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Alchemy is the ancient art of transformation and transmutation, whereby philosophers and Keepers of the Old Ways were able to create gold from base metals, extend life, and heal illness. I created this Alchemy ritual kit to guide you on this journey.

Alchemical practice is as old as time, and as mysterious as any magic ever practiced. It’s an art shrouded in deep shadow and speculation, and it’s about so much more than turning base metals to gold. When we approach alchemy from a figurative and metaphorical plane, we begin to see the truth of this magical practice.

The seven stages of alchemy

I would like to introduce you to the stages of the alchemical process so that you can understand the work you are about to undertake with your Alchemy ritual kit. We begin with calcification, the burning through of matter in order to reveal the most key, constituent elements. Calcification is transformation by fire, and this stage digs up old patterns and beliefs that are buried – sometimes literally – in the past and stored within the etheric body at the Root Chakra.

Stage two is dissolution; the dissolving of the “ashes” from the first phase in water, a purifying and cleansing force and element of total purification. Now that you have dug up the oldest of your shadow selves and aspects, it’s time to wash some of that very ancient and old baggage clean in the waters of purification and release.

I’ve combined separation and conjunction, stages three and four, because together they form the sifting and sorting of the freshly cleaned yield of your efforts thus far. The process of holding the raw and freshly rinsed yield from your soul mining activities shows what treasure has been buried within you. Your work now is to figure out how to put these pieces of your darkness into a configuration that aligns them with all of your lighter aspects to create a new and fully integrated self. This step is critical.

As we move into the final three phases of fermentation, distillation, and coagulation, we come into the deepest stages of transformation which brings us to our final steps toward the Great Work, or full integration of your shadow self. Here in these final stages, we work with the element of Air and we allow ourselves to move freely, now unconstrained by the power of our shadow selves. Without the limitations of our fear, we suddenly feel liberated and alive. Air sits in the cardinal direction of East, which represents new beginnings. A new chapter, a new stage. All here is possible; the future of your dreams awaits you in your newly integrated state.

The tools of my Alchemy Ritual Kit

First in this kit you will receive my Alchemy perfume. This potion is to be used as an anointing oil – on your Third Eye or temple, wrists, and Solar Plexus as you go to work creating, crafting, and conjuring transformation within. It’s meant to help you harness the creative and generative power of the darkest night sky. With notes and layers of elemi, cistus, rose, cinnamon and sandalwood, this blend is spicy and floral – but also deeply earthy. Alchemy is a feminine scent with a very old and mysterious twist.

Then, you will receive a custom SG designed Alchemical grid with symbols for your work and process. It’s meant to be used intuitively, and there is no right or wrong way for you to grid. Listen to your inner guidance. See below for a more in-depth description of the grid.

Next,  you will receive three (3) hand-rolled beeswax candles. One in white, one in black, and one in gold. Burn these in succession beginning with the black, which signifies whatever you are seeking to burn away. This represents the ‘base metals’ you would seek to turn to gold. Next,  burn the white candle, which signifies what you aspire to be during your transmutation process. Finally, you light the gold, and envision your purest ideal, your inner ‘gold’.

Then you will receive two (2) stones for your deep alchemical transformation work. These will be Picasso jasper and golden sheen obsidian. Use your Picasso jasper to show your deepest distortions to you. This “Hall of Mirrors” stone is your ally to see your true nature, even to the deepest depths. When you see these truths, you can begin the work of transmuting the shadow to gold. Then, golden sheen obsidian; this is the stone of facing your shadow, embracing fear, and stepping into your own empowerment.

This listing is for one (1) Alchemy ritual kit as described above. All of your tools will arrive to you beautifully gift-wrapped for your enjoyment.

Blessings of transmutation,

A description of the Alchemy ritual kit grid:

Mercury (Spirit) – Indicates fluidity or volatility. Represents water and transformation.

Sulfur (Soul)  – Indicates the Sun and Highest Potential. Represents fire and gold.

Salt  ( Body) – Indicates knowledge and wisdom. Represents Earth and starting point.

Fixation- Gemini. Stabilization of the most volatile elements of self.

Coagulation – Aries. Release of the Astral Body. Enlightenment and freedom from duality. Immortality is achieved.

Separation – Scorpio. Rediscovery of our essence, separation from false identity.

Decomposition – Leo. Digestion of energies in order to transform them into a more useful form.

Union – Cancer. The marriage of Divine Spirit with our soul essence, and separation from identity with the physical.

Incineration – Sagittarius. Softening of rigidity and hardness.

Place your black candle in the area(s) you feel you need to burn away and transmute these energies.

Place your white candle in the area(s) you need to solidify any of these energies in your life.

Place your gold candle in the area(s) you are aspiring to become.

Place your stones where you are called. Add in any other stones or objects which you are called to add.
Follow your intuition, allow yourself to be guided in placement of your tools.

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