• Ceremony Intention Tea Lights

      to create sacred space

      <p>As a priestess, healer, and energy worker, every day is a ceremony for me. I created these tea lights to help me prepare sacred space and guide me in my spiritual work. They contain a powerful blend of white sage, palo santo, ceremonial tobacco, and other energetically potent notes.</p>
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    • Heal It All Solid Perfume

      to revitalize

      <p>We handcrafted this super moisturizing solid perfume right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a soothing and revitalizing blend of essential oils to restore your energy and relax your spirit.</p>
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    • Cedar Herb Jar

      cleansing and purifying energy

      Keep your space protected and purified of stagnant energy with this Cedar Herb Jar for Cleansing — a perfect way to start building up your own SG apothecary right in your own home! This cedar comes lovingly packaged in a sealable glass jar to extend...
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    • SG Signature Intention Candle: Oak Moss & Cedar

      for restoration

      SG Signature Intention Candle for Restoration Nothing says holidays quite like a candle can! Back by popular demand, my SG Signature Intention Candle: Oak Moss & Cedar is here just in time for all the festivities. This candle was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess...
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    • Arx Perfume

      for safeguarding and protection

      It’s shadow season and my Arx Perfume is here to lend its incredible magic! Shadow season is powerful and mysterious. With the veil between realms at its thinnest point, it’s important to ground, center, and protect yourself. “Arx” means “fortress” or “stronghold” in Latin, and...
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    • Ceremony Wax Melts

      for creating sacred space

      <p>We handcrafted these wax melts here at SG with a white soy-wax blend and my Ceremony Perfume. It’s a blend of white sage, palo santo, ceremonial tobacco, frankincense, myrrh, galbanum, cedar, cypress, fir, and other potent notes.</p>
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    • Christmas Magic Intention Candle

      for holiday delight

      <p>This candle is hand-poured right here at SG with wintery, nostalgic notes of fir, spruce, cedar, and a hint of cinnamon, ready to fill your home with the charm and beauty of the Christmas spirit.</p>
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    • Limited Edition Re-Release of OG Elder Council Perfume and Incense

      for pre-order

      Well, this offering is timely. Sage Goddess turns 12 in July, and so much of our magic over the years has been woven into something called Elder Council. EC is a ceremony we hold once a quarter with our online class members to help them...
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    • Festival of Lights Set

      to honor the magic of Hanukkah

      My Festival of Lights Set is BACK just in time to celebrate Hanukkah. Known as the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that dates back 2,500 years, when a Jewish family witnessed a miracle while resisting their oppressive Syrian-Greek rulers. While re-sanctifying the...
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    • Hecate Bath Set

      for mystery and transformation

      Named after the Greek goddess of the night, the Moon, crossing over, witchcraft, magic, and the unseen, my new Hecate Bath Set is here to help you honor your mystery and transformation. Hecate embodies the last phase of the harvest season — a time to...
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    • Limited Edition Phases of Desire Perfume Series: Phase 6 Consummate Perfume

      At last, we’ve reached the conclusion of my Phases of Desire Perfume Series: Consummate Perfume — a tender yet ravaging, fiery, and unbridled blend. This alcohol-based spray perfume is the sixth and final phase of this perfume series. Is there anything more powerful than desire?...
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    • The North Bath Salt

      to connect with ancestral wisdom

      The North Bath Salt is BACK and in our newest packaging! This healing and grounding bath salt is handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters with a purifying and skin-nourishing blend of Pink Himalayan, Epson, and European sea salts. This bath salt is anointed with...
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    • Hamsa Perfume

      for protection magic

      My signature Hamsa Perfume is BACK — with the same shielding power and formula you love! This perfume invokes and honors the sacred symbol of the Hamsa Hand. Originating in the Middle East, the image of the open hand is a sacred and ancient symbol...
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    • Large Cedar and White Sage Smudge Bundles for wisdom and clearing

      Usher in clearing energies and ancestral magic with these Large Cedar and White Sage Smudge Bundles. Each of these bundles features two powerhouse herbs. Cedar is best known for its ability to call in ancient wisdom. It banishes fear and enhances psychic powers. Elders have...
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    • Harvest Beeswax Intention Candle

      for changing seasons

      Celebrate all the juicy abundance you have reaped so far this year with my Harvest Beeswax Intention Candle. It’s the perfect addition to any harvest altar and will remind you to appreciate the fruits of your labors as we approach the darker months ahead. Honor...
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    • Calavera Perfume

      to honor Día de los Muertos

      If you celebrate Día de los Muertos, My Calavera Perfume is the perfect offering for you. It honors the Calavera - a traditional or artistic representation of the human skull, like sugar skulls. It’s one of the most recognized symbols of Día de los Muertos...
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