How to Live Like the Goddess You Are

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How to Live Like the Goddess You Are

Cultivating goddess energy

Goddesses across all cultures and civilizations have represented the essential feminine qualities needed to balance the male aspects so we can heal, grow and flourish in every part of our lives. When you cultivate goddess energy in your life you tap into your own inherent strength and wisdom.

What is a goddess?

To me, a goddess is an echo of the Great Mystery, the Divine Creator of life. In human form, a goddess is intentional, creative, and free. She doesn’t judge herself or others. She sees life as a spiritual engagement, an interconnected web of diverse energies emitted by people, animals, stones, plants, and trees. Energetic connection occurs consistently and effortlessly for all of us every day; you are engaging with me energetically right now as you read this, in fact!

A goddess is intentional about her energy work and conscious of the connections. She engages with others on spiritual terms, and honors every life force as sacred. She regards people, animals, and objects with inherent respect for their level of energetic “vibration”, and intuits which vibrations sync (or don’t) with hers. She works on lunar cycles because those mirror her own body’s rhythm. She keeps stones chosen for specific purposes in her pockets and pillowcases, and adorns herself with intentionally chosen gemstones as well. She burns oil- and gem-infused candles to raise associated energies. She drinks tea as medicine and views bath as ritual. She chooses her jewelry and adornment with care, and dresses in a manner that flatters her body and reflects her wild spirit. And no two goddesses look alike, because each is the manifestation of a unique soul. The goddess I seek to cultivate within you is your sexiest, happiest, and most authentic self.

Goddess practices

If the process of becoming more goddess-like seems overwhelming to you, take one small step at a time. Consider the following exercises to help you channel the goddess within:

    • Create Sacred Space – Treat your space as your temple. Declutter and remove items that you don’t love, or you aren’t using. Smudge often and grid your home. Create intention altars and bring beauty to your space. Infuse your space with the tools and energy that speaks to your soul. For me, the word “soft” is important in my decor – soft pillows, soft lighting, soft steps, soft energy, even soft thoughts and self-talk.
    • Connect to the Divine within – Take time for you. Meditate, breathe, practice yoga, garden, cook, create art, or do anything which connects you to your own Divinity. I garden and grow flowers to connect with the Divine; time in my garden is sweet medicine.
    • Let go and let Goddess – Choose your battles wisely. Whatever we hold onto, we give energy to. Let go of what does not serve you. Let go of what you cannot control. Remember that you are wise but not omnipotent and not only do you not need to solve other people’s problems, that is not why you are here.
    • Reconnect with Mother Nature and Grandmother Moon – Spend time in Nature, bask under the moon, partake in ritual, grow your herbs and plants, hike, swim, and play outdoors. Do what feeds your soul.
    • Embrace and assert your Divine Feminine power – Don’t be afraid to take charge when life requires it. Empower yourself, and speak your truth with love and compassion to those who need to hear your voice. Remember that sometimes the person who needs your truth most is you.

What type of Goddess are you?

Many of us are healers; perhaps the Divine Feminine healing energy of Mother Mary or Brigid calls your name. Are you a chakra goddess who heeds the ancient call of Kali, Saraswati, and Lakshmi for Divine balance? Maybe you prefer to work deep Earth magic as you invoke Gaia, Pachamama, or Artemis. Or, is it the water magic of Oshun, Anuket, or Tiamat that sways your spirit? If Air is your element, then you might work with the Chinese goddess Fen Po Po or Okaga of the Lakota tradition. Remember, only you can decipher which Goddess Archetype speaks to your soul. Ask yourself:

What elements do I feel called to work with?

What colors am I attracted to?

What fundamental spiritual principles do I honor in my practice?

Is there a geographic area of the earth that calls my name? If so, explore the ancient pantheons of that region; you may find your Goddess waiting.


8 thoughts on “How to Live Like the Goddess You Are

  1. beautiful.

    and magical.
    upon reading, i remembered my request during meditation early this morning:
    remembering the Goddess i am

    thats awesome
    Thank you Athena

    good on your promise-she is

  2. Interesting to read this blog today as I have done all of these. Prepared my sacred space, my room, prepared a guest room as sacred space, lay out an alter with stones and fragrances, worked in my garden, ran some jazz chords on the piano, caught up with friends and honored my pets. It’s a good day. My heart is heavy. I lost two kitties I birthed and raised to four months this week, keepers I thought, and now I’m worried my old cats might take sick. I don’t know why I could not save them because that is what I do. I have been a healer most of my life — that is part of my sadness, that I couldn’t save them.

  3. Thank you for such sweet gentle reminders – definitely needed those! And so grateful for all your guidance and love! Love and light to you!

  4. Thank you Athena. I enjoyed that and it answered some guestions I had. I love gardening to. Blessings to you.

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