• Tumbled Carnelian

    for igniting creative flow and passion

    This Tumbled Carnelian carries so much vibrancy and creative energy. If you’re lacking passion in your projects or your life, this is the stone you need to boost your creative flow. This tumbled carnelian helps you jumpstart your creativity and bring vitality and passion back...
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  • Ultimate Peace Vera Cruz Amethyst Geodes

    for serene vibrations

    These Ultimate Peace Vera Cruz Amethyst Geodes are here to fill you and your space with their incredibly serene energy. Vera Cruz amethyst is THE clearest and highest vibrational form of amethyst on Earth. Working with it can activate the pineal gland or Seat of...
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  • Tumbled clear quartz for magnifying and sealing your intentions

    Clear quartz is the gem of magnification, intensification, and sealing of spells or intentions, and this tumbled clear quartz is ideal for holding sacred space. Clear quartz embodies white spiritual light and corresponds with the Soul Star Chakra. It provides powerful amplification for your intentions...
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  • Selenite Purification Pillars for happiness, possibility, and high frequencies

    There is a perfect order, balance, and symmetry, and in this, we can find happiness! These Selenite Purification Pillars are beautiful towers of possibility, joy, clarity, and bliss and are created from the happiness stone itself: Selenite. Selenite is a sweet and potent crystal that...
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