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May Illumina

This month in Illumina we explore zodiacal correspondences, which raises the importance of zodiac awareness in the context of magic and ritual. What sign the full moon is transiting, for example, certainly has an impact on the energies we raise in ritual. Each time we make a connection between two aspects of ritual practice, we intensify the vibration. That’s why we study and incorporate correspondences: They are the reason some magic ‘works’ and other magic doesn’t, or so it can appear. In my opinion, all magic works – just not on our timeline, and not in the ways we often expect. If you don’t learn how to bind your magic and medicine, you also will not achieve results. That’s a subject for another time and conversation! If you would like to learn more about your personal astrological profile – what signs your sun, moon, and ascendent are in – head to and find the field to enter your birth data. Then, request a natal chart. From there, you can dive down the rabbit hole of information that will help you understand how you show up in the world and why. I look forward to learning about YOU and also discussing the energy of zodiac-based correspondences when we meet later this month.

limited sg wall canvasWe are deepening our discussion of quantum mechanics and physics, of course, and exploring the outer limits of current human awareness in our discussion of holographic energy fields and prismatic fields of light where we find regeneration, healing, and a deeper capacity to hold sacred space. When our energy fields expand, we worry less and experience less chaos and frustration. Often what we see is chaos is in fact our own (very human and very mortal) attempts to tighten our energy fields, constrict our energetic flow, and narrow our energetic imprint. WHY do we do this? To stay safe, or so we think. To be more mobile and agile, or so we think. But when we confine our energies to tight spaces, we limit our inborn wingspan. We are here to E X P A N D and open to new energy streams, new ways of thinking and being. We are here to experience more together, and become intentionally interconnected – lovingly entangled. Limits and separation are illusions. What is real expands – it has to. Energy seeks a path of flow, expansion, and harmony in all things.

Are you allowing or preventing flow in your life? Are you expanding or constricting your view? And why? It’s ok to be very honest here – in some ways, the deeper your magic becomes, the more simple and straightforward your conversations and inner monologue become as well. We don’t have to overthink this. In fact, I’d love to see you STOP thinking for a minute and slither, move, feel into what’s happening in your life right now. Let it come. Beltane, as a fire holiday of conception and procreation, is a powerful example for us here. When you have sex, and more specifically when you orgasm, you completely LET GO. Did you know you can’t have an orgasm and inhale at the same time? Orgasm is the great exhale, the great letting go, the great release. And you need that energy right now, my sisters, in order to prepare for what is ahead.

May this entire month of May (lol) bring you abundance in your life, a glow on your face, a skip in your step, and a fun flow of your creative feminine juices. This is your time. Aho, and on we go.

Correspondences for May