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Calling all discerning gemstone enthusiasts! Look no further than Athena’s Ultimate 12th Anniversary Picks for a truly unique offering. I hand-selected every one of these 12 pieces myself, and I stand by their quality, magnificence, and magic. Each of these offerings are incredibly rare treats that will capture the heart and excitement of their recipient. Be prepared to be blown away by whichever gorgeous offering you choose!

The deeper magic of Athena’s Ultimate 12th Anniversary Picks

I have selected the following options for you to choose from:

One (1) Natural Selenite with Hydrozincite (about 7”) sourced from Mexico.

  • Selenite is a peaceful Crown Chakra stone that radiates pure white light and Divine Feminine energy of power and beauty. It brings clarity and joy, purifies spaces, and raises vibrations.
  • Hydrozincite is a unique mineral formation that has a cleansing and purifying effect on your energy field. It supports spiritual growth and inner exploration, encouraging self-awareness, intuition, and a deeper connection with your higher self.

Work with this offering as a profound clearing and purifying tool that invites joy and growth into your space.

One (1) Natural Moldavite (about 9.8 grams), sourced from the Czech Republic.

  • Moldavite is a tektite formed by a meteorite impact — and it’s a stone of extraterrestrial wisdom and communication. I wear moldavite daily — it’s referred to as the most potent stone ever discovered for harmonic activation of the entire human energy field. It promotes psychic attunement and astral travel. If you feel drawn to bring this mystical green stone into your collection and practice, be prepared for its strong vibration. Moldavite is not a beginner’s stone. If you feel called to work with it, be ready for your world to open up and expand in life-changing ways.

Work with this offering to take your spiritual growth to otherworldly heights!

One (1) Chlorite in Quartz Generator (about 12-12.5”). The stone for this spectacular carving was sourced from Madagascar.

  • Chlorite is one of the best healing stones available today. It cleanses the body in its entirety, healing body, mind, and spirit. Negative energy simply cannot exist in its presence. Chlorite is also an abundance stone and can bring about financial windfall and success.
  • Quartz expands and intensifies power and energy and activates the Soul Star Chakra — your connection to the stars and other dimensions. It possesses a high vibration that immediately draws people in and can be used to magnify frequencies of abundance, light, and love — or any intention you wish to amplify.
  • Generators keep the vibration high, which promotes joy, health, love, and prosperity.

Work with this offering to raise energies of deep healing and abundance.

One (1) Rutilated Quartz Flame (about 7.5”). Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, the stone for this carving was sourced from Brazil.

  • Rutilated quartz is a transformation stone. It can draw change to your environment, change to yourself, and change to your relationships. It attracts and reflects change and can help you handle the transformation with grace and calm. Each line of rutile carries a message for the bearer that can be revealed in meditation. Often these messages are about the next steps on the user’s journey.
  • Flame energy is about helping you access something deeper and opening something within that may not be accessible to you. As the energy swirls and flows through this flame, twisting and turning in a feminine form, it exits through the flame’s point out into the universe, connecting you from the earth to the higher realms.

Work with this offering to invoke profound transformation to continue to the next steps along your life path.

One (1) Natural Fishtail Selenite (about 12”) sourced from Mexico.

  • Fishtail selenite, also known as angel wing selenite, is a unique form of gypsum named after its growth patterns. As the gypsum crystals grow upwards from where they initially formed, they slowly stack in layers, creating the characteristic fan-shaped structure. Fishtail selenite activates the Crown Chakra — our connection to the angels and higher realms. It raises the vibration of ceremony and wisdom. It’s a gem of divine connection that’s especially powerful under the full moon and is perfect for moon magic.

Work with this offering to connect with the magic of the moon and the wisdom of higher realms.

One (1) Natural Dioptase Crystal (about 1-2”). This amazing piece was sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • Dioptase helps you heal from grief, reveals the needs of the heart, and helps you see your life challenges clearly. It opens the Heart Chakra, helping heal past trauma, especially in relationships, and move forward confidently.

Work with this offering to move on from the past with love and an open heart.

One (1) Labradorite Perfume Bottle (about 4”). The stone for this offering was sourced from Madagascar.

  • Labradorite shines when it comes to new beginnings, awareness, visioning, and going after your heart’s desires. This stone brings hope, possibility, and imagination and kindles your inner fire. Associated with new moon magic, labradorite embodies potential and is a great tool to work with when setting new moon intentions. It sharpens your focus and activates the Third Eye Chakra, opening your senses, enhancing your vision, and making it possible to see the world fully as it is around you.

Fill this gorgeous bottle with your favorite Sage Goddess perfume to infuse it with the magic of your intentions.

NOTE: This offering is a perfume bottle and does not come with perfume.

One (1) Malachite Lioness (about 15″). Custom-carved for Sage Goddess with stone sourced from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

  • Malachite is the most powerful stone for feminine healing. It’s known as the Doula Stone because it eases the pain of childbirth and it heals feminine body systems. Malachite activates the Heart Chakra, stimulates life force, enhances diplomatic powers, and absorbs pollutants. It’s associated with EMF protection and creates an energetic barrier around you to keep lower vibration frequencies away. You can rest assured that any malachite you purchase from Sage Goddess is conflict-free.
  • The lioness stands for courage, honor, and power. Lionesses are the primary hunters and leaders for their pride, and they cooperate. Because females do most of the work, lions symbolize the rising of feminine energies: Intuition, creativity, and imagination.

Work with this offering to celebrate the strength and infinite capacity of the Divine Feminine.

One (1) Pink Opal Shiva Lingam (about 2-2.5″) sourced from India. 

  • Pink opal is a tranquil gem full of loving energy that brings transformation in love and helps you change your heart. Whether you’re recovering from heartbreak or simply wish to call more tenderness, compassion, and soul connection into your life, this is a great gem to work with.
  • Shiva lingam is named after the Hindu god Shiva and resonates with all four elements. Lingam is the sacred Sanskrit word for ‘phallus.’ In Tantra, the shape embodies the Shiva, the masculine energy — dynamic expression and knowledge, as well as the cosmic egg, embodying the feminine energy — wisdom and intuition. It’s a powerful shape of Divine Masculine and Feminine integration.

Work with this offering to bring divine balance to your heart and call in deeper soul connections.

One (1) Valko Pendant (about 2.1″) custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stones sourced from Brazil. This .925 sterling silver pendant features double-terminated clear quartz adorned with an emerald. The sterling silver setting is embellished with a floral design and highlighted with 18-K gold-plated accents.

  • Clear quartz is the most pervasive crystal in the gem world and has three major properties: Amplification, programmability, and magnification. It can be worked with to boost the energies of other stones or seal intentions.
  • Emerald reminds you of the eternal nature of love and life and brings wisdom and luck in all endeavors. It’s a crystal of the spring, symbolizing youthfulness, renewal, and rebirth. Emerald encourages independence, truth, fidelity, commitment, and growth. It invites new love and is a stone of strength, intuition, and discernment, especially in love.
  • Flowers are symbols of growth and new life, encouraging us to celebrate our full potential and honor our inner beauty.

Aoorn yourself with this pendant to draw in new love, growth, and wisdom.

One (1) Carved Ametrine Ganesha Pendant (about 1.89″). The stone for this gorgeous pendant was sourced from Bolivia. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, it features a 76.4-carat ametrine carved into the image of Ganesha and prong-set in .925 sterling silver.

  • Ametrine embodies the boundary where amethyst and citrine meet — a perfect harmony of inspiration and confident action. It combines amethyst’s peaceful and balancing vibrations with citrine’s energies of empowerment and abundance. Ametrine increases mental and spiritual clarity and connects you to your divine inner power. It supports you in moving past fears of action or progress and helps you manage procrastination.
  • Ganesha is one of the most worshiped deities in Hinduism. He is the ancient, elephant-headed god of success and the great remover of obstacles. Ganesha is revered as the god of education, knowledge, wisdom, and wealth. This deity paves the way for success and achievement. He embodies benevolence and empowers you to proceed on your soul path to fulfill your highest calling.

Wear this pendant to clear your path of any obstacles on your journey to prosperity and empowerment.

One (1) Seraphinite with Faden Quartz Bracelet (about 6.75-7.75”). This stunning .925 sterling silver bracelet was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with bezel-set seraphinite cabochons sourced from Russia and prong-set natural faden quartz sourced from Arkansas. These gems are no shrinking violets, either — weighing in at a total of 62.8 carats!

  • Seraphinite is a Heart Chakra activator named after the highest order of angels, the Seraphim. It’s a powerful protection stone, clearing energetic attachments and psychic attacks. Seraphinite pens the portal to communicate with the higher dimensions and angelic realms, providing a gateway for energetic attunement, wholeness, and well-being. It’s grounding and energizing, powerful and gentle, aligns the non-physical bodies, releases toxic emotions, and removes blockages in the meridians.
  • Faden quartz is the stone of healing and connection for spiritual, social, and familial relationships. This gem even shows signs of connection in its formation, with the fibrous threads that run through each piece. As faden quartz grows, the stone is ‘injured’ at some point, causing a break that heals itself with those same threads.

Adorn yourself with this piece for mending your most precious connections with the help of the angels.

Be prepared to have some serious gemstone magic enter your life with Athena’s Ultimate 12th Anniversary Picks! Whichever offering you choose, may it serve you well. And so it is.

This listing is for one (1) Athena’s Ultimate Anniversary Picks, as described above. I have 12 options to offer you. Please choose the one that calls to you from the drop-down menu. Yours will arrive lovingly parceled along with a single leaf of white sage.


Please note when ordering, these items may run heavy, and shipping costs will be reflected accordingly.

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Natural Selenite with Hydrozincite (7 in), Natural Moldavite (9.8 grams), Chlorite in Quartz Generator (12-12.5 in), Rutilated Quartz Flame (7.5 in), Natural Fishtail Selenite (12 in), Natural Dioptase Crystal (1-2 in), Labradorite Perfume Bottle (4 in), Malachite Lioness (15 in), Pink Opal Shiva Lingam (2-2.5 in), Valko Pendant (2.1 in), Carved Ametrine Ganesha Pendant (1.89 in), Seraphinite with Faden Quartz Bracelet (6.75-7.75 in)

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