November Illumina Purchase

You are all with me now, because you’ve chosen to go deeper and broader within yourselves, inside our sacred circle. This is Illumina – for you priestesses who hold sacred space for yourselves and others. Exploring your soul’s journey with the courage to set sail on uncharted waters, aboard “ships” you’ve never imagined (let alone set foot in), is serious priestess work. Being here with me now, reading or listening to these words, is proof you are ready to explore these realms further. I’m excited and honored to continue this adventure with you. Now we open our hearts and minds to receive the true calling of our destiny. Welcome to your North Node – your personal North Star, your dharma, the voice of vocation.

There are many tools we can use to help us understand life – to help us feel as if we know what is happening. As a species, we cling to the past, often at the cost of never experiencing something new, something unknown. We stay in the security of the past, because it is known to us. Even if the past was horrible, or traumatic, we are still here to talk about it, which means we survived it. In most cases, even the most terrifying past seems “safer” than an unknown future, for which we hold no rational projection as to whether or not we’d survive it. Where is the optimal potential for growth in your lifetime? Do you really want to know? Human nature would generally answer, yes, but we must enter the discussion with open eyes and understand that this answer inevitably leads to more questions.

We, as humans, are always integrating. This time of year, Autumn, is particularly energetically supportive of deep shadow and transformative work. One way to actively commit to your personal growth and integration is to learn about your North Node of the Moon. Astrology is used in many ways – for prediction and fortune telling, timing (choosing when to do things), exploring past lives, understanding the psyche, counseling, synastry, recognizing and developing talents and opportunities, and so many more. One of the most simple, and most deeply profound signatures in the natal chart is the Moon’s nodal axis (South and North Nodes of the Moon).

Nodes are not planets, they are mathematical points. The North and South Nodes of the Moon are the points where the Moon’s path around Earth crosses the ecliptic (the mean or average path the Sun and planets appear to travel from Earth’s perspective). All planets have nodes. The north and south nodes are always opposite each other – they are an axis. Energetically, the north and south nodes are one continuum. Using astrology, we work with nodal axes as fields of energy. The most commonly used nodes in astrology are those of the Moon, and are generally referred to as “North Node” and “South Node”, or NN and SN.

Your North Node is your karmic path of dharma. The sign and house your North Node is in are major keys to your path of evolution. They reveal the lessons you have come here to learn, your “path and purpose”, who you are becoming, and the language you are learning to speak. So much transformational power becomes available to you when you embrace your North Node. It represents the future you, the abstract you, the you as you are “becoming”. Can you feel the intensity of excitement building as you take this in? Engaging your North Node by choosing to interact with people, experiences, places and energies that resonate with your North Node (by sign and house) will be scary…and exhilarating. Living into your North Node is your key to joy and bliss; to truly feeling you are on the right path and really going somewhere.

By comparison, your South Node reflects challenges and gifts from previous lifetimes. It’s where you feel comfortable and often your default reaction/response to life. If your North Node is like a language you are learning to speak, your South Node is your native language. The South Node comes naturally and takes little effort. Most of us operate in South Node mode unconsciously, eroding a trenched path of predictable behavior. While South Node energy can bring a sense of satisfaction, it is not likely to bring elation and profound wonder – and let’s face it beloveds, deep inside, you know you are ready for something new.

Embrace the unknown! Choose what you can’t remember, understand, or figure out! Experiences of our North Node spontaneously increase as we slowly minimize our projections of the past into the future. The future is only an abstract, so we project the past because we want empirical proof of, and control over, what we don’t know. In this old pattern, we recreate the past, over and over again, in ever-changing versions, but always with the same-old theme. By contrast, our evolutionary intentions, embodied in the North Node, draw us into literally new and unknown circumstances and relationships.

Use your South Node as a springboard into life, drawing upon your skills, talents and alliances from the past. Your South Node and North Node exist together, just as you exist as a Whole. Further integrating yourself, using both your South and North Nodes, is your hero’s journey; your quest. Real change requires risk. Oftentimes, the fear you feel is your signal that you are experiencing your dynamic metamorphosis. Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin – feeling one means the other is inherently present.

Your Higher Self, your guides, and the Universe want you to spread your wings and become the fullest, truest you. Just because you are good at, or comfortable with something, does not necessarily mean you are meant to do it, or that you should stay anchored in that one safe harbor. You are going to change….are changing. Change is inevitable. How you experience this change is up to you. Learning more about your North Node and the formula of evolution that is unique to you will provide motivation, encouragement, and direction. Your North Node holds insight into your soul and its deepest intentions and commitments toward growth.

Make room for yourself to be ever-transforming. Make way for the future. Choose “the road less traveled”. Put yourself in situations where you don’t know the answers and haven’t planned out the course. Acknowledge that we are always creating tension between the past and the future, often missing out on the present moment. Consider setting an intention to become more comfortable being uncomfortable. Remember you are here to discover yourself. Not because you are lost, but because there are so many facets of you, it takes multitudes of lifetimes to catch even a glimpse, with our human eyes.

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