• Stabilize Your Emotions Lazulite Specimens for emotional clarity

      $35.25 - $50.25 with coupon code
      There’s nothing wrong with being emotional. In fact, being emotional is a gift! Emotions provide insight and wisdom; they tune us in to the ever-changing currents of the Universe - and when you’re able to honor and master yours, possibility abounds. These Stabilize Your Emotions...
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    • Eclipse Candle and Perfume Duo for inner exploration and expansion

      $22.50 - $30.00 with coupon code
      The magic of an eclipse is unlike any other kind of magic. Imagine – the Sun, Moon, and Earth all lining up in the sky, creating one powerful portal of cosmic wisdom. How incredible is that? This Eclipse Candle and Perfume Duo is here to...
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    • Lemurian Quartz Portal Points for cosmic connection and ancient wisdom

      $21.75 - $28.50 with coupon code
      Description These Lemurian quartz portal points are like little windows into the past. Truly, I could meditate and gaze into their portals for hours – each one is like a doorway to incredible Higher Realm wisdom. Crystals like these are incredibly difficult to find, which...
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    • Full Deck of Rune Leather Cards for divination, truth, and accessing ancient wisdom

      $21.75 - $206.25 with coupon code
      Harness the magic of an ancient practice with this full deck of rune leather cards! Even from their earliest inception, runes were used exclusively as a magical and ritual language - an elite practice reserved for magical practitioners. Runes are derived from an ancient alphabet...
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    • Tumbled Howlite for serenity, peace, and powerful Higher Realm connection

      $1.13 with coupon code
      As a mother, teacher, healer, wife, and CEO of a growing company, I know all too well what stress feels like. Tumbled howlite is one of my favorite tools to go to when I need a dose of nurturing gemstone energy. This magical stone eases...
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    • Divine Contentment Canvases for inner peace and aligning with your Highest Self

      $18.75 with coupon code
      Dearest ones, these Divine Contentment canvases are sure to take your breath away. Each canvas features a surreal and gorgeous design that was created right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters, by my very own team of talented artists. So much love was put into this...
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    • Brown Aragonite Spheres for bringing you into calming energies

      $18.75 - $26.25 with coupon code
      I’m so excited to offer you these brown aragonite spheres. They are just stunning. Layered with natural brilliance, they have gorgeous stripes of varying shades of light to dark brown, creams and whites. Goddesses, brown aragonite is truly a stone that embodies the Earth. Did...
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