerful Heart Chakra activator. It promotes joy, love, and compassion and helps you develop more fulfilling relationships.

One (1) rainbow onyx. Onyx is considered a talisman of spiritual wisdom and strength. Rainbow onyx encompasses many colors, each of which carries its own metaphysical properties. This gem grounds the spirit and brings strength, persistence, willpower, and positivity.

One (1) blue lace agate. Considered a master healer of the mineral world, agate brings peace, calm, and positivity. Blue lace agate strengthens the Throat Chakra, leading you to express your inner truth from a place of confidence, clarity, and calm.

Chapter 6 Trio: Crystals of Interdimensional Awareness

One (1) scolecite. Scolecite is a gem for accessing the higher realms as it activates the Soul Star Chakra. It’s known as a lightworker’s stone and is one of the sacred mystery crystals, known as the Synergy 12. Scolecite radiates peaceful energies that can enhance your meditations, promote restful sleep, and empower sweeter dreams. It offers protection from negative astral energies and can also facilitate interdimensional travel and journeying.

One (1) natural petalite. Petalite is also one of the Synergy 12. It’s a talisman of safety that will help you feel deeply grounded and held by the universe, especially when you’re feeling challenged or unsafe. This stone is more powerful than black tourmaline for protection. Petalite has a deep connection with Source energy, connecting you with the upper realms, where the angels and archangels reside. It instantly brings feelings of peace, alignment, and calmness.

One (1) natural labradorite. Labradorite activates the Third Eye Chakra, opening your intuition and expanding your consciousness. It’s my go-to stone of new beginnings, for cosmic and spiritual rebooting. If you’re ready to experience life from a new dimension or setting intentions in the darkness of the new moon, this is your gemstone ally. Like the Hermit in the Tarot, labradorite helps light the path, illuminating the night sky and helping you see your way through challenges.

Chapter 7 Trio: Crystals of Quantum Healing

One (1) green aventurine. Green aventurine is the stone of prosperity, fertility, growth, and abundance. Whatever touches this stone grows, from plants in your house or garden to your finances. Green aventurine also attracts new people, experiences, ideas, and relationships. This gem activates the Heart Chakra, opening you to receive your blessings with love and gratitude.

One (1) eudialyte. Eudialyte supports and brings balance to the nervous system. If you’re experiencing trauma or stress, it helps you move gracefully through challenging times. Eudialyte is a deeply healing and cleansing stone for the emotional body, guarding against negative vibrations and ushering in more vital life force energy.

One (1) blue kyanite. Blue kyanite brings overall cellular alignment and balance. It’s the only stone known to instantly and evenly align all 7 chakra points, bringing you into fully centered presence. Blue kyanite is also a powerful Throat Chakra healer, helping you to express yourself and speak your truth.

Additional Stones from Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths

One (1) sapphire. Sapphire is the stone of fidelity, serenity, and wisdom. It heals the mind and brings peace. Sapphire is an important stone for teachers, students, and those who engage in intellectual pursuits.

One (1) angelite. Angelite acts as an anchor to angelic guides and channels clear communication lines. Are you having difficulty speaking from a place of understanding and peace? Angelite will help you speak freely and from a place of tranquility. Work with this gem to promote unconditional love and bring peace during difficult times.

One (1) natural ruby. Ruby opens the Heart Chakra wide and helps you find your twin flame, anam cara, or soul mate. It boosts passion and self-esteem. Ruby is a grounding and healing stone that opens a channel between Root and Heart.

One (1) malachite. Malachite is the stone of healing, feminine energy, and protection. Malachite protects travelers, eases labor pain in childbirth, and is used for feminine healing.

One (1) rainbow moonstone. Rainbow moonstone is a Soul Star Chakra stone that’s used for magic, mirroring your feminine energy, and wisdom. It holds the energy of all seven energetic rays infusing you with light and alignment.

One (1) amethyst. Amethyst awakens the Crown Chakra and draws you into the mystery and wisdom of the higher realms. This stone brings clarity, energetic detoxification, peace, and angelic connection.

One (1) rose quartz. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love energy – love for self and for others. It also draws love to you and brings peace during times of transition. Rose quartz eases heartache and opens the Heart Chakra.

One (1) clear quartz point. Clear quartz heightens your spiritual awareness and can be used to amplify the energies of other stones. It activates the Soul Star Chakra and facilitates healing and past-life recall.

One (1) tumbled or natural hematite. Hematite is grounding and helps with the integration of shadow. It’s especially helpful in times of chaos and stress; it helps you to find your center and remember that all shall be well.

One (1) lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is a powerful Third Eye Chakra stone that brings insight and discernment. It’s the Queen’s Stone for royalty, power, presence, and self-esteem. Lapis Lazuli brings luck, fortune, and a regal sensibility to you.

One (1) emerald. Emerald brings wisdom, luck, independence, and confidence. It reminds you that you already have the wisdom and power you seek. Working with emerald brings forth energies of tenderness, forgiveness, compassion, and trust. It’s known to be the purest crystalline form of the Green Ray and is a powerful attractor of financial prosperity!

One (1) danburite. Danburite is a Soul Star Chakra stone. It’s the spontaneous healer and magnifier of positive energy. Danburite is a Synergy 12 stone that provides a direct line to spirit and facilitates contact with the outer realms.

One (1) moldavite. Moldavite is an intensely magical extraterrestrial gem that deepens psychic abilities, opens the Soul Star Chakra, and facilitates access to the Akashic records.

This listing is for one (1) Crystal Lore, Legends & Myths Ultimate Gemstone Set. I have two options to offer you: Full Set (34 stones including the trios from chapters 1 – 7 and the Additional Stones) or just the Additional Stones (13 stones). Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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