• Horehound Herb Jar

      for protection & positivity

      <p>Horehound is a flowering herb classified as a member of the mint family that blooms with little white blossoms. It promotes physical health, emotional healing, inner peace, and psychic protection.</p>
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    • Take My Breath Away Intention Candle

      for rejuvenation

      <p>Our Take My Breath Away Intention Candle brings a rejuvenating breeze to any space. Light this candle any time to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul!</p>
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    • Queen Bee Solid Perfume

      for comfort & balance

      <p>We infused this solid perfume with our Queen Bee Perfume. This handcrafted blend is an ode to the noble bees who have been an integral part of our collective consciousness.</p>
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    • LavendOUD Perfume

      for deeper meditation and relaxation

      If you're seeking to delve into deeper levels of meditation or unwind your body, mind, and spirit, my LavendOUD Perfume is the perfect choice for you! This calming blend combines lavender's comforting, sweet herbal essence with the soothing and pleasant aroma of my Oud Perfume,...
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    • Titanium Aura Glass Angel

      to light the way

      <p>This iridescent piece takes the shape of a heavenly angel. Angels are our protectors and messengers — they watch over us, offering guidance on the path to our highest good.</p>
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    • Back Off Betty Mini Perfume Mist

      for peace & protection

      <p>This mist is here to help navigate even the most challenging energies. We handcrafted this perfume mist right here at SG. It features the same blend as my customer-favorite Back Off Betty Perfume in a base of distilled water.</p>
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    • Fae Kissed Perfume

      for awakening inner magic

      <p>Our Fae Kissed Perfume is an alcohol-based blend that transports you to the enchanted forest on delicate wings. <span style="font-weight: 400">Here, the Fae rule and the scent of bright blooms, lush greenery, and rich earth revitalize your spirit. </span></p>
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    • Natural Prehnite with Tanzanite

      for deep healing & divine awareness

      <p>The combination of two healing stones as powerful as these is super rare. Work with this supremely healing offering to stabilize your energy, strengthen your spirit, and lead a life of compassionate awareness.</p>
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    • EO Infused Palo Santo Sexytime Wand

      for passion

      I’m bringing passion back with the return of this EO Infused Palo Santo Sexytime Wand (wink)! Not only will it clear the negative energy in any space, but it will also fill it up with the energies of desire! This custom SG palo santo stick...
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    • Decalcify Bath Bomb

      for Third Eye magic

      Does it feel like your Third Eye is on the fritz? Would you like to take your intuition to the next level? You can do this by keeping your pineal gland, or Third Eye Chakra, balanced and in good condition - and my BRAND NEW...
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    • Ultimate Sage Goddess Perfume

      for purification

      <p>Do you love sage as much as we do? Say no more! Surround yourself with this sacred herb’s purifying and uplifting energies with this perfume! We crafted it with four different sage essential oils from around the world.</p>
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    • Natural Spirit Quartz

      for divine connection

      <p>This Natural Spirit Quartz helps you reach higher realms! Spirit quartz is a quartz point that grows a second generation of tiny terminations on the surfaces of its sides.</p>
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