Five magical ways to celebrate the New Moon


Five magical ways to celebrate the New Moon

New moons symbolize rebirth, creation, and beginnings. I LOVE the new moon because with it comes a surge of muse energy. I vow at each new moon to create one new item either for myself, as a gift, or for the Sage Goddess boutique. I’ve kept this sacred commitment for years. Enjoy this post, which offers you 5 simple ways to celebrate and honor this monthly occasion.

1. Create something new. Be like me and get your hands moving. Meditate the night before the new moon and ask the muse to inspire a new creation – a lovely meal, a handwritten or handmade card, a game for your kids, or a craft item for your business. Get up the next day and carve out at least 30 minutes of creative space to make what you feel inspired by in the moment.

2. Light a black candle at sundown. The color of the new moon is black or darkest blue – the color of the night sky absent bright moonlight.

3. Wear labradorite. The gem of the dark moon is labradorite – sister stone of moonstone, the stone of the full moon. Wear it to channel your creativity and inner wisdom.

4. Commit to a new perspective on an old subject. What issue in your life needs a fresh coat of emotional paint? Use new moon energy to reimagine what’s possible in one small area of your life. And then act on what you imagine.

5. Set an intention for a larger beginning or rebirth in your life. The new moon is the PERFECT time to do this because you can set your intentions for the month. Every new moon is a clean energetic slate. What do you want to do differently? Here’s your shot!

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Bright magical new moon creative blessings and I’ll see you at the full moon ritual later this month.

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  1. Wow, I love that quote, “the new moon is a surge of muse energy.” It’s perfect, and I’ll have to remember when I celebrate the new moon in a couple weeks. I can always use more muse energy!

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