Bodhisattva Candle Trio for sailing to the shores of Nirvana

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In Buddhism, Bodhisattva is the Sanskrit term for anyone who, motivated by great compassion, has generated bodhicitta, which is a spontaneous wish and a compassionate mind to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. It is the work of a powerful and selfless, mindful and generous, wise and gracious Healer. One of true knowledge, ability, and empathy.

My Bodhisattva candle trio has been custom designed and hand-crafted to invoke these spiritual healing emotions and feelings – to assist you in your goals of achieving the all-elusive peace, happiness, and Enlightenment you seek, and may actually already possess.

The tools in my Bodhisattva candle trio

First is my Inner Peace candle. This candle is made from sheets of organic beeswax, in colors of the Earth and of darkness. Each candle is wrapped with my Knowing perfume; a beautiful grounding perfume with notes of holly berry, pine and ivy that will give you a warming and inviting hug whenever you wear it.

The sheets of beeswax are also sprinkled with pieces of moss agate, the stone of grounding and rooting. Did you know that moss agate is a stone farmers have used for centuries to ensure healthy and robust crops in the spring? This candle will help you do the same for your soul, nourishing you and grounding you so that your spiritual crops are full and fruitful come springtime.

Next is my Happiness candle. I created this candle for me, and for you – for anyone who needs a huge dose of happiness and bliss in their lives right now. Is that you? If so, light this candle, gather a few Heart Chakra stones to place at the base, and begin your simple ritual to draw in vibrations of joy.

Happiness is a choice, as you know – a choice to see what is around you that is summoning you to smile, to laugh, to see the beauty in the world. It is always there. You choose to acknowledge, to receive, to appreciate. In every moment, a choice.

My Happiness candle is created in the old ways, wrapped of three sheets of solid beeswax in delicate shades of pink with my Gaudium Happiness perfume and ocean jasper stones, the gem of joy. Burn it for a few minutes each day and as you gaze at the flame, know that joy is where you find it. I am summoning happiness for you. All you need to do is receive.

Finally you will receive my Enlightenment candle. Elusive Enlightenment. What is it? It is believed by many traditions that we live our lives in a dream. Many faiths, particularly Buddhism and Hinduism, strive to wake us from this dream and remind us of our divine nature. The awakening from this dream is called Enlightenment.

This candle was crafted to honor the precise moment of reaching Enlightenment. Light it whenever you need a reminder of the powerful force and indestructibility of consciousness that already exists within you. Are you ready to awaken? There will never be a better time than now.

Enlightenment represents an awakened state, which can only happen when we detach from the ego and the material world. In this moment of awakening, we are able to recognize the Divine within. We find that true happiness and love already exist within us.

This beautiful Enlightenment candle, a blend of organic beeswax sheets hand-rolled with citrine chip stones in colors that evoke Enlightenment and awakening. Anointed with my Enlightenment perfume, it carries notes of elemi, jasmine, and citrus. I know you will be inspired and uplifted by this sacred candle.

All of the labels of these magical candles include artwork created for Sage Goddess with a custom blessing you can recite aloud.

I am so excited for you to work with all the candles in this set. May they serve as a constant reminder of how happy, peaceful, and enlightened you already are. These gifts are your divine right. May this candle trio support and nourish you on your spiritual journey towards absolute truth. And so it is.

Love note: Please remove label before burning, always use a heat proof dish on a stable surface, and never leave a burning candle unattended.

This listing is for one (1) Bodhisattva candle trio. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled and ready to help you find Nirvana.

Enlightened Blessings,

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