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Are you ready to create a magical tool that will last you for years to come? My Goddess Power Staff Making Kit includes all of the tools you’ll need for my FREE live class on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, where I’ll lead you in making your very own staff! A staff is an important tool that represents empowerment and self-worth. When we have finished creating our staffs together, you can put yours in a place where you will see it regularly to remind you of your sovereignty and inner warrior spirit! This kit comes with nine powerful crystals, one for each chakra: Apophyllite from India, angel aura lepidolite from China, labradorite from India, aquamarine from Brazil, rhodonite from Madagascar, golden labradorite, fire opal from Mexico, shungite from Russia, and Tibetan quartz. For the tip of your power staff, you may choose between a clear quartz generator for amplified magic or a rainbow aura quartz generator for expanding your life force. You’ll also receive clear quartz chip stones, for sealing your intentions and magnifying the energies of the other stones, two sari silk ribbons, a bottle of my Manipura Perfume for anointing your staff, and a pinch of green Spanish moss for decoration.

This Goddess Power Staff Making Kit includes the tools for my FREE live class on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 3 pm PT. In this class, I’ll lead you in working with these tools to craft your very own Goddess Power Staff. Click here to learn more and RSVP!

Please note: You will need to bring your own stick (about 3-5 feet long) and glue (we recommend E6000) to this class. All other tools are provided in this kit.

The deeper magic of this Goddess Power Staff Making Kit

You will receive the following:

One (1) generator (about 1-2”), for the tip of your Goddess Power Staff. You may choose between a clear quartz generator and a rainbow aura quartz generator. Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It can be used to boost the energies of other stones or seal intentions. Clear quartz activates the Soul Star Chakra – your connection to the stars and other dimensions. It possesses a high vibration that immediately draws people in, and it can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love – or any intention you wish to amplify. Rainbow aura quartz is created when clear quartz is bonded with metals, creating an iridescent metallic sheen and reflection of brilliant rainbows. Rainbow aura quartz activates your rainbow body by cleansing and brightening your aura and providing overall clarity while assisting you on the path to enlightenment. It’s also helpful in removing blockages and negativity and replaces that energy with love and positive vibrations. Rainbow aura quartz is wonderful for sustaining and expanding life force. Gemstone generators raise energy from earth to sky, from your Root to Crown. Low vibrations have a hard time maintaining in high vibration space, which is one of the goals in working with generators. Generators keep the vibration high which promotes joy, health, love, and prosperity.

One (1) natural apophyllite (about 0.5”), for activating the Soul Star Chakra – your connection to the stars, higher realms, and other dimensions. Apophyllite is an ascension stone known as a “pyramid of light.” It purifies, connects you to Source energy, and promotes psychic development and presence. This sparkling gem opens ascension gateways, aids astral travel, and channels universal light energy where it’s needed. It also activates the Heart Chakra, connecting you to the heart of humanity and the planet. Apophyllite also grants access to the Akashic Records and stimulates collective consciousness, helping you see your role in the larger cycle of life. It brings out your Conscious Self and supports a conscious connection between the spiritual and physical realms.

One (1) tumbled angel aura lepidolite (about 1”), for activating the Crown Chakra – your connection to Source and center of divine wisdom. Angel aura lepidolite is created when platinum, silver, and gold are bonded to lepidolite. This treatment alone facilitates communication and connection with the ethereal realms, spirit guides, and past lives. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form of lithium that forms an energetic barrier against negativity, dissipating it, and is one of the best crystals for relieving stress. It lightens moods, promotes peaceful sleep, regulates emotions, and has a calming, relaxing, balancing, and easing effect. Work with this gem to connect with your angelic team and enjoy deeper rest, emotional well-being, peace, and serenity.

One (1) tumbled labradorite (about 0.5-1”), for activating the Third Eye Chakra – your center of intuition, insight, and psychic vision. Labradorite is a gem favorite for any occasion or season, but it really shines when it comes to new beginnings, awareness, visioning, and going after your heart’s desires. This stone brings hope and possibility and kindles your inner fire. Associated with new moon magic, it embodies potential and is a great tool to work with when setting new moon intentions. Labradorite opens your senses, enhances vision, and makes it possible to see the world fully, as it is around you. It sharpens your focus, and like The Hermit in the tarot, labradorite helps light your path to see your way through challenges.

One (1) tumbled aquamarine (about 0.5-1”), for activating the Throat Chakra – your center of truth, wisdom, and communication. Aquamarine is a variety of beryl that encourages clear communication. It’s a crystal of the sea, with a calming and cooling vibration that enhances intuition, imagination, and creativity. Aquamarine is also significant to Merlin and opens the door to magic and extrasensory perception. This emotionally balancing and healing gem honors the light and the shadow. It helps you integrate all aspects of yourself to become a more whole, empowered being.

One (1) tumbled rhodonite (about 0.5-1”), for activating the Heart Chakra – your center of love and compassion. Rhodonite is a gentle stone of compassion, love, and altruism that opens your heart and mind to tenderness and selfless actions. It also reveals your inner gifts, drawing out your hidden talents to bring out the best you. Rhodonite is also detoxifying and purifying. It’s a wonderful stone for healing issues around weight loss, selfishness, and being of service to others. Like its whirls of black peeking out from soft pinks, this gem helps your unseen strengths to come into view. Plus, rhodonite has manganese in it, which is a physical healer.

One (1) tumbled golden labradorite (about 0.5”), for activating the Solar Plexus Chakra – your center of personal power and confidence. Golden labradorite helps you move more confidently in the world. It’s empowering, enhances intuition, and helps you find the courage to do what you need to do. Golden labradorite also brings wisdom, especially about your higher calling. Its masculine energy is fiery and strong, and it invokes this kind of confidence in you.

One (1) natural Mexican fire opal (about 0.5-1”), for activating the Sacral Chakra – your center of creativity, life force, passion, and pleasure. Mexican fire opal is THE cosmic stone of transformation! This gem awakens your personal fire, brings about smooth transitions, and guides you towards improvement. It invokes the energy of the fire element energy within you to stimulate passion, sexual awakening, and spiritual enlightenment. Mexican fire opal is also protective and truly enables you to rise above unfair or negative circumstances. It helps you remain optimistic, creative, and open to change.

One (1) tumbled shungite (about 0.5-1”), for activating the Root Chakra – your center of stability, safety, and grounding. Shungite is a master healer and the most powerful energetic filter, originally used by the ancient Romans to line their aqueducts and purify their water. Shungite clears obstacles to manifestation, removes unwanted energies and impurities from people, places, and spaces, and helps clear the body of any dysfunctional patterns. It also encourages authenticity, making it almost uncomfortable to speak or act in a way that’s not aligned with the truth of who you are. Additionally, shungite assists you in letting go of deeply entrenched feelings of fear, guilt, or shame.

One (1) natural Tibetan quartz (about 0.5”), for activating the Earth Star Chakra – your connection to Mother Earth, the ancestors, and crystal and mineral spirits. Tibetan quartz unlocks your body’s healing abilities to help you manifest perfect and divine health. A master healer, Tibetan quartz aligns the chakras, clears the auric body, and grounds you at the same time. It brings powerful protection and is one of my go-to crystals for autoimmune and central nervous system support.

One (1) ounce of clear quartz chip stones. See properties for clear quartz above.

Two (2) sari silk ribbons (about 3 feet each), for decorating your power staff. These are gorgeous, recycled sari silk ribbons from India. You will receive purple sari silk and blue sari silk. The color purple activates the Crown Chakra for peace, unity, and connection with the higher realms. And, it’s the color of Sage Goddess! The color blue activates the Throat Chakra to help you know and speak your truth. It’s also associated with spirituality, calm, wisdom, loyalty, and inner depth. Please allow for slight variations in color and fabric texture.

One (1) 5 ml bottle of my Manipura Perfume, for anointing your power staff. Manipura Perfume is a potent Solar Plexus Chakra blend, crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters. Anoint your power staff with this blend to infuse it with Solar Plexus energies of confidence, courage, and willpower. This perfume is a blend of lavender absolute for internal peace and healing, fennel for confidence and strength, myrrh for manifestation and abundance, and helichrysum for emotional healing and channeling illuminating solar energy. This perfume is also infused with a clear quartz chip stone for amplified magic.

One (1) gram of green Spanish moss, for decorating your wand. Spanish moss brings fertility, regeneration, and growth. It’s said to promote love, strengthen the spirit, and help you and your intentions flourish.

This listing is for one (1) Goddess Power Staff Making Kit, as described above. I have two generator options to offer you: Clear Quartz and Rainbow Aura Quartz. Please choose the option that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of the stones.


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Charge your tools with orgone energy on my custom Orgonite Charging Plate.

Anoint your crystals and gemstone jewelry with my SG Anointing Blend.

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