• Labradorite New Moon Magic Tea Light Holder

    for hope

    Do you have ideas, desires, and visions you wish to illuminate even though they may not be fully formed and ready to be shared? Then I have the perfect offering for you! This Labradorite New Moon Magic Tea Light Holder is filled with brilliant fiery...
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  • Druzy Amethyst Crescent Moon

    for lunar magic

    Connect with the celestial magic of La Luna with this sparkling Druzy Amethyst Crescent Moon. The stone was sourced from Brazil. Druzy amethyst forms within geodes. Geodes are special formations, unassuming on the outside but lined with crystal magic on the inside, crafted by Gaia...
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  • Inspired by Love Rose Muscovite with Clear Quartz Sphere

    One of the best ways to feel empowered is actually by opening your heart and extending compassion to other people - and this Inspired by Love Rose Muscovite with Clear Quartz Sphere is the offering that will guide you. This stone was sourced from Mongolia....
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  • Natural Rhodonite

    for compassion and heart healing

    A gentle stone of compassion for yourself and others, this Natural Rhodonite sourced from Brazil is a crystal that opens your heart and mind to tenderness and selfless actions. Rhodonite assists in revealing your inner gifts and draws out your hidden talents to bring out...
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  • Phosphosiderite Healing Massage Wand

    to heal the past

    Sometimes stuck energy from past life issues can show up as pockets of tension in the body. This Phosphosiderite Healing Massage Wand is an incredible bodywork tool that can help you shift and release those energies of the past, and the stone was sourced from...
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  • Prehnite with Epidote Heal the Healer Generator

    Feel held and cared for as you go about your work with this Prehnite with Epidote Heal the Healer Generator. This gorgeous stone was sourced from India. Prehnite is the healer’s stone and holds you as you hold others, bringing you comfort and peace. And...
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  • Peruvian Chrysocolla and Pink Opal Shipibo Ring

    for love

    After experiencing heartbreak it can be challenging to feel ready to love again and a part of that healing journey involves being able to communicate your heart’s needs both to yourself and the people you care about. Learn to find your voice and express the...
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  • Sodalite Sweet Dreams Bracelet

    for peaceful slumber

    If you’re yearning for a peaceful night’s rest, then this Sodalite Sweet Dreams Bracelet is a must-have! This stretch bracelet features a golden-colored SG logo bead, and the sodalite was sourced from China. Sodalite is the Dreamcatcher Stone that assists in releasing fears of the...
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  • Strawberry Moon Body Butter

    for joy and sweetness

    With the Strawberry Moon or Full Moon in Sagittarius coming up in June, I have the perfect offering for you. My NEW Strawberry Moon Body Butter is hand-crafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters and is so amazing it can be used all year round!...
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  • Red Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop

    for grounding and abundance

    Don’t let the size of this Red Cat’s Eye Star BeeBop fool you – this small yet powerful talisman is full of Root Chakra magic. This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come...
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  • Druzy Dendritic Sulfur Quartz Meditation Stone

    for balance through change

    If you’re on the hunt for a potent talisman of emotional balance during times of transformation, your search stops here with this stunning Druzy Dendritic Sulfur Quartz Meditation Stone! This stone was sourced from India and its base is a white chalcedony and quartz matrix...
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  • Reimagine Virtual Retreat

    for creating your dream life

    It’s FINALLY here - my Reimagine Virtual Retreat! How do you feel when you wake up every morning? Do you feel excited and connected to your purpose? If you feel like you’re still searching for your destiny - your meaning - this retreat is for...
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  • Dragonfly Perfume

    for graceful transitions

    Join me in welcoming back an old friend. My Dragonfly Perfume has returned to help you navigate the currents of change with grace, ease, and a lightness of spirit. This beloved scent is an oldie but goodie and handcrafted right here at Sage Goddess Headquarters....
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  • Double Terminated Angelite Celestial Communication Wand

    Are you looking to channel the peace that comes with being connected to the celestial realms? Then this Double Terminated Angelite Celestial Communication Wand is the offering for you, and the stone was sourced from Peru. Angelite is one of the first gems I ever...
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  • Magic Wooden Box

    for holding your special treasures

    Do you need a special place to store your most magical treasures? Then this Magic Wooden Box is for you. Each of these wooden boxes is carved and unique, making it a one-of-a-kind offering you don't want to miss out on. Over the centuries, wood...
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  • Electromagnetic Protection Terahertz Cube

    for shielding

    Safeguard your aura and subtle bodies with this Electromagnetic Protection Terahertz Cube – so powerful that I just had to bring it back! The stone for this piece is sourced from Japan. Terahertz is a man-made stone created from material that specifically protects the body...
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