Brain Balance Grid for auric protection, personal power, and divine peace


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I hand-picked the stones of my Brain Balance Grid with the intent of bringing you a potent sense of serenity and confidence. If you’re looking to dispel of feelings of stress, anxiety, helplessness, and doubt, and you want to, instead, open yourself up to all of the protection and peace that Spirit has to offer, this offering was made for you. Place this Brain Balance Grid in your bedroom, your child’s bedroom, your office, or in any space that you wish to infuse with this grid’s sacred, nurturing magic! This offering will soothe your mind, fortify your spirit, and reassure you that your angels are always with you, watching over you and protecting you. I just know that you’re going to love the extraordinary power that my Brain Balance Grid has to offer.

The tools in my Brain Balance Grid

At the center of your Brain Balance Grid is one (1) brown aragonite sphere. This sphere is radiating potent peace-bringing energies in all directions. Its vibrations are otherworldly – hold this sphere in your hands for even just a moment and you’ll understand exactly what I’m talking about! This brown aragonite sphere will powerfully soothe your mind of worry and instill you with a divine sense of calm that will transform your life and spiritual practice.

Next, you will receive four (4) ocean jasper tumbled stones. Ocean jasper is a talisman of joy, peace, and love. This stone will surround you in uplifting energy and dispel of any negative vibrations or energetic blockages that are keeping you from your Highest Good.

Next is four (4) pieces of banded amethyst. Banded amethyst is so wonderfully protective. This stone is revered amongst energy workers and healers for its ability to ward off psychic attacks and release negative energies. This stone will immediately alleviate feelings of stress and doubt, and fill you with an unwavering sense of Divine trust, so that you may walk your Highest Path with confidence and ease.

You will also receive four (4) blue kyanite blades. Blue kyanite is a powerful tool of energetic alignment – it is the ONLY stone known to instantly and evenly align all seven chakras. These blue kyanite blades will strengthen your will and pull you into the present moment. Add these stones to your Brain Balance Grid and find yourself connecting to your sacred center more deeply than ever before.

Next, you will receive two (2) Vatican stones. Vatican stone is a talisman of personal power. This magical gem is gently protective, and is effective in transmuting negative energy into positive energy. This stone will help you connect with your deepest inner power, and will grant you a sense of confidence and control during times of stress and hardship.

You will also receive two (2) pieces of hypersthene. Hypersthene is known for its ability to calm and balance to the emotional body. It’s revered by healers for its ability to assist in healing pain from trauma and assist with PTSD, ADHD, and even autism. This stone will help you organize your thoughts and emotions, and bring you wonderful vibrations of clarity and peace.

Lastly, you will receive four (4) quartz points. These quartz points will powerfully magnify the energy of the stones in your Brain Balance Grid. Place these points at the ends of your grid to amplify its sacred magic.

Remember, goddesses – you are safe, protected, confident, and calm. You are in control, in perfect flow with the Universe and the path that it has in store for you. Whenever you feel you’re losing touch with this Divine Truth, work with this Brain Balance Grid – it will always pull you back to center.

This listing is for one (1) Brain Balance Grid, as listed above. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage and a parchment describing the properties of each stone.

Blessings of Peace and Protection,

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