• Flower of Life Incense Stick Holder

    for high vibrations

    Clear away low vibrations from your space with this gorgeous Flower of Life Incense Stick Holder! This flat wooden burner is engraved with the Flower of Life, the symbol that embodies our life force energy, or chi, and the lifeblood that flows through us. It...
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  • Moon and Stars Incense Holder

    for cosmic magic

    If you love incense as much as I do, you’ll adore this Moon and Stars Incense Holder from India. This wooden holder is decorated with metal alloy gold-colored moon and star inlays – a gorgeous and whimsical way to harness cosmic magic. Place this Moon...
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  • Mandala Incense Holder

    for elevating your practice

    Add sacred symbolism to your smudging practice with this Mandala Incense Holder from India, custom-made for Sage Goddess. This stick incense holder is made of resin and engraved with a mandala in golden color. The mandala represents wholeness and is a symbol of the basic...
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