• Embrace Desire Incense

      blended LIVE by Athena

      <p>I’ll be crafting this seductive incense blend with a makko base for easy, charcoal-free burning. It will come in a gorgeous orange jar, and to add to the magic, we’ll include a tumbled labradorite in each jar to help you go after your heart’s desires.</p>
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    • Beltane Crystal Quad

      for sparking passion & fueling creativity

      <p>We designed this offering to help you harness the passion, creativity, and unapologetic pleasure that the high holiday Beltane brings. It comes with four powerhouse crystals that turn on desire, awaken sensuality, and pack a fiery punch.</p>
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    • Flame of Desire Carnelian, Pyrope Garnet, and Citrine Pendant

      charged in ritual with Athena

      Ignite otherworldly passion, creativity, and manifestation magic with this Flame of Desire Carnelian, Pyrope Garnet, and Citrine Pendant! This gorgeous pendant was custom-made just for Sage Goddess out of gold-plated .925 sterling silver and also includes a matching chain. It’s shaped like a flame, with...
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    • Free Downloadable Beltane Worksheet

      to celebrate the spiciest holiday of the year

      <p>My team designed this custom worksheet to give you an overview of Beltane and corresponding herbs, oils, gemstones, and journal questions to help you explore and embrace the energy.</p>
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    • Clear Quartz & Carnelian Wand

      for amplifying your passion & creativity

      <p>This custom-made, faceted clear quartz wand features a metal band around its center, supporting a juicy, oval carnelian cabochon. Work with it to ignite your passion, desire, and creative energy.</p>
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    • Red & Orange Aura Quartz Crown

      for goddess energy & vitality

      <p>This stunning bejeweled headband features red and orange ombre aura quartz crystals arranged to resemble the flames of a fire. Wear this crown to connect with your inner fire goddess, embracing your passion and power.</p>
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    • Beltane Carnelian & Citrine Pendant

      for sacred sensuality

      <p>This whimsical .925 sterling silver pendant features a flame shape, where gold-plating flickers in front of an off-black antique background. This pendant showcases a juicy carnelian pear-shaped cabochon and a round, faceted citrine accent stone.</p>
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    • Sacra Intention Candle

      for sensuality and pleasure

      <p>We handcrafted this candle with my Sacra Perfume, which contains notes of ginger for stoking your inner fire, blackberry for sparking creativity, and cardamom for sensuality. Light this offering to open yourself up to new and erotic possibilities.</p>
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    • Flame of Desire Perfume

      for passion and seduction

      If you missed out on my Beltane Flame of Desire Ritual Set, now’s your chance to get in on some of the magic! Draw in energies of attraction and seduction with my Flame of Desire Perfume. It was handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters...
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    • May Month of Magic Set

      for transformation & abundance

      <p>We designed these affordable, mini-sized tools to last you for the entire month they represent. Within each set, you’ll find a new set of tools connected to the energy of the month.</p>
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    • Brass Snake Incense Spoon

      for transformation

      <p>This beautiful brass spoon was custom-made just for SG and is perfect for scooping your favorite powdered incense and resin. It features a gorgeously detailed snake as the handle.</p>
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    • Beltane Ceremony Set for Sacred Sensuality

      for live YouTube event with Dr. Athena Perrakis

      <p>My Beltane Ceremony Set for Sacred Sensuality is all about capturing the passion, creativity, and unapologetic appreciation of the pleasure that this fiery and euphoric holiday brings.</p>
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